Month: November 2016

November 28-December 2, 2016

Monday, November 28th

Tuesday, November 29th

  • Pass back papers and discuss grades.
  • Start “Tombstone Project” guidelines
  • Begin working on rough draft of the tombstone

Homework: Finish your rough draft and bring it to class (rubric and examples available here)

Project Rubric: soldier-island-cemetery_revised-rubric-2016

Tombstone Example front: marstontombstone_front

Tombstone Example back: marston-tombstone_back

Wednesday, November 30th

  • Peer edit rough draft of project,
  • Correct and finalize any changes to your rough draft.
  • Begin working on and decorating final draft of project
  • Finish and turn in final draft of project.

Homework: If you wish to further decorate your tombstone at home, you may do so, but it is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Thursday, December 1st

  • Present and turn in Tombstone Projects
  • Watch first section of ATTWN (1945)

Friday, December 2nd

  • In groups, complete the first section of the ATTWN film worksheet
  • Watch the ending of ATTWN film
  • Complete 2nd half of the movie worksheet with your group.

November 14th- 18th


  • We read the “Message in a Bottle” section of the novel
  • We reviewed characters such as Hugo, Fred and Cyril
  • We finished filling out our character charts
  • We completed a jigsaw activity with the last section of the novel.
  • Jigsaw activity: jigsaw-reading-of-the-manuscript

Homework: Study for tomorrow’s character quiz


  • Take Gold-level character quiz
  • Group activity- ACE writing reinforcement
  • Start discussing paper

Homework: Brainstorm character to pick for paper

Characters you can chose: Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Emily Brent, General MacArthur, Dr. Armstrong


  • Discuss paper Rubric and ACE paper parts
  • Sample paper: teacherattwnpaper
  • Outline and draft for paper: write frame sentence for beginning, find context, evidence and explanation for appearance, transition to reality. Find 2 pieces of evidence for reality, with context, quotes, and explanations for both. Make sure to transition between the two quotes.
  • Write conclusion sentence about how your character says something about human nature.

Homework: Finish any part of the outline not done, write down your evidence for tomorrow.


  • Continued to work on outlining
  • Started rough draft work
  • When done with rough draft, mark the following parts:

Topic Sentence: Highlight

Context for quote: Bracket []

Quote: Circle

Explanation for quote: Underline

Transitions: Box

Conclusion: Highlight

  • Homework: Finish your rough draft and bring it with you to class


  • Edit, mark and revise rough draft
  • Write final draft in class
  • Final draft is due at the end of class
  • If you are not going to be in class Friday, then your paper is due the MONDAY that we return from Thanksgiving Break. Failure to do so will result in a point deduction. No exceptions unless discussed already.

Homework: Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!

Paper instructions
Paper instructions

Paper instructions 2

Paper instructions 3



November 7th-11th


From Mr. Parsons:

  • We reviewed chapter 13
  • Took chapter’s 12 and 13 quiz
  • Read and annotate Chapter 14

Annotations: Lombard as wolf (228), Vera’s thoughts (230), Someone there? (234), Where’s Armstrong? (241)

Homework: Finish Chapter 14


From Mr. Parsons:

  • Review Chapter 14
  • Read and annotated Chapter 15

Annotations: Yes, the weather again! (243), Lombard’s revolver  (245), A red herring (247), Trusting each other  (253), Vera’s admission  (254), Blore’s death  (255), Armstrong’s body (259)

Homework: Finish reading Chapter 15 if not done


From Mr. Parsons:

  • Read and annotate Chapter 16
  • Read and complete the questions on the agenda sheet: student-agenda-sheet
  • Complete Appearance/Reality face activity

Homework: Finish any tasks that you could not complete in class


– We reviewed Chapter 16 and annotations

– We turned in work that was not completed yesterday

– We read the Epilogue and discussed the change in point of view and mood

Homework: Study for Tuesday’s character quiz.




From Mr. Parsons:

  • Review Chapter 8
  • Take Chapters 7 & 8 Quiz
  • Mood, Diction, and Connotation activity
  • Activity: Staging the scene. Students will reenact Chapter 9, Section I. Students will take the role of the characters and act out the situation as the chapter progresses, and see how they build on the suspense of the scene by acting it out.
  • Read & annotate Chapter 9- Skim pages 150-164 (go over with class) and mark p. 165.

Annotate: Armstrong as suspect (140-141), Change in weather (146) MacArthur’s death (147), Cause of death (148), Wargrave’s speech (165).

Homework: Finish Chapter 9


From Mr. Parsons:

  • Review Chapter 9
  • Activity: The Cabinet of Dr. Cagliari: Students will watch a scene from the silent film. Students will write in their Writer’s Notebooks about how a silent film conveys a sense of suspense and the power of inference in a silent film. Students will be asked to find where the novel uses these same skills to build suspense.
  • Read & annotate Chapter 10
  • Preview finding/using mood, diction and connotation. A frame sentence will be modeled to show how mood/diction/connotation work in conjunction with the novel.

Annotate: Armstrong as suspect (170-171), Wargrave & Armstrong (174), Brent’s mental state (175), Missing items (176-177).

Homework: Finish Chapter 10


From Mr. Parsons:

  • Review Chapter 10
  • Group mood activity (see Mr. Parsons for worksheet). Turn in when finished.
  • When finished, begin reading Chapter 11.

Annotate: Sleeping in (182). Heavy hitting event (185), Vera loses it (186).

Homework: Finish reading & annotating Chapter 11. Quiz 9-11 on Thursday


From Mr. Parsons:

Links to today’s activities and notes:

Mood notes: moodnotes

Mood Assignment: moodassignementindividual

  • Quiz 9-11 taken today
  • Read Chapter 12 for homework

Annotate: Brent’s condition (199), Bee aware of this big event! (202-203), More missing items (204,210), Searching the guests (207).


From Mr. Parsons:

  • We took the English interim assessment. Make sure you find a time to make it up if you missed it!
  • We read and annotated Chapter 13

Annotate: The weather (212), Lights out! (215-216), Vera’s scream (218), Judge for yourself if this is a major event! (223), Remember those itmes that went missing earlier?

Homework: Finish reading Chapter 13. Quiz Monday: Chapters 12 & 13