Mrs. Van Der Geest’s Math Facts

All 6th grade students are REQUIRED TO KNOW their multiplication facts from 0 x 0 to 12 x 12 Quickly.  Students will be given timed tests since knowing these quick facts is essential to success in math.  As the year progresses, timed division tests will be given. Below is a chart you may print

Multiplication Chart

A little facts about me…I grew up in Hawaii, where I met my husband. We have since relocated to Chelsea, Alabama, moving here in 2005. I enjoy exercising with friends, hiking, and raising my Golden Retrievers.  Both of my children (Carrie and Zakary) graduated from Chelsea High School and have since graduated from college.

Parent Information…Please Read

PARENTS:   Please e-mail Mrs. Van Der Geest via the school’s email system.  This will help to maintain confidentiality and facilitate a quicker response to questions and concerns.

Extra Help Math Sessions are offered Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:20.  Write a pass in your planner to enable you to gain access to the room.

Below are some links to help your student while at home.

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