Word Study Lesson 1: Closed Syllables and dividing syllables

Here are some sites to help students learn and review open and closed syllables. These will be on our test on Week5!
<a href="http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=c3j3YVocNxkhttp://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=c3j3YVocNxk<a href=“http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=c3j3YVocNxk”>
<a href="http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=rXcvn7atEHE“> <a href="http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=rXcvn7atEHE<a href="“>http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=rXcvn7atEHE“>http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=rXcvn7atEHE”>“>http://cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=rXcvn7atEHE

Reminders and binder

Before Tuesday please remind your child to remember the following:
~know lunch number and send a check or cash for lunch account if not bringing lunch (I have a list of lunch numbers if your child does not know his/hers.)
~Know your bus number and/or carpool number! (I can find these out too.)
~All money and checks should be sent to school in an envelope. Make sure to put your first name, last name, and “Mrs. Sexton’s class” on everything you send to the school!
~Make sure dress code is followed. Tennis shoes, shorts as long or longer than fingertips, etc. I know it is hot outside but it is cool in the classrooms!
~Try to remember and log in to your Google e-mail.
~Get plenty of sleep Monday night!

Also, please try and make sure your child has a 1 1/2 inch binder by the end of the week. The school supply packs sent a 1/2 inch binder and not much will fit inside there. If you are unable to get one I understand. Thanks so much!