Events on the Horizon

Friday, Mar 17 – Report cards sent home, please sign and return

Tuesday, Mar 21 – Class pictures

Tuesday, Mar 21 – Graded paper packets, please sign and return

Wednesday, Mar 22 – Unit 9 summative assessment (see wbp 17A&B to study)

Wednesday, Mar 22 – Book Fair make-up visit

Thursday, Mar 23 – Character Ed assemblies

Thursday, Mar 23 – Science lab

Friday, Mar 24 – Odyssey due, DMP quiz

Friday, Mar 24 – Science read-aloud with Mrs. Sears



Thanks for checking our class blog!  Please check back often as I hope to update the “Events on the Horizon” post regularly.  My intent is to give students and parents an opportunity to look ahead and prepare for tests, projects, and other major happenings coming soon.  I also send out regular updates each Sunday evening reflecting on classroom successes and/or struggles of the previous week and sharing plans for math, science, and social studies in the week ahead.  If you would like to receive these updates please send a message to from the address(es) you want to add to my distribution list so I can add them directly to “My Contacts” and be sure of spelling.  I use a blind copy in group mail to protect your privacy.  Please see the “Weekly Updates” page above for archived updates so far.

I’m looking forward to fifth grade 2016-2017!