Wednesday – October 30,2013

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Today in class, we worked with partners on our prepostion stories. Tomorrow, we will continue this lesson as an in-class skill activity.

HOMEWORK – Study the 50 prepositions. Quiz Friday, 11/1

Tuesday – October 29, 2013

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Today in class, we  completed column 5 quiz on prepositions. Tomorrow, we will complete a skill activity that includes using prepostions with a partner.

HOMEWORK – Study for prepostion quiz all 50 for Friday. Students that made 10/10 on all 5 quizzes are EXEMPT for the quiz on Friday. CONGRATS!

Bell Ringer – Tuesday

1. Correct the sentence: dr landrys motto is always bee prepeared.

2. Correct the sentence: “ican help you monday jay if thats not to layt”

Monday – October 28, 2013

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Today in class, we completed our writing on “DRUGS – NO” and shared our paragraphs with the class. We also had a group discussion on punctuation, grammar and parts of speech skills. We are also working on prepositions. Tomorrow, we will have our prepostions 5th column quiz. Friday, students will be given the opportunity to QUIZ on all 50 prepostions worth 100 points.    

5th column – since, through, to toward, under until, up, upon, with, without

HOMEWORK – Study prepositions, 5th column, p.415, quiz tomorrow. Study 50 prepostions for quiz on Friday.

BELLRINGER – Writing Prompt “DRUGS – NO”

Thursday – October 24,2013

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Today, we visited the library with Mrs. Pickett.

NO Bellringer quiz this week!!!

Homework – Study prepositions, column #4, p315. Quiz tomorrow.

Column #4 – near, of, off, on, onto, opposite, out, outside, over, past

Wednesday – October 23, 2013

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Today in class, we took a quiz on Column #2. Tomorrow, we will quiz on Column #3.  We will also visit the library. Below are the NOTES that we have taken on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

 HOMEWORK – Study Column #3, p. 415

Column #3 – despite, down, during, except, for, from, in, inside, into, like 

Bell Ringer – Wednesday

Correct the sentence. calera midl schol is one of the bst placs to lern

Prepositions - Part #1

Prepositions - Part #2

Tuesday – October 22, 2013

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Today in class, we took quiz on column #1. Tomorrow’s quiz will be on column #2. You only job this week is to learn the prepositions. We will get more into the lesson once we learn all the prepositions this week.

Homework – Study Column #2 – PREPOSITIONS – p. 415

as, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, by

Bell Ringer – NONE TODAY!


Monday – October 21, 2013

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Today in class, we began a new unit on PREPOSITIONS, parts of speech. We took notes and discussed the importance of knowing the 50 most common prepositions. Tomorrow, we will quiz on the 1st column, p. 415. Be ready and remember the strategy that we discussed in class on how to learn them.

HOMEWORK – Study prepostions, 1st column – p.415, quiz tomorrow.

aboard, about, above, across, after, against, along, amid, among, around  

Bell Ringer – Monday

Correct the sentence. native amercans beleived that the land was for evrybdy two use n share


Wednesday – October 16, 2013

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Today in class, we took our nine week benchmark. 


Tuesday – October 15, 2013

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Today in class, we continued our 9 week study guide discussion.  Remember to look over all of your notes, study guide, and exercises that we went over in class today. If you put effort into your studying you will be successful on your benchmark tomorrow.


Monday – October 14, 2013

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Today in class, we reviewed and discussed the 9 week study guide for benchmark test. We also completed a skill activty that will help with preparing for the test. Below is the study guide and the skill activity we went over in class. We will not do bell ringers this week due to 9 week testing. 

HOMEWORK – Study 9 week benchmark test for Wednesday, 10/16

Study Guide - Skill Activity


1st 9 weeks - Study Guide

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