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April 14 – 18, 2014

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All Classes! We will climb the inflatable mountain on Wednesday, during each class period. Students, wear loose fitting clothes and bring a jacket or sweat shirt; the weather promises to be fair but cool. Hats and sunscreen would be a good idea. If you have an allergy to grass or insects, you’ll want to have your allergy meds. Be sure to bring cameras! Periods 1,3,5,7 and 8

Remember that you have a book report due May 16th!

On Monday, 4/14/14 we’ll have a test on the first half of Banner.
Monday night students should read Ch. 11 and take notes on it.

Tuesday night they should read ch. 12, taking notes.

Wed. Read Ch. 13, taking notes.

Thurs. REad ch. 14, taking notes

Fri. Read to the top of page 210. No notes will be required.

Period 4
Using complete sentences, answer questions 8 through 14 on the sheet for chapters 7 – 15.

Tues. Using complete sentences, answer questions 15 – 20.

Wed. Read for your book report.

Thurs. I’ll assign homework when I see how far we’ve gotten.

Fri. No homework except for the book report.

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April 7 – 11, 2014

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Change of Schedule
Teachers were advised last week that students must take the Global Scholars test, and this will require a change to our reading schedule. We’ll have to postpone the test on the first half of
Banner in the Sky until Monday, April 14. This is probably a good idea in any case, due to Expo Excitement 2014.

All students are reminded about the book report due May 16. They are also reminded to bring in the permission slip and the $8.50 they’ll need to climb the inflatable mountain on April 16.

Homework Periods 1,3,5,7,8
Monday Read and take notes on Ch. 9 in Banner. On Tuesday, we’ll act out this chapter as though it were a reader’s theater play. Monday night students should continue working on their “Letter to Captain Winter” composition by writing at least three sentences in support of their third reason. Make sure that you have three separate and distinct supporting sentences. These should explain, offer proof, or further develop this third reason.
Tuesday homework Read and take notes on Ch. 10. Write your introductory paragraph for your “Letter to Captain Winter”.
Wednesday Study for a test on the first half of Banner. Compose your concluding paragraph to your “Letter to Captain Winter.”
Thursday No homework due to Expo.
Friday Study for the test on Banner Monday.

Homework Period 4
Monday – Prepare vocabulary homework on the first five vocabulary terms for this week. (peculiar, cleat, asylum, ashen, parallel) Read in the book, Al Capone Does My Shirts
and answer questions as assigned daily. (It’s difficult to predict ahead of time how much we’ll manage to read in class.)

Tues. – Prepare vocabulary homework on the next five vocabulary terms for this week. ( louse, civilians, heinous, hordes, fashion.) Read and answer questions on Al Capone as assigned.

Wed. – Study vocabulary for a quiz on Friday.

Thurs. – No homework.

Fri. – No homework.

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