April 29

Tomorrow is the Chapter 15 test.  Students have a chapter study guide to study, there is a review power point that I shared in the Google drive, and if you look at the April 13 blog post I have a link to the chapter 15 vocabulary quizlet.  Also, we are in need of empty cardboard toilet paper rolls for building spectroscopes next week.  If you have one, set it aside and bring it in!

Looking ahead:

April 27

Tomorrow all Chapter 15 work is due by the end of class.  Students will be taking the Chapter 15 test on Thursday April 30.  To help students prepare, they received a study guide at the start of the unit and there is a link to quizlet vocabulary if you look at previous posts.

Parents:  your child received a pre-registration packet for the high school today in first period.  Please complete the forms and return them to your child’s first period teacher no later than Friday, May 1.

April 24

TGIF and I hope everyone has a great time at the banquet tonight.

Looking ahead:  Waves tier 3 work is due Tuesday April 28.  The chapter 15 test will be on Thursday April 30.  

May 14:  Final Exam and textbook turn in!  This is the day after the Baron’s game field trip.

April 23

We are almost done with Chapter 15!  After this unit, we will explore sound and light through two different labs and that will end our content for the year!

Students have a choice of doing a paper, experiment, or cube to demonstrate knowledge about waves.  Students who are choosing to do a cube will need a piece of poster board.  The paper can be handwritten OR typed, and all work is due Tuesday April 28.  I have shared the instructions and rubrics in the Google drive.

Looking ahead:

Library fines/books due May 8

Final Exam May 14

Textbooks due May 14/15

Link to online tsunami information resources:


April 17

happy Friday!!

We are moving along on our waves unit and I am excited to see students motivated to work hard even at the end of the year.  There is no homework for this weekend unless students want to get a head start on Monday’s work.

Looking ahead:  the science final exam is scheduled for May 14.  :)

April 16

We started our waves (chapter 15) unit yesterday.  Students have a list of assignments that they can choose to do to earn points for this unit.  I have broken it down into tiers.  We will finish tier one tomorrow (Friday) and then move onto Tier 2 which will be due next Wednesday.  It sounds complex, but the students are working hard in class and doing great!  The choices and checklist are really keeping them on track.

There is no homework, all work is done in class.  Aspire testing ends soon and we won’t know what to do if we have a normal schedule.  :)

April 13

Aspire testing continues this week.  So far things have gone smoothly.

Today was a work day in class for the tree house project.  Information on the project can be found in students’ Google drive, projects are due Wednesday April 15.  Tomorrow we will begin Chapter 15, waves.  Students will get their preview sheet (study guide).  There is a lot of vocabulary to chapter 15 and I have created a Quizlet for students to study.  It can be accessed by clicking the link below.


April 9

Greetings!  I have had difficulty accessing my blog…evidently the portal was restricted for a while, but we are back up and running!  :)

Yesterday and today students are working on how to calculate work and power.  We will take a small quiz on calculating work and power tomorrow.  There will also be vocabulary terms on the quiz:  input force, output force, input work, output work, mechanical advantage, and efficiency.  We are only taking a quiz due to the ongoing Aspire testing this week and next.  Do not expect any homework from science class until testing is over.

After the quiz tomorrow students will begin to design a treehouse that incorporates 6 simple machines.  They can work with a partner to complete this project which is due Wednesday April 15.  I am giving students class time on Monday to complete this small project so there should not be any homework involved.  As a bonus, students can build a model of their tree house.  The model will be due Wednesday 4/15 as well.  I have shared the information (instructions and a checklist) for students in the Google drive if they lose the paper.

march 26

Quiz tomorrow on calculating mechanical advantage.  We reviewed today and I feel students are ready!

Looking ahead:  Aspire testing begins as soon as we return from spring break on April 6.  8th graders will only be taking the reading and math portions of the test this year.  :)

Six Flags field trip is Friday May 8, there are limited spots so availability is first-come/first-served.  A spot will not be held for a student until both the money and the permission form is returned.  All money is non-refundable.

march 24

Homework tonight:  Mechanical Advantage Calculations worksheet is due tomorrow (problems 1-5).  Students who were absent today can get the sheet when they return.

Quiz Friday on calculating mechanical advantage of levers.

Six Flags field trip (yay!) will be Friday, May 8.  The cost is $60 per person and availability is first come, first served.  All money is due by Friday, April 17.  Students received a permission form and letter today in their lunch class.  Please be mindful of the following:

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