D.O.G. (daily oral geography)



Below are the D.O.G questions for each week. I have also uploaded a world map and state map to help you in answering the D.O.G. questions.
I found laminated world and state maps at the Wal-mart in Chelsea! They are “place mats” and are in the aisles along with the kitchen/bath items. They are hanging close to the ends of one of the aisles. These can also be used to answer the D.O.G. questions.


World Map

state map

DOG week 1
DOG week 2
DOG week 3
DOG week 4
DOG week 5
DOG week 6
DOG week 7
DOG week 8
DOG week 9
DOG week 10
DOG week 11
DOG week 12
DOG week 13
DOG week 14
DOG week 15
DOG week 16
DOG week 17
DOG week 18
DOG week 19
DOG week 20
DOG week 21
DOG week 22
DOG week 23
DOG Week 24
DOG Week 25
DOG Week 26
DOG Week 27
DOG Week 28
DOG Week 29
DOG week 30
DOG week 31
DOG week 32
DOG week 33
DOG spring break edition

11 Responses to D.O.G. (daily oral geography)

  1. Amanda Niven

    Thanks for posting the DOG questions, it has been very helpful studying this with Kelli.

    Amanda Niven

  2. I have been looking for DOG questions for the school year. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for a warm up activity. Did you create these your self or use a resource? I just don’t know if I want to answer them all!

  4. Heather Brown

    Glad you are able to use them! They were passed onto me from a previous teacher. The copies I had were worn so I retyped them – not sure of their original origin.

  5. My geography classes just love these. Thank you so much for putting them online. I am teaching 6 different preps for 3 different grades this year and I need all the help I can get!

  6. Sue Nickerson

    Thank you for posting those. I used a set similar to these when I taught 5th grade many years ago. I look forward to using them with my 3rd graders this year to help reinforce both their map reading and geography skills.

  7. Thanks for uploading these! I have the book that was passed on and it has been extremely helpful to have DOG for the week on one page!

  8. Thank you for posting these. Does your class do them on the computer? How do you use this in the classroom?

  9. Heather Russell

    You’re so welcome 🙂 My third graders enjoy them. I hope yours do also.

  10. Heather Russell

    You’re so welcome. Glad others could benefit 🙂 Happy teaching!

  11. Heather Russell

    I posted the questions on my blog as a resource for parents when their child forgets their notebook. I print these out each week and make them part of my reading center work (to cover an ELA standard and a social studies standard – using research tools to gather information and map skills)
    The students glue the pages in their notebook and use resources (maps, dictionaries, atlas, etc) to answer the questions for that day. We review the questions and how to use the resources and then every other week I give them a test on some of the same type of questions/information. They can take their notebook home to study (which is why the questions are posted on the blog for parents) but I actually tell parents I don’t want them to “study/memorize” the answers, I want them to practice using the resources to find the answers. On the test, the students are given access to maps, globes, atlas, etc and use those to answer the test questions.

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