Oct 9

Google drive has not been cooperating this afternoon, but I still should have all grades finalized.  Period 6 is the only one that may be delayed by this.  All other classes will be in by 4:00 today.  Remember no school on Monday and please remember to bring a cereal box or similar size box for the 3 dimensional periodic table.  We will begin working on the element squares next Thursday.


October 8

Final Exam grades are in I Now and I am very happy! Class averages were a little higher than usual, I can tell students worked hard to prepare.  Grades should be finalized by tomorrow afternoon and students will be able to see what their final grade for the nine weeks is.

Next week we will begin the periodic table unit and if you have not yet done so, please save an empty cereal box and bring in by next Thursday, the 15th.  We are creating a 3 dimensional periodic table.

October 5

Test review days today and tomorrow in class.  The final exam will be Wednesday.  Students will not have a chance for a retake on the final because it is the end of the nine weeks and we will not have time.

Textbooks were available for checkout again today.  Quizlet has a vocabulary set to help students review, the link is below or can be accessed via Google Classroom.


October 2

Happy Friday!  Today was the last day for properties of matter test retakes.  In class students finished their atom models and received the study guide for the nine week test on Wednesday 10/7.  Students were told to check out textbooks to prepare for the final.  Study guides are in Google Classroom if students lose it.  The final exam is a gold level test worth 100 points.

Sep 29

Properties of Matter Test grades are in and all make-ups from absent students have been graded.  Students who scored 27/40 or below are eligible to do a re-take.  Students must complete the retake form and all retakes must be done by Friday, October 2.

We are starting our atom models tomorrow (Wednesday).  This is the day students will need to bring the wire coat hangers for the project.  If each student can bring 2 hangers we will have more than enough.  Students without materials will be given an alternate assignment to complete for a grade.

Final Exam is Wednesday October 7.  Study guide will be available in Google drive this Friday.  We will review Monday and Tuesday before the test.  Students who wish to check out a textbook to prepare for the test may do so anytime.

Have a great week!!

Sep 25

Happy Friday!  I have test grades and science starter grades in for all classes except 6th period.  They will be in on Monday.

Don’t forget to bring wire clothes hangers to class Tuesday and Wednesday next week for our atom projects.  Students will choose an element and then choose to create a Rutherford type or Bohr type atom of that element.  I am looking forward to it!

September 24

We are taking our properties of matter test today.  Due to the pep rally, 3rd and 6th periods were shortened.  These classes will have additional time tomorrow to finish the test.

We will be creating some projects in the coming weeks. If you have any of these materials at home that you can send, it would be appreciated.

Thank you for your donations and support.


September 23

Today in class we did our review activities for the test tomorrow.  Students were given an opportunity in each class to check out a textbook and were reminded to bring their ISN home to help prepare.

Today is the last day (one week after due date) to turn in the About Matter Project for partial credit.  Please make sure this has been turned in, it is a gold level assignment.  Students were given an opportunity to use the media center to turn in the project today as well.

After our test tomorrow we will begin atomic theory, the last content before the final exam.

8th grade Exam Schedule:

Mon, Oct 5–Math, History

Tues, Oct 6–Math, ELA

Wed, Oct 7—Science, ELA

Thur, Oct 8—make up day

Fri, Oct 9—make up day

September 22

Today students received their study guide for the properties of matter test on Thursday, September 24.  It has been posted in Google classroom as well.   We will review tomorrow for the test.  It is a gold level test, worth 50 points.  Remember that study guides are a guide of material to study and that vocabulary is there to ensure students will understand questions.  Students are welcome to take their ISN home or check out a book.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Tomorrow-Wednesday September 23 is the last day I will accept the About Matter project for a reduced grade.  Projects not turned in by 11:59 PM Wednesday night will receive a zero UNLESS a student has had excused absences.  This is one full week after the original due date so I feel students have had plenty of time.

September 14

`Good morning!  Today was our 2nd and final workday on the matter project.  The project is due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday September 16.  All information can be found in Google Classroom.  Students who were absent for Friday’s workday will be given priority for computer time at lunch.

I will be out on Thursday and Friday this week, but I have a great sub who is a certified teacher coming in.

Tomorrow:  Chapter 2 Sections 1 and 2 concept map and begin density

Wednesday:  projects due (gold assignment), density activity

Thursday and Friday:  density calculation practice

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