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December Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students,

I am pleased with the progress our class has made thus far and look forward to many exciting days ahead! Enthusiasm for learning is still increasing and I believe your child’s desire to learn will increase in the coming days and weeks as we build on previous successes and explore new ideas.

December is at the door and we plan to brighten this month with opportunities to better understand and celebrate culture, tradition, holidays, and the coming of Winter.

We will integrate literature, geography, math and science as we study seasonal celebrations and hopefully increase our global understanding. 

I am VERY pleased with our class in the area of math also. We are using lots of clever stategies for problem solving and have a strong grip on place value and computation.

December has been called the dimmest and brightest month and we plan to illuminate our class and beyond with a luminary December 16th. We will investigate electricity in depth and will culminate our study with building a Holiday Village with each child building, designing and decorating his/her own house. Each house will be wired with working lights and an on/off switch. It should be very exciting.

I need you to send any holiday decor you do not mind parting with. Items such as leftover lights, garland, shiny stuff, ribbon, etc. will be great. I also need each of you to send two or three  9 volt batteries, if possible. We will also have a workday to build the houses and I will let you know as  soon as possible.

Thank you again for all you do. If I can be of help, please let me know.

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Parents and Students,

We have been is school close to a month now and I am noticing young scientists, mathematicians and avid readers enthusiastically at work!! Thank you, students for facing challenges and striving to excel. I look forward to much growth this year as we take this upward journey through 2nd grade!

Parents please expect a vocabulary list this week. The terms on the list will inform you of topics we are studying or approaching so please take time to discuss each with your child.

We will continue exploring the scientific method this week as we test paper towels for strength and students will engage in a couple hands on explorations also. We are reviewing and extending our understanding of number operations and place value in math using concrete models to assist with understanding. Additionally students will explore a wide array of topics in math soon (money, time, fractions, geometry, etc.). I will continue to promote volume in reading both at school and at home. Please provide time daily for your child to read. Please know that your child is more than welcome to take books home from the class library.

My intent is to make learning both challenging and engaging for students. I  also endeavor to provide instruction that is individualized as possible in order to address the needs of each student. I am pleased with the level of enthusiasm and expect great things this year!

Sept. 23-KONA ICE/ Also 1 page story is due.
Sept. 26-ThinkLink assessment (we hope)
Sept. 28-Our Grandparents Day-NEW lunch time 10:17-10:42

Sept. 30-School bus evacuation drill during PE
Oct. 3-7-Book Fair in Library
Oct. 10-Workday-NO SCHOOL
Oct. 11-Parenting Day
Oct. 12-5:30-7:30-ETA/Bingo/Dinner Night for Parents and Students
Oct.14-Report cards go home and Art fundraiser begins