Monday, December 1st

Social Studies Homework:  Finish p. 94 “In the Court of Law.”  Use your textbook p. 270-274(particularly p. 272) to answer the questions.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) T,W, & Th for research.  I will have the Chrome Books too, so no worries if you don’t have a device.  :)

You should be researching your famous 1920′s personality. You need 5 GOOD facts and a picture.   I will put the “Star” template on the blog tomorrow.

Thursday, Nov. 20th & 1920′s Links

Social Studies Homework:  Tonight you need to find out 3 easy/quick facts (bullet points, not paragraphs) about 3 famous people from the 20s.  (See the list on p. 91 or in the SS Upload section.)  Tomorrow you will be given the opportunity to choose one person to research and “become” on our upcoming 1920′s day on  December 12th.  More project info forth-coming.



Wednesday, November 19th

We only have two more days to raise funds for Toys for Tots!  Bring your MONEY!!  (See yesterday’s blog post for specific amounts of money needed Thursday and Friday).

Social Studies Homework:  Make a Venn Diagram on p. 88 that compares and contrasts Harding and Coolidge.  You need 3 facts for each president and 2 similarities in the middle of the diagram.  (See today’s notes or p. 262-264 in your NEW textbook.) This should be based on POLICIES…not that they were both president!  I’ve added a Venn template to the SS Upload section if you need to see what it looks like.  Shade/color in both sides of the diagram and blend the colors in the middle.

Tuesday, November 18th

Social Studies Homework:  Set-up Chapter 9 (The Roaring Twenties).  The title page on p. 85 will need some pizazz (color) at some point. Finish the Vocabulary (definitions only) on pages 86-87.  Do NOT do the illustrations until we’ve discussed the word in class.  You will need your NEW textbook for the definitions.  If you were absent, visit the SS Upload for copies of today’s handouts.

Bring money for the following:  ALL money will go to Toys for Tots!!

$2 to wear PJs on Friday (on sale Wed & Thursday).

On Thursday, bring $2 to stay for the faculty UA vs AU volleyball game after school.

On Friday, bring $2 to buy hot chocolate to drink during 8th period.

*Bring change everyday for CANDY!

Wednesday, November 12th

Social Studies Homework:  The WWI Chapter Review is due Friday…I’ll give you a little time in class to work on it on Thursday.  If you were absent, please see the SS Upload section for today’s handouts (“Homefront/Searching for Peace” & the Chapter Review).  Today’s slideshow is also on there to help you fill in the notes.

The WWI Test is Monday, November 17th!!  Start studying NOW!

Monday, November 10th

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day (no school) and I hope that you will remember the reason that we started celebrating November 11th and that you’ll take time to remember those that served and/or currently serving our country.

*Bring in money for Toys for Tots!!!

Social Studies Homework:  Finish “Graphing the Great War” on the bottom of p. 80 in your notebook.  If you were absent today, I’ve uploaded all of the handouts and notes slideshow to the SS Upload section above.

Friday, November 7th

Everyone is encouraged to attend the OMHS football game tonight & help us cheer on the Eagles in the first round of playoffs!  #goom

Social Studies Homework:  You need to finish defining the 10 Trench Vocabulary words (on p. 79)…put the definitions in your own words about how they relate to life in the trenches.  On page 78, you should draw & color a trench scene.  It should have a title and include at least 6 of the trench vocabulary words.  Use the extra set of words to label your scene.  If you can appropriately use all 9 words in your drawing, you can earn a bonus point!

See the upload section for the word list.

Thursday, November 6th

I’m proud to say that everyone survived the trenches, and I was really impressed with the gas masks today…very creative!

Social Studies Homework:  If you have not returned your old SS textbook yet, make sure you bring it on Friday.  New textbooks will go home tomorrow!