Month: December 2016

ELA Week of 12/12-12/16

Monday, December 12th

  • Take active/passive voice test.
  • Finish Friday’s cartoon and turn in to the tray.
    • 4-6 boxes
    • holiday themed
    • 2 examples of active voice (underlined in red)
    • 2 examples of passive voice (underlined in green)
  • Check for missing work.
  • Homework: Finish cartoon if needed. Benchmark is Wednesday. Study guide: 2nd9weeksbenchmarkstudyguide

Tuesday, December 13th

Wednesday, December 14th

  • Take the benchmark.
  • Work on any missing work.
  • Homework: None
  • 5th period: Bring in sweet items for our party Friday!!

Thursday, December 15th

Friday, December 16th

Happy Holidays!! I hope you enjoy your two week break!



December 5-9, 2016

Mrs. Acton took back over this week. See her about any questions! See Mr. Parsons about any remaining ATTWN work.

Monday, December 5th

  • We are beginning a new grammar unit on Active and Passive Voice. This will be a one-week unit. The test is a week from today!
  • We took handwritten notes. See attached: scan0009
  • We used this handout to help us with notes: scan0010
  • We also watched this video about Active and Passive Voice. For a bronze grade exit slip, everyone explained 1) a major difference between active and passive voice 2) the “by zombie” rule. 


  • Homework: None. If you were with NJHS today, you will need to write down the notes and complete the exit slip. Feel free to come do this in the morning. Test Monday.

Tuesday, December 6th

Wednesday, December 7th–Mr. Parsons’ Last Day!

  • We checked yesterday’s Ratatouille activity for a bronze grade.
  • We revised questions #8,11,13, and 19 from yesterday’s practice sheet (identifying-active-and-passive) for a silver grade.
  • We discussed how passive voice can have its place in authentic writing and speaking experiences. We read and analyzed Ray Watts’ statement about ending football at UAB and an excerpt from MLK, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and reflected on why these two speakers used passive voice sentences in parts of their writing.
  • If you were absent today, you need to complete the Text #1 side of this document and turn in for a grade. Document: activeandpassivevoiceinauthenticpieces
  • We said goodbye, thank you, and good luck to Mr. Parsons!
  • Homework: Test Monday.

Thursday, December 8th

  • We reviewed for Monday’s test by completing the following activities:
    • AP Revision Practice: ap-revision_2016 (We checked Part One in class/ no grade. Students should turn in Part Two by the end of class today for a silver grade. For Part 2, only do #1, 5, and 9.) Revise in chunks!!
    • We did a human sentence activity in groups–no need to make up if you were absent.
  • Homework: Test Monday.

Friday, December 9th

  • Complete study guide (active-and-passive-voice-review-2016).
  • We went over the study guide in class.
  • We began a holiday cartoon that uses active and passive voice. The requirements are listed below:
    • Your cartoon must be 4 or 6 boxes.
    • It must contain text and a picture/illustration in each box.
    • 2 of your sentences must be written in active voice (underlined in red).
    • 2 of your sentences must be written in passive voice (underlined in green).
    • Color your cartoon, and create a title.
  • Homework: The cartoon is not homework. We will finish it after the test Monday. Test Monday! Benchmark 12/14.