Wednesday, September 16th

Social Studies Homework – Complete the Melting Pot vs. Patchwork Quilt (p. 28) tonight.  I need a good explanation and a COLORED illustration for each phrase.  At the bottom of the page I want a good 5 sentence paragraph about which one YOU think America is most like.  See the SS Upload Section link for a copy of the handout.


Monday, September 14th

Social Studies Homework: 1.  The “postcard home” on p. 24 is due tomorrow.  You should write a letter explaining your immigration experience, make up an address, draw a stamp, and illustrate a US scene on the bottom…COLOR and fill the space!  2. The New Colossus definitions & the poem (bolded section) on p. 30 must be memorized by Wednesday.  Bonus points available for anyone that can do the whole thing!!

If you were absent, or need the handouts, please check the SS Upload link above.

Don’t forget about Spirit Week:

Time Travel Tuesday, Wonderland (Character Day) Wednesday, Throw Down (Spirit wear) Thursday, Fratty (Fancy) Friday

Friday, September 11th

Congratulations!  You made it into America!  Make sure to share today’s experience with your family. :)

PAL Registration and Payment Forms are now past due!  Monday, September 14th is the last day they will be accepted.  Please see the Project American Life link above for the forms.  Field trip money is due by October 14th.

Wednesday, September 9th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the “Old/New Immigrants and Population Graph” on p. 22 in your notebook.

Start planning your outfit and STORY for Immigration Day this Friday!  You received a “persona” in class today that you will represent on Friday.  You can dress like the occupation assigned and bring some props…if you are a cook, bring a spatula, or if you are writer, bring a notebook and pen.  But you don’t have to dress like the occupation.  You can just dress like the time period.  (*Remember the pictures we looked at today.)  So raid your parents’ closet and start planning!  :)

Friday, September 4th

Social Studies Homework:  1. Complete the Family Tree (in the SS Upload section) and color.  *All trees will look a little different, just fill in what you can & try to include maiden names of the females in your tree.  For the Family Crest/Coat of Arms you might want to try the links below: – use the “search” buttons to find family crest – a great site to find the meanings behind your family crest OR use as a resource to create a NEW one for your family if you can’t find one already created. – a great site to find out more info about your family

*Also, fill out the Ancestor Fact Sheet and return on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 1st

Social Studies Homework:  1.  The Chapter 4 Chapter Review is due tomorrow.  This includes all of the questions (p. 14) AND the writing assignment at the bottom…write a letter to an inventor from the past and tell him how his invention has changed.  This should be done on loose-leaf, not in your notebook. (See the SS Upload Section above for the Ch. Review if you need another copy.) 2. Research and list 2 Child Labor Laws in 2015 and write them on p. 16.  Ask adults or teenagers at home OR search for it online.  Due tomorrow.

*Chapter 4 Open Notebook & Textbook Quiz is Friday.

Thursday, August 27th

Social Studies Homework:  Build a CAR using the car parts given out in class today. (Absent??  See the SS Upload section.)  Time how long it takes to cut out the parts and glue them onto the top of p. 12 to make a Model T.  Write down how long it took.  (This does not have to be colored, just cut & glued.  If you choose to color, don’t include that in your time.)  I will be “car shopping” in your notebooks tomorrow looking for some great looking cars!  The completed car should look like this:

Model T pic