HMS Guidance and Counseling Department Parent Survey

Welcome and welcome back!

Welcome back to our 7th and 8th graders and a big welcome to our 6th graders and new students to HMS. I hope everyone had a restful and fun summer break. It’s hard to believe we are already in day 3 of the 2016-2017 school year. I know that this year will be on of the best ones yet! We have the best students at HMS and I can’t wait to get in to classrooms and meet with our students. Today we are briefly meeting with our brand new kids during the end of PE classes. Mrs. Tolbert and I will also be meeting with 6th grade classes next week to discuss the role of the school counselor as well as how to request to see the counselor. We hope that everyone’s year started of in the right direction.

Free Parenting Classes

Free E.P.I.C Parenting Classes
Jefferson & Shelby Families
 Approved by courts
 A certificate of completion will be given at the end
 Six sessions total, one session per week
 At Children’s Aid Society
 English and Spanish
English class for parents with children 6-12 will start on June 21st from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Spanish class for parents with children 6-12 will start on June 22nd from 10:00am to 12:00pm
To register call
Daniela Phillips (205)943-5351
Or go to
2141 14th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205.

Information about Kratom:

KRATOM – Danger In A Bottle!
Kratom is an herbal substance that is being sold in gas stations, convenience stores, and head shops as an energy supplement, an herb that reduces pain, anxiety and depression. The active ingredients are mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine.
There are serious dangers that all parents should know:
 Researchers compare the effects of kratom to opiates (prescription pain killers) and heroin because it attaches to the same receptors in the brain. Kratom is often referred to as “synthetic heroin”; however, it is not classified as a Synthetic.
 Kratom is addictive. Other side effects may include: nervousness, nausea/vomiting (can be severe and prolonged), psychotic episodes, hallucinations and paranoia. The effects of kratom are felt quickly and can last between 5 and 7 hours, although high doses can last longer.
 Kratom is not detected by typical drug screens, which experts believe make it very attractive to youth who are trying to hide their use from adults.
Since the packaging is similar to 5-hour energy drinks, young people may think it is a safe alternative to energy shots. It is not! Please talk to your children and loved ones.
For more information, call the Drug Education Council, 478-7855

UAB Parent Support Group for Parents of Children with ADHD

UAB AD/HD Parent
Support Group
For Parents of Elementary School and
Middle School-aged
children diagnosed with AD/HD
-Share information and resources
-Network with families and professionals
-Learn effective behavior management strategies
Held at Over the Mountain
Psychological Services
100 Centerview Drive, Suite 110
Birmingham, AL 35216
The FIRST Thursday of each month
from 6:00-7:30
Supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist and led by graduate
students from the UAB Medical/Clinical Psychology Graduate
For more information please view our website:

Parenting Day 10/15…Come join us!

HMS Parenting Day
TOMORROW (10/15)
HMS Media Center

8:00 – Join us for coffee in the HMS Media Center

8:15 – “Technology: How? Why? Now!”
• Come hear HMS Media Specialist and Technology Coordinator, Patti Dodson, share the current technology classroom tools at HMS. Google Classroom will be discussed. Get answers to your questions about the HMS B.Y.O. D. (Bring Your Own Device) Policy.

9:00 – “Current Youth Culture and Substance Abuse Trends: Dangers, Consequences, and Prevention”
• Guest speakers include Clay Hammac from the Shelby County Drug Task Force, Lonnie Layton from Bradford Health Services, and Lara M. Alvis, Attorney at Law. Come educate yourself on the latest dangers in youth culture, warning signs, and how to intervene.

Hope to see you there!

Dear HMS Parents,
Would you be interested in sharing your world of work with middle school students? Why did you choose this career field? What is the best part about working in your field? What kind of education did you need to work in your field? etc. If you have about 30 minutes to come and speak with our students about the ins and outs of your career, please click on the link below and fill out the form. We hope to host several speakers through Career Cafe this year during lunch from various career clusters/interests. You may be that one person that a student hears from that will encourage them to go in to that particular career field. Thank you for your time and interest. We will contact you if we are able to use your expertise in your career field.

Thank you,

Ashley Nipp

April Tolbert



Learning Styles and Careers

Over the past several weeks I have been visiting 6th and 7th grade science classes to talk about learning styles. Students were given a brief questionnaire to pinpoint if they are a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner. We discussed different study strategies for each learning style. For the 7th grade lesson, we discussed study strategies as well as careers that may be a good fit based off of what their learning style is. Ask your child what their learning style is and what that means for them academically and career wise.

Mrs. Dozier from Campfire USA has been here the past two weeks to administer an interest inventory to our 6th and 7th grade students. The interest inventories will help students begin thinking about careers based off of their interests. I shared with the students to also pay attention to the relationship between careers they are interested in and their learning style. Ask your child about the career lesson. We should have the results of career pairings next month for students to share with you!

FREE Parenting Resources

Positive Parenting Classes-free
Somedays it seems that parenting is the most difficult job we face. The home front feels more like the battlefront. You spend time arguing, threatening, or bribing your children to do as you say , then feel helpless as they ignore and disrespect you. You try to give your children everything they need and most of what they want, and still they seem ungrateful and unhappy on a regular basis. It seems what we are doing is just not working!
With compassion and humor, we will explore common sense solutions to daily life problems that we often must deal with in our families. Whatever age or stage of parenting you are involved in, together we can make it better. You can have a positive experience and find the JOYS of parenting again. Vicky Joiner, facilitator-Call 205-441-1398 to enroll for the next eight week session of Parenting classes. There is no cost to the participant. New Class starts Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 6:30pm (Meeting in the Alabaster City Alternative School building ) 632 11th Ave. SW , Alabaster (The site for the old Day Program)

*Wendy McNish, Counselor, Alabaster City Schools will provide individual counseling at the same time and place, as the parenting classes, if needed:

Family Support Meeting-free
This is a confidential support meeting for family members and loved ones of individuals with substance abuse or alcohol problems in our community. The meeting provides support, guidance, information, referrals, literature, and other useful resources to individuals who are striving to improve their families’ circumstances. Call Lonnie Layton at 205-329-3663 for info.

Free to the Public
Wednesdays at 6:00 pm
Facilitated by a licensed counselor
At Bradford
Shelby County Regional Office
101 Aviators View Drive
Alabaster, Al 35007