Thursday, August 14th

Social Studies Homework: Tonight I challenge you to come up with a NEW idea for an invention.  This invention has to be something that will make someone’s life easier or better.  Draw your idea on p. 3 in your notebookMake your drawing large (fill the box) and add some color to it At the bottom you should write a few sentences stating how it would work, and how it might help someone.  Note:  You canNOT do something “magical” like a money tree or vanishing into thin air.  It has to be something that we can understand how it would work.  Tomorrow you will be in a group and you will share your invention idea.  Each group will choose one invention to try to create a model of next week.  Over the weekend, it will be your responsibility to find & bring in supplies that will help you group.  (We’ll talk more about this on Friday in class.)  *If you change your mind, or lost your “My Invention” paper, you can draw your invention/write the explanation on a blank sheet of paper and then glue it on p. 3.

Wednesday, August 13th

Thank you to all the parents that came out to Open House last night!  It was so nice to meet you!  If you have questions concerning Social Studies or PAL, please let me know with an email.

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Time Zone Map on p. 4 in your notebook.  There is also a Bonus Opportunity available!  If you need the Time Zone Challenge questions, you can download the handout from the SS Upload link above.  (Glue it somewhere on page 4 or 5.) The bonus is due tomorrow, too.

Tuesday, August 12th

Tonight is Open House and all parents/guardians are invited!  It starts at 6:00pm and parents will begin in their student’s 1st period class (make sure you know the room number).  The Gala is Friday night from 7-9pm.  Tickets go on sale Thursday and Friday at lunch for $7/$8 if you purchase at the door Friday night.

Social Studies:  NO homework!  :)

Monday, August 11th

*Open House is Tuesday, August 12th at 6:00pm.  All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.  (Students should stay home if possible.)

*All Social Studies supplies are now due.  If you didn’t have your HUGE 5 subject/5 star/college ruled notebook today, please try to have it at school tomorrow or asap.  (If you need assistance in this, please let me know.)  Here is the link to the “Notebook Set-Up” slideshow if you need to get caught up at home: Social Studies notebook setup 2014 for blog

*”Why Study History?” (p. 1 in your notebook) is due tomorrow.

Parent Homework!

Dear Parents, We are so excited about this upcoming school year! Before we give the students any homework, we have some things for YOU to complete!   My syllabus is attached below.  Please open it and read over it with your student.

Welcome to Social Studies 2014 - syllabus of class expectations

*VERY IMPORTANT!!!  The Red Team asks that you please click the following link and give us a little information so that we can better communicate with you this year.

Please sign & return the Red Team Acknowledgement form sent home with your child on the first day of school.


Welcome to 6th Grade!!

Have you been through registration?  Did you see my name on your schedule?  Well that means you have me for Social Studies and that you are probably on the RED Team.  Congratulations!  We’re going to have a great year!!

The 6th grade teachers would like to invite you and your parents/guardians to Eagle Induction on Wednesday, August 6th.  This is a great time to meet your teachers, go through a lunch simulation, and practice on some lockers!

If you bought your supplies during registration, you should have everything you need for my class.  If you did not, you need to go shopping!  The MOST IMPORTANT school supply item for Social Studies is  a 5-Subject, 5-Star, college ruled notebook (Mead makes the one we want).  I’ll have a few to show you at the 6th Grade Eagle Induction and on the first day of school.  Social Studies school supplies are due by Monday, August 11th.

Speaking of school supplies…on the first day of school, we ask that you LEAVE THEM AT HOME!  All you need on the first day is a pencil and some paper.  That’s it…easy!!  ;)

Enjoy your last few days of summer and I’ll see you very soon!

Mrs. Higginbotham

Happy Summer!!

We had such a great school year and I am going to miss my “blue team babies” so much!!  I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY SUMMER!                                     I love you all!!  Mrs. Higg :)

Here are the links for allllll those pictures I took this year!  Love you guys!  – August-December 2013 – PAL – 1920′s Day – January-May