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Hey parents and students,

If you reached this link off of the high school website I have moved my digital presence to the following link for:

AP World History:

US History 10:

Weekly Habits

Hey everyone just wanted to share with students and parents alike that each day of the week we have a focused education theme. My goal is to develop good learning habits that become automatic skills which can be applied to ACT test and the real world.

  • Monday = reading
  • Tuesday = vocabulary or writing
  • Wednesday = Geography
  • Thursday = Math skills (graph/chart/timeline skills)
  • Friday = Quiz

I wanted to share this information with all so we can encourage our learners to be prepare and focused for the task of the day.  Plus if the student is out for a day or two they know they have missed something.  I will be posting the daily activities on Google Classroom for the students to see what they missed and/or get a copy of what they missed so they can catch up.

This themed learning activities will be designed to fill the beginning of the class and not always the bulk of the class so students need to be prepare to learn in other manners throughout the class period, for example, taking notes, group and pair assignments, video discussions and questions, etc…

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you may have on weekly habits.

Welcome back HHS 2016/17

Welcome to my blog.  As you see this is a resource for many things like project information, test reviews, and important items (like maps, articles, etc…).  I will also be utilizing a Google Classroom this year, which we will be discussing in class this week.  Everyone will need to sign up for Google Classroom because it will have daily assignments, syllabus, project information, and other pertinent items related to class work and test/quizzes.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year!


The study guide:

2nd semester review

Past review games that can help with certain items on the final exam:

Jeopardy pre WW2


If you have missed days over the 4th nine weeks here are some of the articles, worksheets, handouts, etc….that you may have missed:

notes guided ww2 pacific   and   World War II in the Pacific





End of WWI & The Peace Settlements

Quizlet for Final Exam:

World Hist Final Exam Quizlet