August 20

We are starting metric mania today!  Students did an in-class scavenger hunt to find objects of different lengths using metric units.  Tomorrow we will begin metric conversions using the ladder method.  Students will have homework tomorrow if they do not get the conversion challenge finished in class.  Friday will be more metric mania.  :)

Looking ahead, I have our first unit test scheduled for next week.  Due to the pep rally next Thursday I would like to schedule it for Wednesday.  It will cover lab safety, scientific method, and metric measurement.  I will be sending home a study guide and reviewing on Tuesday the 26th.

August 18

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Many students are coming down with the “sniffles”, I hope we all make it through the week.  :)

Today we did a penny drop lab in class to reinforce the steps to the scientific method.  Tomorrow we will discuss the lab and look at some experiments to identify controls and variables.  Wednesday we will begin metric measurement and conversions.  We are on track to have our first unit test next week, either Thursday or Friday.  Grades are current in I Now and there is no homework tonight.

August 14

Took our safety and procedures quiz today.  Students who were absent today will need to make up the quiz and also get their ISN updated with the data from lab today.

Looking ahead:  next week we will begin metric conversions and measurement skills.  If we continue on this pace, we should have our unit test week after next.  Keep up the great work everyone!!

August 13

Quiz tomorrow (8/14) on classroom procedures and safety.  The quiz is simply 15 questions, true or false format, I would review the safety contract here on my blog.  Also, we will do lab so any students who do not have their yellow safety contract returned will not be able to participate.  Bring your composition notebook if you have not done so yet.  Looking forward to our first lab exercise!

August 12

We did not get as far with lab safety as I would have liked today so the quiz will be moved to Thursday (8/14).  We will review tomorrow in class and you should review the safety contract here on my blog.  I returned graded papers, but the grades will not be in I Now until the end of the week as there may be some schedule changes.

Starting our first full week.

We are starting class full force now, and are all getting back into the routine of school.  Students will need to have their composition notebooks and safety contracts before our first lab on Wednesday.  We will be having a small (30 point) quiz on lab safety and class procedures on Wednesday (8/13) before we start lab.  Students should study the scavenger hunt sheet and I will post the safety power point tomorrow for review.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

What a great first day!

We had a great first day yesterday, I enjoyed meeting my new students and am looking forward to another great year of science!  Students will be bringing home a packet for parents.  Please review the information.  The green and white sheets are for you to keep, the yellow and salmon need to be returned to me by Tuesday, August 12.  Also, students will need a composition notebook for my class and will need that by Tuesday as well.  I apologize that it did not make it onto the list for this year.  I will make sure to correct it for next year.

We will be starting our first lab activity on Tuesday so make sure those yellow safety contracts are returned!  :)

Any student who did not receive a textbook today (Friday) will receive one on Monday.  Students can keep textbooks at home or in their locker.  I am lucky enough to have a class set for their use.

Everybody have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

Just an FYI:  the link below will take you to the national standards we will be covering.  They overlap with the state standards on the syllabus, just worded a little differently.  Click the link and then choose Middle School (MS) physical science (PS).

Looking forward to a strong start!

Greetings to parents and students!  I am looking forward to another great year at HMS and I cannot wait to meet my new students on August 7.  Students will need a composition notebook for this class, so you may want to pick one up early.  Please read through the blog and the information posted here and feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Please locate your Edmodo link under the blog roll and click to view class information.  I do not post daily assignments on my blog.

A great start to 2013-2014 school year!!

I am so excited about this school year!  We are off to a great start and I am looking forward to doing some great things this year at HMS. 

I am looking forward to meeting parents at Open House next Tuesday and I hope you will be there.

Mrs. Burttram

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