Thursday – September 26, 2013

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Today in class, we reviewed and discussed the pronoun skill activity that was given last night for homework.

HOMEWORK – Study for bell ringer quiz tomorrow.

Bell Ringer – Thursday

4. Replace the italicize words with a pronoun. Did you smell the food?

5. Correct the sentence with the appropriate end mark. I am hungry     ? . !

Wednesday – September 25, 2013

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Today in class, we continued our notes on suject and object pronouns.  We also completed some examples of p. 362, exercise #1 & #2.

HOMEWORK – complete pronouns skill activity sheet that was given in class. (3rd period – No homework, we didn’t complete our class discussion)

Bell Ringer – Wednesday

2. Write 5 pronouns.

3. Correct the sentence. before you go to school im going to cook you breakfast

Tuesday – September 24, 2013

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Today, the class visited the library and completed a skill activity on parts of speech with  Mrs. Pickett, Library Media Specialist.

HOMEWORK – No Homework

Monday – Spetember 23, 2013

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed PRONOUNS, refer to page 360-364.  We also reviewed our bell ringer quiz from last week.

HOMEWORK – Field Trip forms are due by Thursday, 9/26.

Bell Ringer – Monday

1. Correct the sentence. this don’t look like any thing ive ever seen before said dr. jones

Thursday – September 20, 2013

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Today in class, we reviewed for bell ringer quiz tomorrow and completed a test.


Bell Ringer – Thursday

Correct the sentence: is mrs lee social studies class  going to learn abot the fify states

Wednesday – September 18,2013

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed for our test tomorrow. We completed a study guide chart on singular and plural nouns, and singular and plural possessive nouns. Please make sure you study notes pages 2-5 and refer to the textbook pages.


Bell Ringer – Wednesday

3. Write the possessive noun correctly in plural form: families dogs 

4. Change the noun from singular to plural form. duty

Tuesday – September 17,2013

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Today in class, we reviewed homework, possessive nouns, p. 324, ex #8. We also reviewed and discussed skills that were discussed in class that will be on the TEST on THURSDAY, 9/19. The test will cover singular and plural nouns, singular and plural possessive nouns, and common and proper nouns. Also, refer to your notes pages 2-5. 

HOMEWORK – Study for test Thursday, 9/19.

HOMEWORK – 3rd period only – p.324, exercise 8,  #1-10  

Bell Ringer – Tuesday

Correct the sentence: the scaryest story in horrifying bedtime stories was sounds in the night by t s jones

Monday – September 16, 2013

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In class today, we discussed, reviewed, and took notes on singular and plural possessive nouns. p.323.

TEST!!!!! TEST!!!! on Thursday, 9/19.

HOMEWORK – p.324, exercise 8, 1-10 *** only 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th period)***               3rd period NO HOMEWORK – we didn’t finish class discussion


Choose the best word.

She ______ have any coins in her pocket.  don’t   doesn’t   never   always



Thursday – September 12, 2013

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Today in class, we reviewed singular and plural nouns.

Homework – study for bell ringer quiz tomorrow.

Bell Ringer – Thursday

Singular or Plural? holiday ________________

Wednesday – September 11, 2013

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Today in class, we discussed, reviewed and took notes on singular and plural nouns.  We also completed skill activity on common and proper nouns. 

HOMEWORK – singular and plural nouns skill activity handout

Bell Ringer – Wednesday

Correct this sentence: alex thoght i hope thay will chos me four there teem

What is the contraction? will not ________

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