Thursday, February 5th

*You can buy Gala tickets Friday during lunch for $7 ($8 Friday night).  Remember that this is a “dressy” Gala and bring extra money for food and photos.  The Gala starts at 7pm and 6th grade is dismissed at 9pm.

Social Studies Homework: Finish the “Acts of Aggression” map on p. 136.  Remember that you should color the main country lightly and AGGRESSIVELY (boldly) color the countries they took.  Ex:  Italy is light red and Albania is DARK red.  If you were absent today, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE view the slideshow in the SS Uploads section to get the notes.  You must have the answers on p. 137 to complete the map.

Tuesday, February 3rd

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the Totalitarian Illustrations tonight.   You should draw  something that represents each description of life under a dictator.  Remember to FILL THE SPACE and COLOR!  If you were absent, the notes page and illustration page are in the SS Upload section as well as today’s slideshow for notes.

Friday, January 23rd

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Great Depression study guide.  (See the SS Upload section if you were absent and need the study guide.)  We’ll go over it and review on Monday.  The Great Depression Ch. 10 (ch. 25 in old book) Test is Tuesday, January 27th.

Wednesday, January 21st

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the “name” & “purpose” columns for all of the New Deal Alphabet Agencies on p. 118 in your notebook.  The OLD textbook has the better answers and everyone received copied pages to take home.  If you were absent, you can see the SS Uploads above for the handout and the textbook pages to be used.

Friday, January 16th

I am so proud of how hard you have worked on the “family budgets” this week.  I think most families will survive the depression!  :)

Enjoy your day off on Monday, and take time to remember the reason we are out of school…Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Social Studies Homework:  Read the “Farmers and the Dust Bowl” handout(p. 117 in notebook) and answer the questions at the bottom.  We’ll check this on Tuesday.  See SS Uploads for the handout if you were absent.