The Day O’ Love

For all of you LOVELY articulation students, I am posting an interactive word search that will provide a fun way for you to practice your sounds. Say the words out loud as you search for them. Remember, you are training your brain, so don’t practice them wrong. 🙂 Once you have found the word, practice using it in a sentence. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Happy New Year!

Hello all of you! I hope you all had a wonderful break. We have lots to do this semester. Attention all students working on speech sounds! Check out this website FULL of practice! It’s sure to help.


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Thanksgiving is Coming!

Check out the links below to practice your speech sounds and language skills. Having a parent or older sibling beside you while you play and practice is a great idea so that you can be reminded by them to practice your sounds and skills the right way. Remember, if you practice the right way you will form the right habits!

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Attention: Grimlins and Ghouls

Below I have posted a link to a Halloween safety webpage. Play the games and take the quizes to practice your speech, language, and social skills while you also prepare for Trick-or-treating!

You can find more Halloween speech and language practice here.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about THIS!

To all my students who are working on smooth speech, you know who you are. 😉 I have posted some new links under fluency. Scroll down to discover them! Have fun and remember, use FFS!

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You’re Welcome!

No more folders friends! This is my new way of getting speech and language practice to you.

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