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To access e-books from Abdo digital, get the access code from Mrs. Pickett and click the link above.

Six Flags Read to Succeed – 6th Graders Only :)

Students received a reading log last week to read 6 hours outside of school by Feb. 21st. If they complete this and turn it in to us on time, they will receive a free Six Flags ticket in May.

The LUNCH class that turns in the most will win a pizza and movie party. If there is a tie, the class that turns them in first will be the winner. PLEASE encourage your students to participate!!!

Each student received a copy of both of these sheets below, but these links will provide extra copies just in case. ūüôā

This is the link to the parent letter more detailed information about the program – ReadToSucceed_Parent_Letter_20132014.

Click this link for an extra reading log – ReadToSucceed_Student_Reading_Log_20132014.

Access Abdo E-books (including e-boost books) by clicking here!

Abdo Digital

Collection Development- Digital Citizenship

Online bullying (eBook, 2012) [WorldCat.org].

In an effort to teach digital citizenship, I would like to add e-books that discuss online behavior and netiquette.  Here is an example of an e-book to support this goal.

Collection Development- Elective, Digital Citizenship

Increasing your tweets, likes, and ratings : marketing your digital business (Book, 2013) [WorldCat.org].

This is an example of some books I’m looking to add to the collection in order to support career and skill building as well as guidance and character education.

Collection Development- Math

How race car drivers use math (eBook, 2010) [WorldCat.org].

This book is part of a series, Math in the Real World. Do you think this book would serve the interest of our students as well as support the math curriculum? Other titles in the series include How Astronauts Use Math, How Baseball Managers Use …, How Fighter Pilots Use…, etc.

Collection Development- English

Native American writers (eBook, 2010) [WorldCat.org].

Bloom’s books are recommended for grades 9-up.¬† These books seemed to be similar as they explore key figures, developments, and literary works that “collectively have formed a multicultural literary tradition.”¬† The series also includes African-Am. writers, Arab-Am. and Muslim writers, Asian-Am. writers, Hispanic-Am. writers.¬† I think it is important to expose kids to diverse literature and its characteristics.¬† Let me know what you think. ūüôā These are available in e-books.

Collection Development- English

Coming-of-age fiction (Book, 2009) [WorldCat.org].

The link above will take you to a description of this book, available as an e-book.¬† There are four in the “Our Freedom to Read” series.¬† These books examine books that have been challenged or banned.¬† It is suggested for grades 5-8.¬†Other titles in the series include Classic Books, Outsider Fiction, and Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Collection Development- History & English

Exploring the Ancient World – Capstone.

This is a series that would be beneficial to the Ancient civilizations research project that the English classes do.  Out of the series, 3 titles are available as e-books.  These include Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece.  These books are newer than the other series.  There copyright is 2013.

Collection Development – English & Social Studies

Ancient China – Capstone.

This is an example a book from a series on Ancient civilizations we can order in electronic format.  Other Time Travel Guides include Egypt, Greece, and Rome.