march 26

Quiz tomorrow on calculating mechanical advantage.  We reviewed today and I feel students are ready!

Looking ahead:  Aspire testing begins as soon as we return from spring break on April 6.  8th graders will only be taking the reading and math portions of the test this year.  :)

Six Flags field trip is Friday May 8, there are limited spots so availability is first-come/first-served.  A spot will not be held for a student until both the money and the permission form is returned.  All money is non-refundable.

march 24

Homework tonight:  Mechanical Advantage Calculations worksheet is due tomorrow (problems 1-5).  Students who were absent today can get the sheet when they return.

Quiz Friday on calculating mechanical advantage of levers.

Six Flags field trip (yay!) will be Friday, May 8.  The cost is $60 per person and availability is first come, first served.  All money is due by Friday, April 17.  Students received a permission form and letter today in their lunch class.  Please be mindful of the following:

March 23

Students received their test grades on Friday the 20th and were able to do test corrections if they scored below 70%.  I am working on entering the grades with corrections, they should be entered this afternoon.

This week we are continuing with simple machines, calculating work and mechanical advantage.  We will have a quiz on these calculations this Friday, March 27.

I have shared a power point in Google drive with students and am searching for a suitable video to demonstrate how to work the problems.

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Students took the test today and my goal is to have them graded by Friday.  We will be starting the new unit on simple machines and work tomorrow.  Students received a content preview sheet today with a list of vocabulary and skills/concepts they will learn during the unit.  The sheet is also available in Google drive if students wish to have a digital copy.  No homework due tomorrow.

March 16

The forces in fluids (chapter 11) “twiz” is tomorrow.  There was no study guide for this, but students were given a chapter preview sheet that serves the same purpose (can be found in the Google drive).  The twiz is worth 40 points; there are 21 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer, and 4 essay questions.  I encourage students to save the chapter preview sheets to help them prepare for the final exam.

Our next unit will be on simple machines and work.  The chapter 12 preview sheet is already in Google drive for those who like to work ahead.

March 12

Good morning!  We are getting back into the swing of things after days off and my absence last week.  We have started a new unit on forces in fluids and hydraulics.  Students were given a preview sheet for chapter 11 and the sheet is available in Google drive for those who lose it.  I will not be giving a study guide before our “twiz” next week.  (A cross between a test and a quiz).  The twiz is scheduled for Tuesday March 17.  This is a short unit and we should finish all the content by Monday and then have half the class to review on Monday before the twiz.

Feb 27

Happy Friday!

I have made some changes to the study guide in Google drive, please be sure to check your drive if you have already saved a copy.  Study guides are due Tuesday March 3, which is the day of our final exam.

Remember:  study guides are a guide to key information and are not all-inclusive of test material.

I have set up a vocabulary review for you in Quizlet.  Click on the link below to access it.

Quizlet link

Feb 26

What a crazy week!   So glad to see the sun this afternoon.


February 13

A note about grades and make up work:  the last two weeks have seen a tripling of the regular absentee rates.  Thank you in advance for your patience as I work to get all the make up work graded and entered.  As always, if you have questions about grades, feel free to email me.  Grades should be up to date by next Tuesday when we return to school.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Feb 12

Homework tonight!!! Students have a worksheet with 5 practice problems on free body diagrams.  It is due tomorrow.

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