Due Dates & Announcements

MON., Sept. 22 - TEST – Short Story Unit Test

TUES., Sept. 23 - 1st rough draft due. Latin roots worksheet due.

THURS., Sept. 25 - charts due for Paris Opera House story & biographies; word match/crossword due

FRI., Sept. 26 - Venn diagram/questions due for summaries

NOTES for this weekHistory of the Paris Opera

Gaston Leroux & Webber biographies

Phantom Notes-revised 2011

POTO novel & musical summaries










Daily Classwork: English Language Arts (ELA)

Week of: Sept. 22 – 26, 2014

Monday TEST – short story unit test. Greek/Latin roots week 6. Finish 1st rough draft for narrative paper. Complete Latin roots worksheet.

Tuesday   Read History of the Paris Opera House & biographies of Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Complete charts & answer questions for both articles. Complete word match and crossword for biographies.

Wed.  NOTES: Phantom of the Opera unit. Complete self-edit paper for 1st rough draft.

Thursday  Finish Notes: Phantom of the Opera unit. read summaries of Phantom of the Opera novel & play. Complete Venn diagram/questions for the article.

Friday  In-class writing: work on 2nd rough draft (on paper with corrections) for narrative paper. Define drama terms & complete stage directions worksheet.

Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) Sentencethis man talked with manuel and money chinked between them