September 16

Today we worked on a foldable to illustrate the relationship between mass, volume, and density.  4th, 6th and 7th periods have HOMEWORK.  It is a worksheet you can access and print as a PDF by clicking the link below.  1st and 2nd periods will have this sheet to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Thursday we are doing lab–come prepared!!


September 15

Greetings!  Today in class students are finishing the properties of matter box chart and defining key terms.  If you are absent today, please write definitions for the key terms on page 34 and the terms on page 44 in the textbook.  If you do not have your ISN with you, complete them on separate paper and you can paste them into your ISN when you return.

I will be out this afternoon for a dentist appointment.

Tomorrow:  density lab

Wednesday and Thursday:  applying the heat lab ***no open toe shoes or long sleeves and bring ponytail holder for long hair****


Sep 12

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Today we graded yesterday’s worksheet and discussed our lab results from Wednesday.  I am posting the worksheet in Edmodo if you need a copy.

Dog pound letters will go home on Monday for students who are missing assignments.  Dog Pound will be next Friday from 3:15 to 5 pm.

Sep 10

Hi everyone!  I really enjoyed getting to meet parents Tuesday night at Open House.

Today we finished our properties of matter lab and data sheets.  If you were absent, you will need to get a sheet from me and ask a group member for the data.

Tomorrow I will be out, so I am expecting everyone to be good!  Students will have a work sheet to complete that will be homework if not completed in class.  I do not have an electronic copy of this work sheet, but am working on it.  I will have one posted in Edmodo by Friday morning if you lose your sheet or are absent.

Friday we will grade the sheet, finish our sticky notes from lab and take some notes.  There will be a power point to go with the notes that will be in Edmodo Friday morning as well.

Sep 7

Happy Sunday afternoon!  I had to be out with a sick child on Friday, so the class did the following assignment:  Chapter 1 review pp. 29-30, #1-26 in the textbook.  Students had to write out the questions and answers for full credit.  If you were out on Friday, you need to make up this assignment.

On Monday, we will grade Friday’s assignment in class and then complete the science news articles and tables we started on Thursday.  Just hold your science starter sheets and I will grade last week’s and this week’s on this coming Friday, 9/12.

Just a heads up:  I will be out on Thursday September 11 for a professional development seminar.  You will have a written assignment to complete that day.  That assignment will be graded.

September 4

Today we finally had a real class again!  :)

Students received their tests and were given instructions on earning partial credit for those who scored below 35 (70%).  All test corrections are due to me by tomorrow, Friday 9/5.  Students who do corrections can only earn points back to a 70% score.  I do not do this for every test, so I don’t encourage students to rely on this as a way to pass.

We are working on critical thinking with science writing today and tomorrow.  No homework tonight.  Next week we will begin properties of matter!

Sep. 2

Today was day one of the UR Unique character ed program.  We did not have regular science class today and that will continue tomorrow.  Test grades are in I Now.  If you were absent Friday, you may see “ABS” entered for a grade.  This is a reminder that you were absent and the test needs to be made up.  I will start pulling students Thursday lunch since the media center will be closed tomorrow for most of 5th period.  “ABS” averages as a zero since it is not a number, do not panic if your grade has dropped.  It will pop back up as soon as the test is made up.  :)

We will go over the test on Thursday and you will have a chance to ask questions then.  I will also discuss options for students who failed the test.

Aug 29

We took our first unit test today.  I have all grades current except for the test today.  Those grades will be in I Now by Tuesday.  If you were absent, see me to make arrangements to make up the test.  The test must be made up no later than Thursday 9/4.

Looking ahead:  Monday is Labor Day, enjoy the day off!!

Tuesday and Wednesday is the UR Unique program during science classes.  Students should have returned the yellow permission form to their lunch teacher.

Thursday and Friday we will have a “mini unit” on practical lab skills.  Students will be learning how to use and identify glassware and other laboratory tools.  We will also continue to practice metric measurement.


August 28

We have our first test tomorrow.  If you have lost your study guide, you can print one from Edmodo.  We have been reviewing yesterday and today so hopefully students will be ready.  The test is 25 questions, worth a total of 50 points, and covers information in Chapter 1 sections 1 and 2.  Students are free to take home their ISNs (science notebooks) to study.  Make sure you review the safety contract here or in Edmodo.

Good luck to our Huskies!  Both the volleyball and football teams have home games today.

August 25

Important:  Test will be moved to Friday, August 29.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend!  After grading assignments over the weekend, I have decided to slow down a little and spend some more time on metric measurement and identifying variables in experiments.  Due to the pep rally and altered schedule on Thursday, I will give the test on Friday.  I will not post the study guide in Edmodo until Wednesday.  I want to make sure that students have mastered the basics before we move on.  

Today in class:  we finished the gummy bear lab and students have a metric practice worksheet.  They only needed to complete the odd # problems.

Reminders:  UR Unique forms are due to lunch teachers by Friday August 29.

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