Feb 27

Happy Friday!

I have made some changes to the study guide in Google drive, please be sure to check your drive if you have already saved a copy.  Study guides are due Tuesday March 3, which is the day of our final exam.

Remember:  study guides are a guide to key information and are not all-inclusive of test material.

I have set up a vocabulary review for you in Quizlet.  Click on the link below to access it.

Quizlet link

Feb 26

What a crazy week!   So glad to see the sun this afternoon.


February 13

A note about grades and make up work:  the last two weeks have seen a tripling of the regular absentee rates.  Thank you in advance for your patience as I work to get all the make up work graded and entered.  As always, if you have questions about grades, feel free to email me.  Grades should be up to date by next Tuesday when we return to school.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Feb 12

Homework tonight!!! Students have a worksheet with 5 practice problems on free body diagrams.  It is due tomorrow.

Feb 11

We finished the notes on forces and free body diagrams today, students have a practice worksheet to work on.  Problems #3, 4, and 5 are homework.  We will review this and calculate net force tomorrow before starting our balloon cars.  Tomorrow after we grade our worksheets and review, students will be given project instructions and rubric.  The goal is to choose the best wheel design for speed, distance, and accuracy.  Students will take data on a 5m and 10 m track and then graph the distance traveled over time.

Looking ahead:  we will have a test on motion and forces next week after we complete the balloon car data.  Most likely date will be Friday the 20th.

Link to balloon car construction instructions:  balloon car instructions

February 10

We have started forces and students finished a foldable on vocabulary and we started a guided note sheet.  The power point for the notes sheet has been shared in Google drive for students who need to catch up.  We will be starting balloon cars by Thursday and students will need to have their wheels by Friday.  Wheels can be caps from plastic drink bottles, old CD’s, ping pong balls, or other similar item.  Students may not use wheels from toys or models.

Tomorrow we will learn free body diagrams of forces.  The link below has information about drawing free body diagrams to help students at home if they do not finish Wednesday’s assignment.  Answers are included with the practice problems on the website.



Feb 5

I am finally back after being out due to illness.  We will be spending the next couple of days catching up on work.  Plan on a quiz on the solar energy vocabulary and conservation of energy this Friday.

Today and tomorrow we will review vocabulary for the quiz and also be watching a Nova presentation on Percy Julian.  Dr. Julian was an influential chemist in the mid 20th century and an Alabama native.  Our focus scientist will then be Isaac Newton as we get ready to study his laws of motion.

January 26

We are in the media center researching solar energy and developing designs for our pizza box ovens.  There is no homework for tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine on Friday so we can test our ovens then.  I am looking forward to seeing the designs in action.

After the ovens, we will begin building balloon powered race cars to explore Newton’s laws and forces.  Students will need plastic bottle caps from water bottles or sodas.  The caps should be identical for best results.

January 21

We took our notebook quiz today, and began learning more about fossil fuels.  Tomorrow we will look at how energy exerts forces and causes change.  Next week we will be in the media center for at least two days to research our pizza box solar ovens and alternative energy.  There is no homework for tonight, but please remember to send in any carry out pizza boxes.  We will use them!  :)

January 15

We are running a little behind, I was out Monday and Wednesday this week with a sick child.  We will not be having a quiz this week and will postpone until next Tuesday.  Grades should be current for the week by Friday afternoon.

Reminders:  No school on Monday to honor Dr. King, also, if you have empty pizza boxes, bring them in!  We will be making our solar pizza box ovens in less than two weeks.  I need 60+ boxes, so far I have about 20.  If you do not yet have a new composition notebook, you are falling behind!  Please bring in your comp book asap.

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