Safety Powerpoint

Safety Rules and Regulations

letter to senior self


Learning Styles


Animation Assignment

What is animation answers

Proofreading Powerpoint


General Computer Test – TODAY

General Computer Test

Notebook check

BTA Notebook Check

See my website for any handouts you might be missing.


You may print anything you need for your notebook TODAY.  Remember, if your fees are not paid by Monday, you will not be able to print until you pay.

 ________           3 ring binder (10 points)
________           Signed Syllabus (10 points)
________           Copyright assignment with answers (10 points)
________           Computer Basics Outline (10 points)
________           Hardware vs Software worksheet (10 points)
________           Computer Questions with computer (10 points)
________           Study Guide Packet (30 points)
________           This sheet (10 points)
________           Fees paid (5 bonus points)

 ________           Total (100 points)

A Buying Decision


Storage Device Assignment

storage devices

storage device assignment

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