Daily Classwork: English Language Arts (ELA)

Week of: Aug. 18 – 22, 2014

Monday Complete DGP & Power Word. Complete chart for Greek/Latin roots. Complete Prefix ad- worksheet. Review lit. terms definitions from textbook. GROUPS – share lit. terms drawings. Code of Conduct QUIZ.

Tuesday   Complete DGP & Power Word. Turn in textbook review & Prefix ad- worksheet.  Listen to intro for short story “The Sniper.” Read “The Sniper” aloud. Highlight vocab. words in story.

Wed.  Complete DGP & Power Word. Finish reading short story & discuss aloud. Complete Story Map for “The Sniper.” Define vocab. words from story. Complete “cite textual evidence.”

Thursday  Complete DGP & Power Word. Turn in answers for “The Sniper.” Take notes on “Learning Styles” & complete learning styles inventory. Take notes on Parts of Speech Review.

Friday    Go to computer lab G-10 for Global Scholar testing. Finish Parts of Speech review notes. Go over parts of speech review worksheet & practice on board. Work Parts of Speech Review answers.

Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) Sentence: take your place young man