Dear Parents,
I have now been trained on how to do a blog, which will help me to keep you informed about upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc.
I will post each Monday to let you know what is going on in class and what will need to be done by the students.
I hope that this will be of great assistance to you. If for some reason you have further questions please feel free to email me at

4 Responses to Parents


    We love to stay in touch and ahead of whats going on with her. She needs lots of help with this area. Please feel free to send me emails. I like to know when her test are or upcoming assignments.


    Tina Pritchard

  2. Beverly Barr

    Hello Ms. Wiggins,
    We like to be involved in her education and would like to keep up with assignments and tests. Please post information soon and passwords to Edmodo if that database will be used for class assignments.
    Thank you,
    Beverly Barr

  3. Will Elliott

    Hey I did not turn that sheet in but can I give it to you first thing Monday morning please?

  4. That’s fine. Have a good weekend!!!

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