Tuesday, September 30th

Social Studies Homework:  No homework tonight!!  We’ll be working on the SS Benchmark Study Guide in class tomorrow.  The Benchmark Test is Monday, October 6th.  Please remind your parents that I will be having a PAL parent chaperone meeting on Monday, Oct. 6th at 5pm.  It is not mandatory and all parents are invited to attend.  All PAL money and medication need to be turned in by October 10th.

Thursday, September 25th

Social Studies Homework:  Presidential Choice Work is due Monday.  You can do either a newspaper article about the Election of 1912, a political cartoon about Roosevelt, or a campaign poster for one of the Presidents we discussed today.  See the Choice Work handout in the SS Uploads section for MORE details!

Wednesday, September 24th

Today was all about GIRL Power!!  :)

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the “You Go Girl” handout on p. 40 in your notebook.  You need to write down 2 ways that these women serve as good role models, and/or how they show progressive ideas.  You can use your notes and textbook for the first two, but you’ll need to do some research on the computer for the other two.  At the bottom, describe a woman that YOU admire and tell why she is a good role model.  Include a picture (you can draw it if you have to).  *NOTE…today’s slideshow with the complete info and directions is in the SS Uploads section.  AND…I’ve put the link for the Lady Gaga Suffrage video in the Blogroll to the right.  —–>

Monday, September 22nd

Social Studies Homework:  Illustrate the following terms:  political machine, civil service, and muckraker. (Remember you can’t do the illustrations until I assign the word.  So far, these 3 are the only ones you can do.)  IF you were absent today, you need to see the SS Upload section for today’s handout and the powerpoint for the notes…write them on the handout and glue on p. 39.  Also, if you were absent last Friday, all definitions are now due.

Tuesday, September 16th

Spirit Week continues…dress as a Tacky Tourist tomorrow!

*If you are looking for something to watch on TV this week, I’d like to suggest the PBS series called The Roosevelts.  It’s on every night this week at 7:00pm.  We will be talking about most of what they are showing in class very soon. Mrs. Higg gives it 2 thumbs up! :)

Social Studies Homework: Finish the Chapter 20 Study Guide tonight.  You will need both your notebook and textbook to answer the pages.  (Note, change the page numbers for #18 & 19 to p. 594-595.)  Answers do not need to be in complete sentences, but I do expect an answer for everything.  The Ch. 20 Test is Thursday.


Monday, September 15th

Tuesday is “Surfin’ Safari” day…wear camo!!

Social Studies Homework:  Cut out the Laws Limiting Immigration and glue them on p. 30 in your notebook. (See SS Uploads if you were absent or lost the page.) The names of the laws and what the law means must match.  Pages 587 & 718 in your textbook are helpful, as well as the links to the right in the blogroll —->.  Check them out!  You were given the Ch. 20 Study Guide today and it is due Wednesday. I plan on letting you have some class time on Tuesday to work on it, but you can get started on it tonight if you want to.  The Chapter 20 Test is Thursday.

September 12th

Spirit Week is next week!!  Monday – People of the Sea (sailors, pirates, tropical clothes…no swimsuits), Tuesday – Surfin’ Safari (Camo), Wednesday – Tacky Tourist, Thursday – OM spirit wear (red, white, and blue).  We get points towards the Spirit Stick so dress up!!!

Social Studies Homework:  The Melting Pot vs. Patchwork Quilt is due on Monday.  (p. 26) See Thursday’s blog post for all of the instructions.

September 11th – Take Time to Remember

I was very impressed with “The New Colossus” recitations today!  I even had 6 students who did the entire thing…WHOA!!  :)

Social Studies Homework:  Read p. 597-602 and answer the Guided Reading questions on p. 28 – due Friday.  The Melting Pot vs. Patchwork Quilt page 26 is due Monday.  You need good explanations & a colored illustration for each concept.  Then you need choose one of the concepts that you feel America is most like today and write a 5-sentence paragraph supporting your opinion.  All handouts are in the SS Upload section above.