Wednesday, October 28th

Social Studies Homework: Complete the Mapping Activity – directions are on p. 69 and the actual map is on p. 68 in your notebook.  Use p. 240 in your textbook to help in the labeling part.  Your map key should include:  the colors, C, and the symbols and what they all stand for.  Due FRIDAY!

Tuesday, October 27th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the MAIN Illustrations and paragraph on p. 66 in your notebook.  See the SS Upload section above if you need the handout.  If you were absent today, you can also download and print the notes page from today.  I’ve included today’s notes in the SS Upload section as well.

Wednesday, October 14th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Spanish American War Map using p. 205 & 206 (and your notes) for help.  Map is in the SS Upload section. You can now complete Study Guide Questions 1, 3, 4, & 5.  The Chapter 7 Test is Monday, October 19th.

PAL money is now past due.  Please send in ASAP!

Tuesday, October 13th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Imperialistic Flags on p. 56 in your notebook.  You should have 5 flags representing places that America had/has influence.  In the circle, you should have the flags of the 5 countries that had a “sphere of influence” in Asia/China…see your notes.  All flags must be neatly colored.  (See the SS Upload section for notes, flags, and the powerpoint with the answers.)

*PAL money is due tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, October 7th

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the “Lei of Facts” on p. 54 in your notebook.  You should have 8 facts about the Annexation of Samoa & Hawaii, under 8 COLORED flowers, and a title.  If you’ve lost your flowers, see the SS Upload section.

PAL medication and forms are due to Mrs. Stone in the health room by Friday.  Please contact with medication questions.

All remaining PAL money is due by Wednesday, October 14th.

Monday, October 5th

Social Studies Homework:  None! :)

PAL parent/chaperone meeting tonight at 5pm in A-17.  This meeting is informative, but not mandatory.  If your child will take medicine while we are at PAL, please make sure the medicine and the Shelby County Medication Authorization Form must be turned in to Nurse Stone by this Friday.  An adult must bring the medicine into the building.  If you have questions about medicine, please email Beth Stone:  All PAL money is due by October 14th.