Wednesday, April 9th

Don’t forget to bring money for the EXPO ticket (and some extra for food and games), and remind your parents that you will be staying after school on Thursday.  Remember that you will stay in dress code during the EXPO and we request NO FLIP FLOPS!  (Jeans and tennis shoes will be perfect!)

Social Studies:  Complete your Holocaust Acrostic Poem rough draft on p. 190.  I will give you “official” paper tomorrow for the final copy.  A copy of the instructions and rubric are in the SS Upload section.  Remember that you must choose a word that is at least 5 letters long, and all words and phrases must start with a letter from the word.  Bonus Points are available to those that choose one of the LONGER words (13+ letters)!!

Science:  STUDY for the Ch. 21 Test tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 8th

EXPO tickets for the OMMS Student Only Day will be on sale Wednesday and Thursday.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased during lunch.  Plan to stay after school on Thursday & enjoy the EXPO!!

Social Studies:  No Homework!  :)  

Science:  Finish the Ch. 21 Study Guide.  It’s in the Science Upload Section.  Test is Thursday.

Tuesday, April 1st :)

Social Studies:  Work on the study guide for the WWII test.  Part One on p. 182 (“Who Was?” & ” What Was?”) is due tomorrow.  Part Two on p. 183 is due on Thursday.  The WWII Test is Friday.

Science:  Complete the Ch. 21/Section 2 Reading Guide tonight if you didn’t finish in class. 

Monday, March 31st

Welcome back!  It seems like everyone had a good Spring Break. We’ve still got a lot of school left to go, so stay focused, do your best and summer will be here before we know it!  :)

Social Studies:  The WWII Test is Friday.  You will get your study guide tomorrow, but it is never to early to start looking over all the information!  Tonight, you need to complete the map on p. 180.  (Remember to use your notes from p. 181 and the map on p. 778 in your textbook to help you complete it.)  Also check out this cool link about the Doolittle Raid:

Science:  Define the following 5 words from Ch. 21/Sect. 1:  1.telescope, 2.radiomagnetic radiation, 3.refracting telescope, 4.reflecting telescope, 5.observatory

Thursday, March 20th

Happy First Day of Spring!!  (FINALLY!)  :)

Social Studies:  Illustrate and color a scene from D-Day based on textbook or pictures shown in class.  The scene should fill the entire page and you should title it “D-Day.”  If you were absent today, use p. 770-776 to fill in the blanks for all of the sections  on your D-Day Notes (p. 179), except for “Death of a President”…we’ll be doing that tomorrow in class.  HOWEVER, if you will not be in class on Friday, March 21, you will need to read p. 776 and complete that last box of questions. 

Science:  No Homework unless you didn’t finish the Inner Planet Crossword Puzzle today in class.

Wednesday, March 19th

Social Studies:  Some students were asked to redo their “Four Freedom Project” paragraph tonight because they didn’t follow the STArt template.  Don’t forget that all the “source, title, author, verb, and topic” info should be in the first sentence.  That is a writing strategy that we’ve been focusing on and it is expected in your completed project.  If you were asked to redo it, please rewrite the paragraph on loose leaf and we will attach it to the illustration tomorrow.  If you didn’t have to redo it, yay you! Although I haven’t graded it and there may be points deducted for various things, you at least seemed to have your first sentence set up correctly.  :)   By Friday you should have a “D-Day” scene drawn and colored on p. 178.  We will look at more pictures tomorrow.

Science:  DSQ Ch. 20 Quiz is tomorrow.


Monday, March 17th – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Social Studies:  You’ve got 2 things due for me tomorrow.  1. Your Four Freedoms paragraph and illustration must be finished.  Make sure you follow all directions – see the SS Upload for all handouts and instructions if you’ve been absent.  2. Finish the Homefront Group questions if you didn’t finish them all in class today.  All of the Homefront Handouts/Reading Selections that are needed for the questions are in the Uploads section.  Remember that you must use your textbook to get the answers for the Tuskegee Airmen section.

Science:  DSQ Quiz on Friday. 

Friday, March 14th

Report Cards were passed out today.  Please share them with your parents!!  And don’t forget about OM Idol on Sunday at 2pm.

Social Studies:   The Four Freedoms Project is due on Tuesday.  You are to choose one of the Four Freedoms, write what it means to you TODAY, and illustrate a new poster to represent the freedom.See the SS Uploads for all of the handouts and instructions.  You should complete the “STArt” rough draft, sketch out the illustration for the poster, have a friend edit your rough draft based on the sample edits we did in class, and color your “poster.”  (Fill the entire space!)

Science:  Finish the “Goldilocks Condition” by Monday.  If you were absent, please check the Science Upload section.

Thursday, March 13th

Social Studies:  Today we read through President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech, and viewed the posters created by Norman Rockwell that go with the speech.  You then watched as I did a non-fiction summary paragraph about the speech using the STArt Template.  Then WE did a summary paragraph together about the Freedom of Speech poster.  (If you were absent today, please see the SS Upload section for the sample paragraph, and copy it word for word onto your template on p. 170.)  Tonight, you need to choose one of the other freedoms (Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, or Freedom from Fear) to analyze and complete the STArt template on p. 172.  Hint, the beginning (source and author) will be exactly like our sample paragraph today. Use the handout on p. 171 or click here to view the posters.

Science:  Your moon phase calendar is due tomorrow.