September 11th – Take Time to Remember

I was very impressed with “The New Colossus” recitations today!  I even had 6 students who did the entire thing…WHOA!!  :)

Social Studies Homework:  Read p. 597-602 and answer the Guided Reading questions on p. 28 – due Friday.  The Melting Pot vs. Patchwork Quilt page 26 is due Monday.  You need good explanations & a colored illustration for each concept.  Then you need choose one of the concepts that you feel America is most like today and write a 5-sentence paragraph supporting your opinion.  All handouts are in the SS Upload section above.

Tuesday, September 9th

*Smile…Picture Day is tomorrow! :)

*The Project American Life Registration form and Payment Form are due tomorrow.  Please see the Project American Life link above for all forms.

Social Studies Homework:  The New Colossus poem (the bolded section) needs to be memorized by Thursday.  Also the words on p. 25 need to be defined by Thursday…use a dictionary.  The poem/p. 25 are in the SS Upload section above.

Monday, September 8th

The PAL deadline for registration forms has been moved to Wednesday, September 10th.  IF you will not be attending PAL, I need a note from a parent/guardian.

Social Studies Homework: I will be checking the following notebook pages tomorrow: p.16 – Push/Pull illustrations, p.18-Old/New illustrations & Population Graph, & p. 20 – Postcard Home (a recap of your Immigration experience on Friday plus a colored scene at bottom).  If you’ve been absent, scroll down for last week’s homework posts as well as check out the SS Upload section above.

Due Thursday:  Define the 5 words from The New Colossus poem (glued on p. 25), and MEMORIZE the bolded section.  You will recite it to me on Thursday.  IF you can do the whole thing (and it’s hard), I will award bonus points!  :)  If you were absent today, it is in the SS Upload section.

Wednesday, September 3rd

Immigration Day is Friday!  Start planning that outfit!  See the Child Labor powerpoint in the SS Uploads or just search for 1900′s immigrant pictures on the internet and you’ll find a ton of examples.

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the Old/New immigrant pictures at the top of p. 18, and the Population Graph at the bottom.  I’ve uploaded the  slideshow with today’s notes (A Growing Population) and the handout in case you need more instruction or were absent today.


Don’t forget to bring $15 if you want one of the new OM spirit shirts! 

Tuesday, September 2nd

SGA will begin selling tshirts tomorrow in lunch.  They are $15.

Social Studies Homework:  Illustrate examples of “Push & Pull Factors” on p. 16 in your notebook…fill the space and COLOR!!  If you were absent today, it would be a good idea to come to my room before school (get your parent to write you a pass) so you can copy the notes you missed.  (You need the notes before you can do the homework.)

PAL Registration Form is due by September 10th.


Friday, August 29th

If you missed the Chapter 19 Open Notes Test today, please be prepared to take it when you return to school.

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Family Tree by asking your family for names to fill in the blanks and by drawing your Family Crest/Coat of Arms on the “shield” on the tree.  I’ve got a few links to the right of the screen —> that may help.  Try your last name, or the last name of someone in your family  tree.  IF you can’t find a crest/coat of arms for your family, it’s ok…make one!  :)  You can draw something that you or your family enjoy and color it.  If your favorite color is purple, that could be the background and if you like tennis, you could draw a tennis racket in the middle of it.  The Family Tree must be completed by Tuesday.

No School on Monday!  HAPPY LABOR DAY!!

Thursday, August 28th

Social Studies Homework:  Chapter 19 Open Notes Test is tomorrow!  Make sure you are familiar with everything in your notebook, and make sure that your notebook is in the CLASSROOM tomorrow!  :)

The Family Tree is due on Tuesday.  Start talking to your parents about the people in your family and fill out the blanks in the tree as best as you can.  Remember…all families look different, therefore, all trees will look different.  You may only fill out one side of the tree, or leave some spaces blank if you don’t know names…I just want you to show that you’ve tried to do some research.  I expect the tree to be colored by Tuesday.  I will show you what to do with the “shield” part tomorrow in class.  Don’t do anything until I talk to you on Friday.  The Family Tree handout is in the SS Upload section above.

Wednesday, August 27th

Social Studies Homework:  See the slide below for all instructions.  Use some of the Child Labor websites that I’ve listed on the blogroll to the right ——–> for help in finding the laws.  One of my favorites is   *Chapter 19 Open Notes Test is Friday…make sure your notebook is in order and that all pages are complete!!  IF you were absent today, I’ve uploaded today’s powerpoint in the SS Uploads section above…look at the pictures and answer #1-5 the Child Labor questions on p. 13 in your notebook (also in the SS Upload section).

Child Labor in 2014

Monday, August 25th

*Share the Project American Life forms with your parents tonight.  Don’t forget that LOTS of information is available by clicking the Project American Life link above!!!

Social Studies Homework:  Read over p. 569-572 and list positive impacts, negative impacts and important people from the Oil & Steel industries on p. 11 in your notebook.  (If you were absent, I’ve put the graphic organizer in the SS Uploads section above…you’ll need to also read p. 557-559 to find the same info about the Railroad Industry.)