Welcome Back!!!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year. We have been really busy at MLES. Literacy instruction is in full swing. I want to thank everyone for completing their Summer Reading. We had a huge number of books read. I had one student that read 55 books-WOW!!! Keep reading

What are the new assessments in reading???

This year is our first year to implement Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. We have also implemented some new assessments to help inform instruction and watch growth within subjects. Each student at MLES took the Universal Screener, Global Scholar. Global Scholar is an assessment given to all students that creates a snap shot of a student or group of students skills within the state standards. Universal Screeners allow the teacher to make informed decisions about instruction within the standards.
I like to look at a universal screener like when you go to a health screening. You have a bunch of information analyzed and you get a set of scores(results). The results let you know if you need to get more testing, go to another dr., change a diet, or stay on the path you are on, etc… The test does the same for our teachers with their students. After the screener is administered,they may do other assessments to get more information, continue with the same instruction, or seek additional help with certain standards.
The score sent home was the range your student performed with the content that was presented on that test.

The next assessment that all students will do(Kindergarten starting in January) is a Benchmark assessment. The benchmark assessment is a running record. At the end of each nine weeks, students should be at a certain reading level to be reading at grade level. Teachers will administer the benchmark individually to see each students abilities and errors while reading independent/instructional level text. 3 parts will be assessed during a running record. Accuracy/self correction(ability to call words correctly), Self Correction(ability to make a correction independently, first indication of comprehension), Fluency(reading at an appropriate rate, making meaningful phrases, using expression, and responding to punctuation), and Comprehension(the ability to retell and answer questions about the text. On the report card you will be able to see students independent level compared with where they need to be for each nine weeks.

The difference between the 2 assessments is that the Universal Screener is just seeing how the student preforms with the standards and does not take in consideration the grade level. The benchmark informs the teacher/parent if the student is able to handle all aspects of reading independently when presented on-level text. Both assessments provide meaningful data but serve different purposes.

Good Apps for Reading

popplet works on sequencing

Doodle Buddy visualizing/ main idea details

ibooks independent reading

strip designer retelling

little speller letters

letter school letters

PBS kids

read me stories children’s books free

sentence reading magic free

abc pocketphonics lite free

My Reading Check Sheet

Ways to help your child with Comprehension
Sentence Check…. “Did I understand this sentence?”
If you had trouble understanding a word in the sentence, try…
1. reading the sentence over
2. reading the next sentence
3.looking up the word in the glossary
4. ask someone

If you had trouble understanding the meaning of the sentence, try…
1. reading the sentence over
2. reading the whole paragraph again
3. reading on
4. asking someone

paragraph check… What did the paragraph say?
If you had trouble understanding the paragraph said, try….
reading the paragraph over
ask someone to talk about the paragraph

page check ” what do I remember?”
re-reading each paragraph on the page, and asking yourself,”what did it say?”