August 23

Hello everyone!  This week we are wrapping up our review content and we will take our first test this Thursday August 25.  The test will cover everything in the student notebooks so far.  Students must be able to do the following:

There is no study guide for the test but students are welcome to take their notebooks home to review content.  We will have a review day Wednesday August 24.

August 17

Hello everyone!  I finally have my blog and running for this year.  I will be posting updates about what is going on in the classroom regularly here.  I am so excited that we are to be an AMSTI school this year!  AMSTI is the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative.  This program is a cooperative program that uses a curriculum aligned to our new standards and created by the National Academies of Science and the Smithsonian Institute.  AMSTI has four modules, one for every nine weeks.  The class receives materials to conduct experiments/investigations, a class set of textbooks, online content access and support from the University of Montevallo AMSTI Service Area.  I have gone through several weeks of training over the years and used AMSTI for 5 years at my previous school.  This is a rigorous and engaging curriculum that allows students to “do” science.  Our first module is titled “Electricity, Waves, and Information Transfer” or EWIT for short.  Some of our investigations include building a simple electromagnetic motor, constructing a model that demonstrates the function of a GPS, and how lens shape will affect a reflected image.  There are many, many more and I have been talking this up with students.

A couple of points for support at home:

Thank you for your support and I know working together we will have a fantastic year!

May 16

It has been a while!  Problems with my log in have kept me from posting, but it is now resolved.  Our final exam is tomorrow.  Students received their study guides last week and had several days in class to prepare.  I think we are ready!

Looking Ahead:

If you have a science textbook at home, please make sure it gets returned before Friday 5/20, when I need to do inventory.  I will have all grades posted by this Friday.  Students will know their final grade by then.  The last day I will accept any make up work for the nine weeks is Wednesday 5/18.

Next week:

5/24- awards day at 1:30 for 8th graders

5/25- Husky Day!!

5/26- Last day of classes, students will dismiss at 1:00 PM.

It has been a truly great year, I am going to miss this wonderful group!  Thank you and have a fun, safe summer break!!

March 23

Only three more school days until spring break.  When we return, Aspire testing will begin April 5 and run through April 15.  Please make sure your child is in school and has a good night’s sleep before their test day.  A schedule will be given to students for their test days.

Tomorrow we have a quiz on Chapter 11: Forces in Fluids.  Students have a study guide and a review sheet.

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We will have our first quiz next Wednesday March 23.  It will cover Chapter 11:  Forces in Fluids and a study guide has been shared in Google Classroom for students to access.  While I am still making study guides available, I am no longer giving grades on them.

Our next unit will be on waves.  In this unit, students will have a choice of activities to demonstrate learning target mastery.  They will choose 3 bronze grades, 2 silver, and one gold for the unit.  All students will take the unit test at the end.  We will be covering Chapters 15-17.

Spring Break begins March 28

Aspire testing begins April 5 and runs through April 15.


March 7

Happy Monday to everyone, our final exam is tomorrow and here are a few reminders:

Reminders for final exam tomorrow:


March 1

I have had to be out unexpectedly this week which has set us back a bit.  I have posted a study guide for our final exam in Google Drive.  Students will get a hard copy tomorrow (Wednesday) and will work on completing it in class.  The final exam schedule for next week is listed below.

Monday- history

Tuesday- Science & Math day 1

Wednesday- ELA & Math day 2

Thursday- Make up day

Friday March 11- Teacher Workday, no school

February 22

We have two weeks left in the nine week period.  We are working on forces and motion right now, we will investigate forces in fluids (chapter 11) next week and then prepare for our final exam.  The emphasis on this unit is on graphing motion and interpreting motion graphs.

We will have a quiz on motion (chapter 10) on Friday February 26.  We will have a review and practice session on Thursday before the quiz.  I strongly encourage students to see me before school or at lunch for help.

February 12

Up and coming info:

February 3

We reviewed in class today using Kahoot.  The study guide is available in Google Classroom if you lose it.  Tomorrow’s test is a 50 point gold grade and the study guide is in Google Classroom for those who need it.  I also put a link to the Kahoot, but it may not work, some students have had luck and some have not.

Friday will see us working on free body force diagrams and talking more about forces and motion.  Next week we are studying Newton’s laws of motion.

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