Sep. 2

Today was day one of the UR Unique character ed program.  We did not have regular science class today and that will continue tomorrow.  Test grades are in I Now.  If you were absent Friday, you may see “ABS” entered for a grade.  This is a reminder that you were absent and the test needs to be made up.  I will start pulling students Thursday lunch since the media center will be closed tomorrow for most of 5th period.  “ABS” averages as a zero since it is not a number, do not panic if your grade has dropped.  It will pop back up as soon as the test is made up.  :)

We will go over the test on Thursday and you will have a chance to ask questions then.  I will also discuss options for students who failed the test.

Aug 29

We took our first unit test today.  I have all grades current except for the test today.  Those grades will be in I Now by Tuesday.  If you were absent, see me to make arrangements to make up the test.  The test must be made up no later than Thursday 9/4.

Looking ahead:  Monday is Labor Day, enjoy the day off!!

Tuesday and Wednesday is the UR Unique program during science classes.  Students should have returned the yellow permission form to their lunch teacher.

Thursday and Friday we will have a “mini unit” on practical lab skills.  Students will be learning how to use and identify glassware and other laboratory tools.  We will also continue to practice metric measurement.


August 28

We have our first test tomorrow.  If you have lost your study guide, you can print one from Edmodo.  We have been reviewing yesterday and today so hopefully students will be ready.  The test is 25 questions, worth a total of 50 points, and covers information in Chapter 1 sections 1 and 2.  Students are free to take home their ISNs (science notebooks) to study.  Make sure you review the safety contract here or in Edmodo.

Good luck to our Huskies!  Both the volleyball and football teams have home games today.

August 25

Important:  Test will be moved to Friday, August 29.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend!  After grading assignments over the weekend, I have decided to slow down a little and spend some more time on metric measurement and identifying variables in experiments.  Due to the pep rally and altered schedule on Thursday, I will give the test on Friday.  I will not post the study guide in Edmodo until Wednesday.  I want to make sure that students have mastered the basics before we move on.  

Today in class:  we finished the gummy bear lab and students have a metric practice worksheet.  They only needed to complete the odd # problems.

Reminders:  UR Unique forms are due to lunch teachers by Friday August 29.

August 21

Wow!  We wrapped up another great week and got a lot done.  Students have been working with the scientific method and metric measurement.  We did a metric problem hunt today and set up a lab that we will complete on Monday.  There is no homework for the weekend.  Students should plan on taking the unit test next Wednesday.  It will cover scientific method, lab safety and metric measurement.  Most of the information can be found in Chapter 1 of the textbook.  I will have a study guide ready by Monday.  I will post it in Edmodo.

August 20

We are starting metric mania today!  Students did an in-class scavenger hunt to find objects of different lengths using metric units.  Tomorrow we will begin metric conversions using the ladder method.  Students will have homework tomorrow if they do not get the conversion challenge finished in class.  Friday will be more metric mania.  :)

Looking ahead, I have our first unit test scheduled for next week.  Due to the pep rally next Thursday I would like to schedule it for Wednesday.  It will cover lab safety, scientific method, and metric measurement.  I will be sending home a study guide and reviewing on Tuesday the 26th.

August 18

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Many students are coming down with the “sniffles”, I hope we all make it through the week.  :)

Today we did a penny drop lab in class to reinforce the steps to the scientific method.  Tomorrow we will discuss the lab and look at some experiments to identify controls and variables.  Wednesday we will begin metric measurement and conversions.  We are on track to have our first unit test next week, either Thursday or Friday.  Grades are current in I Now and there is no homework tonight.

August 14

Took our safety and procedures quiz today.  Students who were absent today will need to make up the quiz and also get their ISN updated with the data from lab today.

Looking ahead:  next week we will begin metric conversions and measurement skills.  If we continue on this pace, we should have our unit test week after next.  Keep up the great work everyone!!

August 13

Quiz tomorrow (8/14) on classroom procedures and safety.  The quiz is simply 15 questions, true or false format, I would review the safety contract here on my blog.  Also, we will do lab so any students who do not have their yellow safety contract returned will not be able to participate.  Bring your composition notebook if you have not done so yet.  Looking forward to our first lab exercise!

August 12

We did not get as far with lab safety as I would have liked today so the quiz will be moved to Thursday (8/14).  We will review tomorrow in class and you should review the safety contract here on my blog.  I returned graded papers, but the grades will not be in I Now until the end of the week as there may be some schedule changes.

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