Monday, March 21st

Social Studies Homework:  No Homework.  If you were absent today, I will catch you up on what you missed on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, we will be having class in the traincar.  Wear pants (or shorts, but it may be cold)…no dresses or skirts.

Friday, March 18th

Social Studies Homework:  The Holocaust Acrostic Poem final copy is due on Monday.  Follow the guidelines listed on the rubric (p. 181) closely.  If you still haven’t finished your Jesse Owens Reading Response pages, you have until Monday to get it done.

Monday, March 14th

Social Studies Homework:  If you did not finish reading Jesse Owens last week, you will need to come to my room during Advisory this week to finish and to complete the reading responses on p. 172-173…these pages will be graded on Friday.

Reading Response #1 (p. 172) – illustrate a scene from the Chapter “Life in the Big City.”

Reading Response #2 (p.172) – write 5 questions that you have while reading p. 36-75.

Reading Response #3 (p.173) – Make connections while reading p. 76-end of book.  Connections between you and the story or between the story and the world or between the story and another book/movie.