Thursday, March 19th

Social Studies Homework:  Work on the Holocaust Acrostic Poem rough draft tonight.  See the Poem Rubric on p. 167 (OR visit the SS Upload link above if you were absent) for all of the instructions.  You may use p. 166 in your notebook for the rough draft.  Tomorrow I will give you the “special paper” and you will have some class time to work on your final copy.  IF you will be participating in Physical Day & will miss my class tomorrow, I should have given you the “special paper” today.  If not, come see me before or after the physical.  The final poem on the “special paper” is due on Monday.

Wednesday, March 18th

Everyone is encouraged to visit the following website to practice for the upcoming ACT/Aspire test:

This takes you to the login screen for the exemplars. The login information for reading and math is as follows:

Subject: Reading      Username: reading             Password: actaspire

Subject: Math            Username:  math                 Password:  actaspire


Social Studies Homework:  None  :)

Monday, March 16th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Holocaust Vocabulary…due tomorrow.  Remember that you will need a dictionary and possibly online sources to define all of the words.  (See the SS Upload section above for the list of words if you have been absent.)

Friday, March 13th

Social Studies Homework:  The Holocaust Vocabulary is due Tuesday.  (If you were absent, see the SS Upload link above to get the words.)  You will find  a few of the words in the textbook, but most will come from a dictionary or online source.

Thursday, March 12th

Social Studies Homework:  STUDY for tomorrow’s WWII test!!  Since we went over the study guide today in class & you’ve known about this test for over a week, I will not be putting the answers to the study guide on the blog.  If you are confused about something call a friend or come see me in the morning (I’ll be doing  morning duty on C-hall).  If you were absent today, you can check your answers tomorrow and take the test on Monday if you feel you aren’t ready for it.

Friday, March 6th

No School on Monday!

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the “Japanese/Pacific Steamroller” map – due Tuesday.  The map on p. 345 in your new textbook will be very helpful in completing it, along with your War in the Pacific notes. *You may have to use an atlas or do a google search for a couple of the locations, however.  See the SS Upload section for both handouts, and the slideshow notes.  You will have a WWII test next Friday, March 13th…start studying now!  (Study Guide will go home on Tuesday.)

Click the link to see the Doolittle Raid interactive video…this link also includes other interesting facts about the War in the Pacific.