January 2018

We will play a new Game called 9 Square in the Air.
It’s similar to 4 -Square except it has 9 Squares and everything is played in the air above your head.

Continue working on your fitness goal for January – add another set to your selected exercises
For the Upper Body Strength or Core Strength Component – 2 sets of 10 reps
For the Cardio or Flexibility Component – 2 sets of 30 seconds

Due January 12, 2018
Fitness Goal Plan January Monthly Checkpoint Sheet
January Fitness Checkpoint Sheet

Choice Activities this Week!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break – Hope you enjoyed your time away from school.
This week we will have Choices in P.E. Class
Each Day you will be able to choose an activity to participate in for the class period.
I am expecting you to display a cooperative attitude and good sportsmanship behavior.

****If you have not turned in your Fitness Goal Plan Form
Please Do so this Week, it was due before the Thanksgiving Break. ***


This week the students have been working on QR Code Fitness Activities in order to select 6 exercises for their fitness goal plan. We had occasional technical difficulty with the internet, and a few problems with the i-pads, but overall the students were able to read each QR Code, watch the fitness video, then perform the exercise. If they liked the exercise, then they could select it for their goal plan.
Students are to practice their 6 selected exercises at least 3 times a week; Tuesdays & Thursdays in class at roll call, and once over the weekend at home.

Fitness Goal Plan

Now that the fitness testing is complete – The students will analyze their fitness scores and develop an individual fitness goal plan.
For the Fitness Goal Plan, the students will select one component (Pacer, Sit Ups, Push Ups, Sit & Reach) to work on in order to improve their score at the Spring Fitness Test.

This week, the students will select and practice 6 fitness exercises that apply to their goal. Students will have their parents sign off on the form and return it to Coach Black.