Thursday – February 27, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed the difference between an adjective and adverb and how it is used in a sentence. Tomorrow, we have a quiz.

HOMEWORK – study and review notes, p. 26-30.

 BELL RINGER – Caught YA #18felicia that must be the art teacher isabelle ingenuous dared to whisper to her freind felicia fey.  dean dread and 2 teachers glared at the two girls that quailed under there gaze


Adjectives & Adverbs


Wednesday – February 26, 2014

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Today in class, we completed a class activity, comparative and superlative adverbs.  We discussed and reviewed the class activity.

HOMEWORK – Continue studying notes, p. 26-30.  

BELL RINGER – Wednesday – NO bell ringer today.

Tuesday – February 25, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed the importance of turning in and completing assignments with effort. We also continued our discussion lesson on comparative and superlative adverbs as well as reviewed our homework, p. 400, ex #7.



Caught YA #17 – olivia otiose who was more perceptive then most sixth graders but lazy when it came to work saw that one teachers smile was genuine. this teacher wore a blousy white shirt and a long pink skirt and she had stuck a pink flower in her thick blonde tresses

Monday – February 24, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed Comparative & Superlative Adverbs. We also took notes and reviewed the meaning of Adverbs.

HOMEWORK – p. 400, ex.#7, 1-10. Remember -10 point deduction if not set up correctly, skip lines, and write out the sentence and underline your answer.


Caught YA! #16 – among the teachers only a few didnt look too mean or to formidable they just didnt look like the friendly teachers the kids had had in elementary school and most of them dressed in somber clothes that looked like they were stiff and uncomfortable





Thursday – February 20, 2014

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Today in class, we discussed and review for bell ringer quiz / adverb quiz for tomorrow. Please make sure that you study, study. Use your homework and an example in class to study.

HOMEWORK – Study bell ringers this week, study and review notes pages 26-28, and review pages 395-398 in textbook. Quiz tomorrow  

Bell Ringer – Thursday

3 reasons a comma is used

Answers to p. 398, ex#4, #5-20

adverbs - p398 ex 4




Tuesday – February 18, 2014

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Today in class, we continued our discussion and took notes on ADVERBS. Please see notes below. We also went over last night’s homework.

HOMEWORK – p.398, ex.#4, #5-10 For homework, please remember to use your yellow sheet to head your paper correctly. Ten point deduction if not set up correctly. Also, make sure that you make a T-chart (what was shown to you in class to set up your HW, also refer to your notes for example).


Caught Ya #14 quiet students says dean dread in a deadly tone of voice as he placed william waggish and the mortified sam sagacious in the second row next to jesse jocose another talker.  when dean dread said this he nodded his head and teachers lined up in the aisles to quell the noise with proximity control


Adverbs - modifying


Monday – February 17, 2014

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After being off 3 days last week, we started completely over on our ADVERB unit – parts of speech. Today in class, we discussed and took notes on adverbs. Please see notes below.

HOMEWORK – p.#396, ex#2, #1-10, Please note – write sentences out completely. 10 point deduction if homework is not set up correctly, skip lines.


Caught YA #13 – dean dread put one huge ham sized hand on the back of each boy and ushered them to the front of the “cafetorium.”  all the other new sixth graders of course tittered at the sight of william and sam being caught talking


Monday – February 10, 2014

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Today in class, we began a new unit on ADVERBS. The class was introduced and told the importance of paying attention, participating in class,  and studying nightly to be successful learning this part of speech.

HOMEWORK – Review ADVERB notes, p. 26



Bell Ringer

Caught Ya #12 as sam uttered this last statement dean dread suddenly appeared and loomed menacingly over the too boys.  loquacious ones eh you 2 come here the dean ordered.  his voice had the flatness of a cockroach crunching under a shoe

Thursday – February 6, 2013

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Today in class, we discussed and reviewed all of our notes that we have been covering in class since the beginning of school correcting of puctuation, grammar, quotes, captialization, parts of speech, possessive rules, antecedents, and any notes that are covered in pages  #1-24. Today’s class was dedicated to student having the opportunity to ask questions for clarification for tomorrow test. Below are the notes for each period that we went over in class for understanding.

HOMEWORK – review and study all notes, pages #1-24, quiz tomorrow, Friday

1st period

2nd period








Wednesday – February 5, 2013

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Today in class, we completed a writing activity and shared with the class. We also corrected our peers writing as a class.  Prompt – What is your favorite hobby or sport? (paragraph)

Homework – continue studying ALL notes pages in your notebook, pages #1-24. It is imperative that you learn the rules and parts of speech in order to remain succesful in the class, so go back and review, review, and review your notes. YOU CAN DO IT!!! 

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