November 9

I hope everyone is doing well.  It is taking me longer than expected to grade projects and they will not be on tomorrow’s progress reports.  I apologize.  I believe that if I hold students to deadlines that I should follow them as well.  Please know I am working on grading and that the grade on the progress report is not all inclusive.  thank you!

October 20

Wireless Communication Project We began working on our gold projects today. The project is about wireless devices. Students are to research a device that uses wireless technology and construct a model, poster or other presentation to demonstrate how the device uses waves to communicate wirelessly. We will have today and tomorrow for in class workdays […]

October 3

Students are taking their final exam today and so far so good!  Our next unit will begin tomorrow as we move into waves.  This will cover the following standards: 17. Create and manipulate a model of a simple wave to predict and describe the relationships between wave properties (e.g., frequency, amplitude, wavelength) and energy. a. […]

August 30

Good morning!  It was wonderful to see everyone at Open House last night, we had a strong turnout! This week we are working on our AMSTI pre-assessment lesson in which students work with some of the materials to explore their current understanding of electricity and waves.  Students are constructing models with words and diagrams to […]