Research Cheat Sheet


Common Terms:

Context: Begin your direct quotes and paraphrases with your own words that introduce your evidence. Example: One author writes…. Another Example: Taylor Swift promotes Scholastic Books by ….

Direct Quote: When you copy verbatim part of the source. You put quotation marks around this copied information. (Yes, you need to cite it!) The web site we are using to help us cite our sources.

Evidence: Your textual support from the two sources you have found. Your evidence will be written out in your outline as a paraphrase or a direct quote.

Outline: Our “rough draft” of our papers. We writers use outlines to organize the information we find in our sources.

Paraphrase: When you take a piece of information and write it in your own words. (Yes, you need to cite it!)

“So What?”: The question we want you to think about as you write your conclusion. Why does your topic matter? Why should readers care about your topic?

For Prompt One: Think–Why does it matter that your person is a celebrity? A good person? A giver of money? Someone who speaks up for a cause?

For Prompt Two: Think–Why should I care about your topic? What do I probably think about it now? What should I think about it after I read your paper?

Works Cited: A list of the two long citations. Put them in alphabetical order based on the first word in each citation. You will list these at the end of your outline and your final paper.

Common Questions:

What goes in parentheses?

Whatever source you are citing. Put the author’s last name. Example: (Smith). If there is no author, put the title of the article. Example: (“Taylor Swift Donates”). Put the period at the very end, after the parentheses.

Where can I find publishing information?

Scroll down to the bottom of the web site. Look for the copyright symbol. You should see a date, probably just a year, followed by the name of a company or organization. That is what you need to plug in for publisher.

What do I do if there is no author?

Leave that part blank on the form. In your parentheses, just put the title.

What do I do if the title is really long?

In the parentheses, just write the first 2-3 words. Make sure you put quotation marks around the title. Example: (“Taylor Swift”).

When is the paper due?

The final draft is due Tuesday.

When is the outline due?

Friday, beginning of class.

What parts of the outline require source information?

B and D–Use info from a source.

A, C, and E–Use your own ideas, thoughts, and words.