Have a great break!

Finals are graded and grades are in I Now.  There are still a handful of make up assignments that I need to grade, I hope to have it done by this afternoon.  Report cards will go home on Friday January 9.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and I will see you in 2015.  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and goodies!  I am blessed to have so many wonderful students and parents here at HMS.

December 16

The holiday break is quickly approaching and I know that we are all looking forward to it.  Remember students dismiss at 1:00 pm this Friday.

Final Exam is Thursday December 18.  The following are resources available to help students prepare (both are available in Google drive if lost):

Students will need a sharpened #2 pencil for the exam.  Mechanical pencils are acceptable.  If you know you will be out on Thursday, please make arrangements to take the test early.

Wednesday December 17 (tomorrow) is the last day I will accept any work for the 2nd nine weeks.  Students were given missing assignments on Monday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and gets lots of rest.  Final exam grades should be in I Now by this Friday, however make up work may not be graded by then.

Link to Quizlet vocabulary resource:  http://quizlet.com/join/dmBeWH5gZ

December 12

We have finished all the content that will be on the final exam next Thursday.  I have shared the study guide in Google drive with all classes.  Students can print it out or work on it electronically.  I will hand out hard copies of the study guide on Monday.  If you know that you will not be in town on Thursday, I encourage students to take the test early.  Usually, students do better if they take the test before the long break.  It is difficult to return after 2 weeks out and be successful on a test.

Next Wednesday, December 17 is the last day I will accept any late assignments for any credit.

December 11

Students who are eligible are re-taking the balancing equations quiz today.  So far, I see improvement in scores and am excited about that.  Only four students showed up for tutoring this morning and only a handful have come in for help at lunch, but we have been working problems every day.

Tomorrow we have a short quiz on vocabulary.  The terms are:  solution, solvent, solute, suspension, colloid, solubility, saturation,  and concentration.  Definitions are in student notebooks or in the textbook.

Looking ahead:  The second nine week study guide will be available in Google drive tomorrow afternoon.  I will hand out printed copies for students on Monday the 15th.  We will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week reviewing for the test.  Our test will be Thursday December 18.  If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing school on Thursday, I encourage having him or her take the test before then.  Students forget so much over the breaks, it would be more of a challenge to come back and take it after the holidays.

Last day I will accept late assignments for any credit is Wednesday December 17.  

December 8

Students started solutions, suspensions, and colloids today.  Students took notes in class today.  I have shared the power point on the Google drive for students to access.

Thursday I will offer a re-take of the balancing equations quiz for students who scored 6/10 or lower.  Students may come to see me at lunch for help and I will be available before school Thursday morning at 7:20 for students who need help.


Dec 5

First period students will take the balancing chemical equations quiz on Monday, December 8.  I have a link at the bottom of this post to the Khan Academy online videos relating to balancing equations.  I would stick to the simple videos and avoid the one on stoichiometry and balancing with substitutions.

Reminder:  The end of the nine weeks is two weeks from today.  If students wish to receive credit for missing assignments, all work must be submitted by the end of school on Wednesday December 17.  The end of the nine weeks is always a busy time, and the holiday season makes it even more so.  Please understand that make up work is graded after all other grading is done.  Grades are usually current by Friday afternoon.  Thank you for your patience.

Next week:  acids, bases, and solutions

Following week:  Study guide for final on Monday Dec 17, review Tuesday and Wednesday, test is on Thursday December 18.  Early dismissal at 1:00 pm on Friday December 19.

Link to balancing equations videos.



December 3

It’s been a good week back, only three more until Christmas break!  This first semester has gone by so fast.  This week, we are balancing chemical equations and students will have a quiz on Friday.  So far, I am impressed with how quickly this group is learning the skill.

Tomorrow students will have a worksheet for homework.  The work sheet will be due Thursday.

Next week we will learn about solutions, suspensions, colloids, and acids/bases.  Study guide for the final exam will be available Monday December 15.

Looking ahead:  science final exam will be December 18

November 19

We did not take our “pop” quiz today, so look for it tomorrow!  Students should review the chemical bonding T chart and story boards for the quiz.

November 17

Today we began learning about ionic and covalent chemical bonds and the compounds they form.  Students did a T chart in their notebooks and viewed animations on the bonding process.  I have shared a power point in the google drive with students about chemical bonding.

Tomorrow we will finish this information and then do a quick lab/demo on covalent and ionic compounds.

Wednesday we will perform a lab on conservation of mass which will lead us into balancing chemical reactions.  There MAY be a pop quiz on Wednesday on the notes from today and Tuesday.  (Hint, hint!!)

November 13

Just a reminder to get your science notebook in order for the quiz tomorrow!  Students have been reminded daily all week to get notebooks caught up.  This is an open notebook quiz to check organization and completion of science notebooks.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to turn in test corrections.  I will not accept them after tomorrow.

Looking ahead:

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