Math Information

Multiplication Review

Multiplication Facts Review

Unit 1: Factors, Arrays, and Multiples

Investigation 1 

Investigation 1 Vocabulary

Prime and Composite Numbers Review

Prime and Composite Numbers PowerPoint

Factors Prime Numbers PowerPoint

Multiplication Arrays PowerPoint

Representing Multiplicative Comparison Problems

Investigation 2

Unit 1 Investigation 2 Vocabulary

Multiples-and-Factors PowerPoint

Multiples Game

Factors and Multiples Game

Investigation 3


Investigation 4

Unit 1 Review PowerPoint

Unit 1 Study Guide


Unit 3: Multiplication Towers and Division Stories

Investigation 1:

Unit 3 Investigation 1 Vocabulary

Multiplication Strategy Breaking Apart Numbers

Examples of the Break Apart Method

Break Apart Method Shown Using Arrays

Investigation 2:

Unit 3 Investigation 2 Vocabulary

Missing Factors and Relating Multiplication and Division

Division Practice Problems

Answers to Division Practice Problems

Chunking PowerPoint

Investigation 3:

Unit 3 Investigation 3 Vocabulary

Multiplying by Multiples of 10

Examples of Mutliples of 10 and PowerPoint

Investigation 4:

Strategies for Multiplication


Unit 4: Size, Shape, and Symmetry Investigation 1: Linear Measurement 

Investigation 1:

Unit 4 Investigation 1 Vocabulary

Measurement Guidelines

Measurement tools

Systems of Measurement

Investigation 2:

Investigation 2 Vocabulary


Quadrilaterals Chart

Investigation 3:

Investigation 3 Vocabulary


Investigation 4:

Investigation 4 Vocabulary


Unit 5: Landmarks and Large Numbers

Investigation 1:

1-1,000 Hundred’s Chart

Skip Counting Practice (1-1,000)

Investigation 2:

Investigation 3:

Word Form/Stand Form Practice

Counting by 1,00’s

Counting by 1,000’s


Unit 6: Fractions and Decimals

Investigation 1:

Investigation 1 Vocabulary

Fractional Parts of a Rectangular Area

Combinations of Fractions that Equal 1

Fraction Examples PowerPoint

Fractions PowerPoint

Fractions that are Equal

Fractions to Find on the 5×12 Rectangles

Fractions to Find on the 10×10 Squares

Unit 6 Investigation 1 Review

Unit 6 Investigation 1

Investigation 2:

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Comparing Fractions PowerPoint

Comparing Fractions PowerPoint

Comparing Ordering Fractions PowerPoint

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions PowerPoint

Investigation 3:

Investigation 3 Vocabulary

Comparing and Ordering Decimals PowerPoint

Comparing Ordering Fractions PowerPoint

Decimals PowerPoint

Equivalent Fractions to Decimals

Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and Decimals PowerPoint


Unit 2: Describing the Shape of the Data (Data Analysis)

Investigation 1:









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