November 17

We are ready for a quiz!  Periods 1,2, and 3 will take their quiz Wednesday 11/18.  Periods 6 and 7 will take it on Friday 11/20 due to the altered schedules and activities this week.  The quiz covers ionic and covalent chemical bonding.  Students have or will receive a review sheet to help them prepare.

I will have a review session for the quiz Wednesday morning from 7:20-7:45 in my room for all who would like to attend.

November 13

Progress reports go home today.  They do not have the element cube project grades on them, I have been out with a sick child.

Next week:  Monday- chemical bonding review & practice,  Tuesday- field trip, Wednesday- chemical bonding quiz, Thursday & Friday- balancing chemical equations


November 3

Students received their periodic table tests yesterday and overall the grades were good.  Class averages were around 80%.  Students who scored below 35/50 (70%) may choose to re-take the test.  Retake scores are capped at 70%, the goal is to give a second chance to pass, not make an A.  Students who wish to retake must complete the form, the approved activities, and schedule a retake by Friday November 6.  Retakes will not be allowed after this date.  Students may come to see me for help in the mornings at 7:15 or during lunch intervention.

I am working on getting the element box projects graded.  My goal is to finish those by this Friday.

No homework tonight unless not completed in class.

October 30

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!  I have almost all grades in, I expect to have all of them finished by Monday so we can go over our test and discuss retest options.

Monday we begin a new unit on chemical bonding.  We will have more opportunities for hands on learning this week.

Nov 9 is our Veterans’ Day assembly at 8:30 am.  Please consider coming to see this amazing program our students put on.

October 27

Our unit test is tomorrow!  It is a gold test worth 50 points.  The study guide is in Google Classroom if anyone has lost it.  Students have been allowed to check out textbooks if they did not finish the study guide in class.

The element memorization quiz will be Friday.  Students received the list of 13 elements they need to memorize last week.  That list and a practice quiz are also in Google Classroom.

Our next unit will be on chemical bonding and we will have more hands on lab activities to support our learning.

October 21

Greetings!  I am going to have to change our test date from Monday October 26 to Wednesday October 28.  I think this will give more students time to get tutoring if needed.  Study guide will be in Google classroom on Friday, hard copy will be handed out on Monday.

We will also be taking a quiz over the 13 elements students were required to memorize.  Most got their list today or will get it soon.  That quiz will be next Friday, October 30.  The element list is in Google classroom and there is a practice quiz there as well.

Oct 19

The 3 D element cube project is due today.  Most students have them completed, but 6th and 7th periods will have extra time in class today because of the altered schedule last Thursday.

Our unit test (gold) will be next Monday, October 26.  It will cover atomic math, Bohr diagrams, Lewis structures, and periodic table organization.  Students will also need to know the characteristics of each element family (metals, non-metals, etc.).  Study guide will be available, however, students have a learning preview sheet which already has most of the information.

October 15

Today most classes started on their 3 D periodic table box.  We are trying to make a complete periodic table to place in the hallway.  6th and 7th periods will have extra time on Monday due to the pep rally today.  No homework today.

Tomorrow:  we will have a small quiz on atomic math.  Students have a worksheet to help them prepare and they have been doing exceptionally well in class with the concept.  I am available at 7:15 am Tuesday – Friday for help and at lunch.  I have been encouraging students to see me at those times for extra help if needed.

Oct 13

Welcome to the 2nd Nine Weeks!  We reviewed the atom structure today and learned how to use the periodic table to calculate the subatomic particles.  Students have homework tonight–the atomic math worksheet.  It is due tomorrow.  Students have a notes sheet with them and the power point can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Atomic Basics (1)

Oct 9

Google drive has not been cooperating this afternoon, but I still should have all grades finalized.  Period 6 is the only one that may be delayed by this.  All other classes will be in by 4:00 today.  Remember no school on Monday and please remember to bring a cereal box or similar size box for the 3 dimensional periodic table.  We will begin working on the element squares next Thursday.


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