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Color the Concepts Poster Contest

Congratulations to Jackson Crosswhite who placed in the top ten in the state!

Visit to “like” his poster to help him win a chance at the Grand Prize!

Here is his winning entry:

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Investwrite Essay Contest

We have been learning to diversify portfolios with stocks from various industries, bonds and mutual funds. Now we get a chance to showcase what we’ve learned in a national essay contest!

Click on the link below to read the prompt for the essay contest. Use your graphic organizer research notes.

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The Structure of Hurricanes

After completing the Hurricane Webquest, answer the following questions in a comment below:
1.  How is a hurricane structured?
2.  Which severe weather structure is a hurricane most like?  Explain your reasoning.

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A New House for Dorothy

Students are researching, designing and building tornado-proof structures.  We will test them next week.


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The Structure of Thunderstorms

Answer the following two questions.
1. How do parts of a thunderstorm interrelate?
2. Explain how a thunderstorm is an example of a structure.


The Structure of Blizzards

Complete the Blizzard Webquest found in the blogroll. Answer the following questions as a response/comment below.
1. Do you think a blizzard is an example of a structure? Explain why or why not.
2. How are tornadoes and blizzards the same? How are they different?


The Structure of Tornadoes

Complete the Tornado Webquest found in the blogroll.
Choose one of the following essential questions to answer regarding the structure of tornadoes.  Type your answer in the comments section below.

Essential Questions:
*How do parts of a tornado structure

*In what ways may smaller
structures be combined to form larger structures in a tornado?


The Structure of Interstates

1. Take the interstate quiz found in the Blogroll. Your goal is to score at least 28/30.

2. Explain how the interstate system is a structure in your response below.



Forest Oaks 3rd graders have been working on a Communications Unit.  Below are some pictures of students completing an activity where their communication was limited.  They quickly learned successful communication requires listening for understanding, asking clarifying questions, giving clear directions, using body language, etc.
img_0076 img_0078 img_0077

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Color the Concepts Contest

Choose an economic concept below to research for your Color the Concept Poster Contest entry.  Write your notes on the graphic organizer from class.

Visit for the definition.

Use the Economic Concept Links in the GRC Blogroll for the rest of your research.  Remember to write your notes in your own words.

Economic Concepts: (choose one)
Buyers and Sellers
Opportunity Cost
Goods vs. Services
Supply and Demand
Free Market
Production and Consumption
Spending and Saving

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