February 12

Up and coming info:

February 3

We reviewed in class today using Kahoot.  The study guide is available in Google Classroom if you lose it.  Tomorrow’s test is a 50 point gold grade and the study guide is in Google Classroom for those who need it.  I also put a link to the Kahoot, but it may not work, some students have had luck and some have not.

Friday will see us working on free body force diagrams and talking more about forces and motion.  Next week we are studying Newton’s laws of motion.

February 1

We will be taking a gold test worth 50 points on Thursday of this week.  I will hand out study guides tomorrow and will also post them in Google Classroom.  Solar car project grades should be on Wednesday’s progress reports.  I am very proud of the hard work students put into their cars, and cannot wait to display the story boards!

January 27

There are not a lot of grades in I Now and I am working on that.  We have been building our solar cars the last two weeks and it has been a test of grit and determination, but we are learning a lot.  The projects will be finished by the end of this week and we will have our post-assessment done as well.  Students were allowed to take pictures of their cars, so please ask to see them!  The cars run strictly on solar power and were completely designed and built by students.

Jan 22

We have been working on our solar car designs.  Students have tested solar panel configurations, gear arrangements, motor torque and friction.  We are finally beginning construction on the cars, we should be ready to test them by next Tuesday and students will take the post assessment on Wednesday.  The project is a 50 point gold assignment and the post-assessment is a 35 point silver assignment.  We will be finishing energy next week and transitioning to Newton’s Laws and forces.

Jan 7

We are finishing our first week back and it’s good to get back into a groove.  We are starting physics and will begin a two week unit on engineering next week.  The unit will cover energy, forces, and motion and end with students designing and building a solar powered vehicle.  As part of this unit, students will need a sheet of poster board by Monday January 11 (one sheet per lab group).  The half sheet size is preferred, but full sheets are welcome as well.  Any color is fine as long as it is light enough for students to draw on.

My classes are very excited about starting this unit and I am too!

December 14

Final exam was today and so far the grades look good–many A’s and B’s.  Some students did not finish today and they have two options:  1) come in tomorrow morning before school and finish or 2) try to come at lunch tomorrow and finish.

Some test scores have been entered but please be aware that after we review the test tomorrow there may be changes to grades.

For the rest of the week:  acids, bases, and solutions–Chapter 7 in the book.  We will also be learning this in January when we return.

Report cards go out January 8 after we return.

December 11

Our final exam is Monday, the 14th.  Students received a study guide and a review sheet to help them prepare on Wednesday.  We went over the answers yesterday and today.  I would focus studying efforts on those resources.  Additionally, students may want to review the notes in their ISN or the power points that have been shared in Google classroom.  These have the same information.

The test is 100 points, multiple choice and there are 4 possible bonus points given for balancing chemical equations.

December 7

We will take our balancing chemical equations quiz on Wednesday.  On Thursday, I will give out the study guide for the final exam and the final will be on December 14.  The learning will not stop on December 14, we will be learning about acids and bases after the final.  I will not be giving any graded work on Friday December 18.

November 30

Quizzes are graded and will be entered this afternoon.  This week we will be exploring the law of conservation of mass and how to balance chemical equations.   We will have another quiz next week.  We only have 3 weeks of school left and a lot of learning to go!  Remember school dismisses at 1:00 pm on Friday, December 18.

Looking ahead:  Here is the 8th grade final exam schedule for December

Dec. 11  English

Dec. 14 English, Science

Dec. 15 Math

Dec. 16 Math, History

Dec. 17 Make-Up Day

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