Summer is near!

As the end of the 2016-2017 school year approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to support CHMS and myself this year. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with the 6th graders as they adapted to middle school. Remembering back to their first days, they were unsure, afraid of the new experiences headed their way, and learning to put all the pieces together. I look now at the rising 6th graders and how much they have accomplished this school year–the experiments and lab reports, science poems, RACE format paragraphs, data analysis. But that is not all–they have grown as individuals becoming more sure of themselves and their abilities. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with your kids. I wish you and your families the best summer break and family time.


Hello Everyone! Please remember to check INOW frequently for grade updates and any missing work. The policy for missing work due to excused absences is in the Shelby County Code of Conduct book.  All work should be submitted by Friday, 3/24. Thank you in advance for helping our students to be successful!!

We are completing our Understanding Weather and Climate Unit. Our next topic of study will be Exploring Plate Tectonics. As you access the AMSTI ebook online, remember to select the new book.

Beginning Fourth Nine Weeks

Hello All! As we begin our fourth nine week grading period, it is time once again to clean out/reorganize binders and ensure that students have enough regular supplies to end the year. Directions have been placed in the kids’ Google Classrooms for binders. Please check  paper, pencils/pens, glue sticks, scissors, and colored pencils to ensure your student has what he/she needs for class. Report cards will be coming home at the end of the week.

Our last nine week grading period finds us completing the last weather and climate topics with plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes to follow. Please check up on the kids frequently to ensure that they are finishing the school year as strongly as they began. INOW, this blog, and Google Classroom are great resources to compliment assignments written in planners and student binders.

Nine Week Tests Approaching

Hello Everyone! As our third nine week grading period ends on March 9th, we are busily preparing by ensuring all students are aware of missing assignments and information that will be tested on our designated testing day. Please check INOW for missing grades as well as confirming with your student that all assignments have been completed. We are continuing our studies of weather and climate as we learn about air pressure in lesson 6.

Nine Week Test Date: Tuesday, March 7—–Please review all vocabulary, activities, notes, labs, and reading articles from our Earth History and Understanding Weather and Climate units. Students have details regarding our “in class” test preparations happening later this week.

It’s almost that time!!

As our third nine weeks grading period approaches the half way mark, I have taken some time today to alert the kids to missing assignments so that everyone is caught up before progress reports. Please monitor your student’s progress in INOW along with checking binders frequently to ensure assignments are  complete and accurate. Thank you for your continued support as we ensure all students are reaching their potential.


Please check with your student as homework assignments have been adjusted as we write our creative rock stories. Also, graded quizzes will be returned tomorrow as we needed more time to answer specific student questions in class.

Earth History to Understanding Weather and Climate

Our classes are finishing activities related to Earth’s history. They have experienced through models how paleontologists explore sedimentary rocks to uncover Earth’s past. They excavated then identified fossils using information from the geologic time scale, created their own sedimentary rock, and recreated t-rex using puzzle bones. They have completed an interactive program on the rock cycle and put their reading skills to the test as they read about the rock cycle. The kids will be writing a creative story following guidelines to show how sediment changes over time. Next our classes will study weather and climate. Learning guides will be added to their Google Classrooms soon!

Happy New Year-2017!

Welcome back after the holiday break! I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. As we begin the third nine weeks grading period, it is time to reorganize those binders and gather missing supplies. Report cards will be coming home on Friday, 1/6/17. Our classes will be revising their spin off project final arguments before moving on to learn about Earth’s history through fossils and sedimentary rocks. That is  the last topic of the solar system unit. We then move to the unit entitled Understanding Weather and Climate for the remainder of the nine week period. Today, we have ensured all students remember the directions for logging into the AMSTI ebook for the new unit in the event it is needed during our course of study. As our weather becomes colder, please ensure that student clothing is labeled so it can be returned if misplaced during the day. Thank you for all you do to help us help our students become successful!!

October Update

Hello Everyone! It is Wednesday and I must apologize for being late this week in getting the homework page updated. We are currently finishing the Sun-Earth-Moon unit with our last activity and reading, reviewing for the unit test, and preparing for upcoming events. As we blast off further into space with our Exploring Planetary Systems unit, we will also be attending the Project American Life trip. This time is filled with much excitement and is very busy. Add the upcoming holiday season, and we have much to do and remember. Please monitor INOW and check up with your student as we ensure students are on track and having continued success for the remainder of this nine week grading period.

Second Nine Weeks

As grades are finalized from our first quarter, we continue our studies of the moon. Please do not clean out binders yet. Time is set aside on Thursday to reorganize binders. Remember report cards will be coming home later this week.

Reminders:  As the weather turns cooler, please label all jackets and sweaters. Also, please monitor your student’s progress by using INOW and checking their binders frequently. Second nine weeks tends to get very busy as the holiday season approaches. It is very easy for the kids to become distracted by the holiday festivities.