Thursday, January 14th

Social Studies Homework:  Tomorrow is our Hobo Day and you should be dressed to represent the time period.  You do get a participation grade on this so dress DOWN!

Bonus Point Opportunity!!  Check out the following link to see some  Examples of Great Depression Protest Signs. If you’d like up to 10 bonus points, make your own protest sign and bring it tomorrow to class.  The more creative and neat you are, the more points you can receive.  *Make sure your name is on the sign.

Wednesday, January 13th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the “US in 2016″/Then & Now categories p. 121.  If you were absent, you’ll need to get that from me when you return to school.  Tomorrow is a pep rally, so wear you’re red, white, and blue spirit colors, and Hobo Day is Friday…dress to DEPRESS!

Friday, January 8th…1933

Social Studies Homework:  Welcome to Hooverville!  Tell your parents about today’s class.  :)

Study for Monday’s Ch. 10 Vocabulary Quiz.  Also finish the Presidential T-Chart on p. 115.  Use the Presidential bios on p. 114 to determine which facts apply to Hoover and which apply to Roosevelt.  The bios and facts are in the SS Uploads.

Tuesday, January 5th

Welcome Back!!!  I hope everyone had a restful holiday and that you are ready to get DEPRESSED!  😉  We started Chapter 10, The Great Depression today and I hope that you learn a lot.

Social Studies Homework:  Define the Ch. 10 Vocabulary Words.  NOTE…not all of them are in your current textbook.  Click the link to view the glossary of our former textbook.  Scan of Old Textbook Vocabulary  The Vocabulary handouts are in the SS Upload section for you to print.

Also add illustrations for Stock Exchange, buying on margin, and default…ONLY those words.

*Login to your Google account and find the Classroom app.  See if you can see an assignment from me in your SS Class Period. Answer the question on that page for me.  If you can’t find the app or your SS class, let me know tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you sooooo much for all the wonderful food sent in today by our awesome parents!  Our “block party” was a lot of fun!  I’d also like to thank everyone for all the sweet and thoughtful gifts given to me.  I appreciate everything so much.  I am definitely blessed by all of you!  I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and I’ll see ya next year!  Love, Mrs. Higg

Monday, December 14th

Social Studies Homework:  STUDY for tomorrow’s 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark Test.(2nd nine weeks Study Guide Answers)  I’ll also be looking through your notebooks tomorrow so make sure all Ch. 9 pages are glued, numbered correctly, and complete. On Wednesday & Thursday, we’ll be doing the Hour of Code in class.  I’ll have Chrome Books for you, but if you have any ear buds or headphones that you could bring, that’d be great!


Friday, December 11th

Today was the Bee’s Knee’s and you all looked so Hotsy Totsy!  😉  Thanks for dressing up and getting into it.  It was a great day!  Thanks to parents for volunteering to help out today and to those that helped with purchasing snacks, I really appreciate it!

Social Studies Homework:  Finish your study guide by Monday.  Your Benchmark & NOTEBOOK CHECK are Tuesday.