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Your 1st quarter benchmark test will be Wed. Oct. 5. If you know everything on this study guide you should do very well on the test!

BM 1 Study Guide – Zoology 2011

Study some this weekend!

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All my classes will be doing internet related activities this Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 21 and 22. I will provide laptop computers, but students may also bring their own from home. Note: Anytime students bring an academic, electronic device from home, it is their responsibilty to keep up with the device and to use it only in classes where and when the teacher has permitted such use.

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Students are working on a pink note/thinking sheet in class. They may use their textbook (chapter 7) and this PowerPoint to help them.

PP – Classification

Classification quiz on Tuesday, Sept. 27.
100 point test on Evolution and Classification on Thursday, Sept. 29.

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posted by Donna Strong on Sep 12

We began working on our Evolution unit Tuesday, Sept. 6. We will have a 30 point quiz on our notes Tuesday, Sept. 13. Attached is the PowerPoint we used in class to help study this topic.
PP – Darwin and Evolution

All completed notes, crossword puzzle and concept map are due on Tuesday, Sept. 13 before the quiz. Students were given ample class time to complete their work, but could also continue working at home.

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We started the skeletal system on Friday, Sept. 9. We are currently working on our identification packet and we will start taking notes on Friday. Here are our important dates:
Thursday Sept. 15 – Labeling quiz.
Thursday Sept. 22 – Notes quiz.
Thursday Sept. 29 – TEST.

Attached are the “Bones to Know” sheet for the labeling quiz and the PowerPoint for the Skeletal System Notes.
Bones to Know
PP – Skeletal System

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PP – The Integumentary System

Test Thursday, September 8. Study this PP or your notes multiple times!

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Anatomy unit 1 study guide 2011 Here is your study guide for the big test Tuesday. Writing down answers to study guide questions is very helpful, but optional. At the end of each quarter you will have the option to turn in all three unit study guides, the bigger benchmark study guide, OR complete a very educational and attractive poster on one of the diseases/disorders studied that quarter.

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Attached is the PowerPoint we are using for the unit on body tissues. PP – Vertebrate Tissue Lab – E,C,M,N
100 point test on Tuesday, 8/30.

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Study the terms on page 3, Table 1.1., the parts of a cell, the levels of organization, the animal phya chart, and the taxonomy information.

QUIZ – Friday, 8/19.