Extra Review for Pre-Algebra Test

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Here is an extra copy of the review for Friday’s Pre-Algebra test with the answers attached.  It will not be graded and it is not required.

Pre-Algebra 7 – Chapter 2 & 3 Review#2

Homework for 8/29/11 – 9/2/11

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Math 7
Monday – P94 2-26 Even
Tuesday – P98 2-24 Even and WS BR 189
Wednesday – Study for Thursday’s Quiz
Thursday – None
Friday – WS 3-1 B and 3-2 B

Pre Algebra
Monday – Properties Worksheets GPA 1-4 & GA 1-6
Tuesday – P152 2-38 Even
Wednesday – Chapter 2 & 3 Review WS
Thursday – Study for Friday’s Test
Friday – None

Extra Review for Math 7 Test

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The following is another version of the review for Thursday’s test with the answers.  It is not required and will not be graded.

Math 7 – Chapter 2 Review #2

Homework for 8/22/11 – 8/26/11

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Math 7
Monday – Itch In Time
Tuesday – Chapter 2 Review WS
Wednesday – Study for Thursday’s Test
Thursday – Study for Friday’s Memorization Quiz
Friday – Home Sweet Home 

Pre Algebra
Monday – P86 28-50 Even and P90 20-42 Even
Tuesday – P94 14-42 Even and P98 20-42 Even
Wednesday – P148 2-42 Even
Thursday – WS 2-6B, 2-7B, 2-8B, & 2-9B
Friday – Properties Worksheets GPA 1-4 & GA 1-6

Homework for 8/15/11 – 8/19/11

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Math 7
Monday – Bring Supplies
Tuesday – Bring Supplies
Wednesday – P62 2-44 Even
Thursday – P446 2-30 Even Omit #22 and WS 8-7 B Even
Friday – P72 2-24 Even and WS 2-3 B Even 

Pre Algebra
Monday – Bring Supplies
Tuesday – Bring Supplies
Wednesday – Order of Operations – WS GPA 1-2
Thursday – Order of Operations – WS GA 1-3
Friday – P6 2-50 Even and Order of Operations – WS GPA 1-3

Supplies Info

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You will need 4 composition notebooks this year, one for each 9 weeeks.  They are currently 40 cents at Walmart and Target.

You will need a pencil every day, no borrowing from me.

You will need to turn in to me next week: 1 package of loose leaf paper to use for scratch work, 2 green pens to grade homework with, and 2 AAA batteries for our class set of calculators.

Welcome to the new school year

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I look forward to meeting everyone on Thursday.


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