November 19

We did not take our “pop” quiz today, so look for it tomorrow!  Students should review the chemical bonding T chart and story boards for the quiz.

November 17

Today we began learning about ionic and covalent chemical bonds and the compounds they form.  Students did a T chart in their notebooks and viewed animations on the bonding process.  I have shared a power point in the google drive with students about chemical bonding.

Tomorrow we will finish this information and then do a quick lab/demo on covalent and ionic compounds.

Wednesday we will perform a lab on conservation of mass which will lead us into balancing chemical reactions.  There MAY be a pop quiz on Wednesday on the notes from today and Tuesday.  (Hint, hint!!)

November 13

Just a reminder to get your science notebook in order for the quiz tomorrow!  Students have been reminded daily all week to get notebooks caught up.  This is an open notebook quiz to check organization and completion of science notebooks.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to turn in test corrections.  I will not accept them after tomorrow.

Looking ahead:

November 7

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Here are some reminders and announcements:

November 6

Ok!  Test grades will be in by the end of school today.

Due to the number of missed first period classes for testing, assemblies, etc., I am going to allow first period ONLY to retake the test tomorrow, November 7.  The test will be revised slightly, and students will keep the higher of the two grades.  Students will not be allowed to view their original test answers until after the re-take.  First period was given their study guides to take home and review.  This was the best option I could come up with.

All other classes:  we are moving forward with chemical reactions.  Students are starting a lab today and will finish it tomorrow.  No homework.


November 4

Test tomorrow!  Students received a study guide yesterday, it was posted in Google drive on Sunday. We reviewed today and the only homework is to finish the study guide (due tomorrow) and study for the test.

Looking ahead:  Our nine week test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 18.  This is still subject to change.

October 29

Today we took notes on the different families of elements.  The element quiz is scheduled for Friday.  If you lose the study sheet, you can easily print one in Google drive.  I have shared the periodic table notes and the element families presentation as well.  If you have missed these, you can access them in Google drive.

Friday after the quiz we will be doing a lab activity so be prepared!

Looking ahead:  periodic table/atomic theory test on Wednesday Nov. 5.  Things to study:  history of atoms notes, energy level diagram, periodic table notes, atomic math challenge worksheet.  I will have a study guide available on Monday with a list of vocabulary and things to be able to do.

October 27

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  This week we are delving into the groups and periods of the periodic table.  Today students were given a periodic table to color in and paste into their notebooks.  They were also given a table of elements to learn.  We will have a quiz on these on Friday 10/31.  The quiz format will be the table with some entries blanked out.  Students will have to fill in the missing information.  A copy of this list of 13 elements is available in the Google drive for students to create practice quizzes if they like.  Students will have to save a copy before they can make changes.

I have a lot of students with missing assignments.  There is no Dog Pound scheduled for this Friday, students who owe work will receive a letter tomorrow.  Any work not turned in by Friday will receive a zero that cannot be made up.  As always, students who need extra help can see me during lunch intervention.

October 22

Today was the Explore test and overall things went well.  Students seemed very positive about the test and are looking forward to seeing their scores.

Tomorrow is the 8th grade field trip to the Alabama Theatre.  There is no homework tonight or tomorrow.


Oct 20

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend we had!  Today we caught up on some note book stuff, reviewed the parts of an atom and how to calculate the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom.  Tomorrow we will be doing a lab activity examining and classifying different elements.

HOMEWORK TONIGHT!!! Students have the Atomic Math Challenge worksheet to complete (front and back).  It is due tomorrow.

Explore test will be Wednesday morning starting 1st period.  Please make sure you are at school and on time.  No electronic devices, bulky coats or hoodies with pockets are allowed in testing.  There is no make up test date so it is very important for all students to be here.

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