Monday – January 27, 2013

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Today in class, we reviewed, discussed, and took notes on conjunctions. Below are a copy of  today’s class notes.

HOMEWORK – p.426, ex.11, 1-10. REMEMBER – skip lines, set your paper up correctly. -10 point deduction, if not!!! Make sure that you make your T-chart that was given as an example in class. 3rd period – No homework tonight

BELL RINGER – dean dread a disturbing figure in his somber suit and tie directed the group to go too the cafetorium a combination of cafeteria and auditorium.  there the freinds found other sixth graders who they already new from elementary school


Conjunction Notes

Wednesday – January 22, 2013

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Today in class, we discussed interjections. p. 427-428.  Please see today’s notes below.

Homework, p. 428, ex. #13, 6-25 Please note: make sure to look at your yellow sheet in the back of your notebook to ensure that you are setting up your paper correctly. Please note that a -10 point deduction will be taken including making sure that everything is not in columns, but answers on  its on line.

Bell Ringer – Caught Ya #7

suddenly right in front of this sextet stood a tall man who was dressed all in black with a shiny, new, black hat perched on his slick black hair.  he peered down at the group and boomed in a loud monotone voice welcome to horribly hard middle school

Interjection – Notes

Interjection Notes

Monday – January 21, 2014

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Today was yearbook pictures day. Today was a different class scheduled day. We completed and discussed Caught Ya #6.  Fourth and fifth period classes began taking notes on interjections. First, second, and third period will take notes tomorrow and complete class discussion on interjections.


Bell Ringer – Caught Ya #6

Caught Ya 6 a


Thursday – January 16, 2013

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Today in class, we completed a writing prompt paragraph: Describe wht you would do on a cold and sunny day. We shared a few writing pieces with the class. Also, discussed and reviewed Caught Ya #3 & #4.

Homework – Continue studying your notes pages #1-21. We will have a bell ringer quiz tomorrow on Caught Ya #5.

Wednesday – January 15, 2014

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Today in class, Mrs. Nelson modeled strategies, useful information, and concepts of “Caught Ya” bell ringers that we will do this semester. 

Homework – Continue study the rules of punctuation and grammar, parts of speech, paragraph strategies, and all the notes in your notebook pages 1-21. We will have our first “Caught Ya” class grade on Friday, 1/17, as a bell ringer quiz.

Monday – January 13, 2014

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Today in class, we completed our “Caught Ya” as a class (except 3rd period). 

Homework –  All classes (except 3rd period – no HW) Complete Caught Ya #1-4. You only need to correct the paragraphs. You do not have to do the vocabulary. Below is a copy of Caught Ya #1-4. If you missed class, you are still responsible for completing work.

Caught Ya 1 & 2

Caught Ya 3 & 4

Wednesday – January 98, 2014

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Today is class, we continued our discussion on “Giggles in the Middle” intorduction.

Homework – Study page #1 of your notes section in your notebook. (Parts of Speech) Quiz on Friday, 1/10. Please see below the parts of speech definitions and example. You should be familiar with this. This is just a refresh quiz that you will take that we had before.

Parts of Speech 


Tuesday – Janauary 7, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed how we will do our bell ringers this semetser. Tomorrow, we will go over routines and give out skill sheets for the bell ringer. 

HOMEWORK – NO Homework

REMEMBER – DELAY for school again tomorrow, Wednesday, 1/8. Start time: 10:00 AM

Monday – January 6, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed procedures and routines that will be essential  so that all students can and will be SUCCESSFUL!!!!!

HOMEWORK – Make sure you have all materials for class – red pen, pencils, highlighter, paper, and notebook.


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