Monday, January 5th

Welcome back!  It was great to see you today.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Thank you again for the sweet notes and gifts.  They all meant so much to me!

Social Studies Homework:  If you were absent right before the holiday, you need to define the following words:  1.stock exchange  2.on margin  3.default  4.relief  5.New Deal  6.Dust Bowl  7.Social Security Act  8.migrant worker.  I want #1-4 on p. 104 and #5-8 on p. 105.  You can use your new textbook for some of these words…for the rest you need to use a dictionary.

IF you were absent today, check the SS Upload Section for the handout and notes from today.  PLEASE complete the notes…this is the most important page in this chapter!!!

Wednesday, December 17th

Social Studies Homework:  None…unless you were absent then you should complete the following instructions:

Social Studies – December 17th – Notebook Set Up & Vocabulary

*1. On p. 102, Title it “Chapter 10- The Great Depression”

Then list the following:

102-Ch. 10 Table of Contents

103- Ch. 10 Title Page

104- Ch. 10 Vocabulary

105-Vocab. Continued


*2. Glue in & color title page.  chapter 10 (ch25) title page


*3. Define the following words (make sure to number & highlight each vocab word; skip lines)

Use the NEW textbook, and/or a dictionary.

On p. 104: 1. stock exchange 2. on margin   3. default   4. relief

On p. 105: 5. New Deal   6. Dust Bowl   7. Social Security Act   8. Migrant worker

Tuesday, December 16th

We took our Social Studies Benchmark Test today.  If you were absent, you can take it before school (Wed & Thurs), or possibly even during your Social Studies class.  The official make-up day for tests is this Friday, however, I will work with you to complete it whenever possible.  If you will not return until after the holidays, you will take the test the first day back.  *Regardless of when you return, please be ready to take the test that day, if at all possible.  For the MANY of you that are sick, I hope you feel better very soon!

Social Studies Homework:  None!  :)

Friday, December 12th

Today was definitely “The Bee’s Knees!!”  You guys did such a great  job dressing up and participating all week in 1920′s activities!  A BIG thank you to the parents that sent in snacks and helped out in the classroom!  Everything went so smoothly!

This weekend:  Study for your benchmarks!!  The Social Studies test is Tuesday!  Here is the study guide answer sheet:  2nd nine weeks study guide answers 2014  If you’ve been absent, use this to help you get ready.

Wednesday, December 10th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the 2nd Nine Week Benchmark Study Guide tonight.  (See the SS Uploads if you were out today.)  Here is a “key” that may make completing the study guide easier:

Benchmark Study Guide Key

Ch. 22/Imperialism (Ch. 7 new book) #1-4, 14-23

Ch. 23/WWI (Ch. 8 new book) #5-13, 24-26, 31-34

Ch. 24/1920s (Ch. 9 new book) #27-30, 35-47

*1920′s Day is Friday!!!  Don’t wait until tomorrow night to get your outfit ready…do it NOW!

*Social Studies Benchmark is Tuesday, Dec. 16th.


Tuesday, December 9th

Project Runway was a BIG success!  I LOVE all of the different designs you came up with…good job!  :)

Social Studies Homework:  The “Be a STAR” project is due tomorrow!  5 facts and an image of a 1920s famous personality.  IF you will be away from school tomorrow with choir, you must turn it in before you leave!!!

*1920′s Day is Friday! Dress as your famous personality or someone from the 1920s.

2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark is next Tuesday, December 16th.

Monday, December 8th

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the 1920s Fashion illustrations on p. 98 & 99.  Make sure you follow direction!!  Tomorrow we will be doing the 1920′s version of Project Runway!  If you want to bring fabric, you can, but I have a lot of material you can choose from.  Scissors are a MUST!!

Thursday, December 4th

Social Studies Homework:  Continue to work on your “Be a Star” project.  The star with 5 facts and a picture is due next Wednesday.

*Earn up to 10 BONUS points in Social Studies by making a history related ornament for the class tree.  The more creative you get the more points you could earn.  Due tomorrow.  (This is not required, but extra points can only HELP your grade!) 

Wednesday, December 3rd

BONUS Opportunity!!!  You can earn up to 10 EXTRA points by creating a “Social Studies” ornament to go on our class Christmas tree.  It must have something to do with a topic we’ve talked about, or it can be historical, patriotic, etc.  The more creative you are the more points you can earn.  The ornament is due this Friday, Dec. 5th!

Upcoming due dates:

1.Bonus Ornament – Friday (if you wish to participate).

2.The “Be a Star” project is due on Wednesday, Dec. 10th.  (NOTE – if you will be out of school on Wednesday due to a band or choir trip, your star is still due that day!  Either turn it in early or first thing Wednesday morning before you leave. No exceptions!)  See the blog post below for the Star template.

3.1920′s Day is Friday, Dec. 12th.  You will need to be dressed as your famous person or like someone from the 1920′s.  You may bring props to go with your outfit, too.  But nothing “dangerous”…if you are a baseball player, bring a glove and not a bat!  ;)

4. SS 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark Test is Tuesday, Dec. 16th.  A study guide will go home next week.