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Monthly Archives: September 2010

mockingjay Last weekend I finished the last book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay! This was a long awaited book for me, and I was at Books a Million as soon as it came out waiting to find out what happened next. I have been a huge fan of Suzanne Collins ever since I got hooked on the Gregor the Overland series. These books were so different than anything I had ever read and Suzanne Collins did it again with The Hunger Games.

All in all I still feel that The Hunger Games was the best book of the series but I was very pleased with how Collins wrapped everything up in the end. The story starts right after the Quarter Quell and Katniss was rescued from the arena. Unfortunately, as readers of Catching Fire know, there is one very important person that was not rescued from the arena along with Katniss. The story revolves around the rebels of District 13 and their plans to take over the Capital which is under control of the evil President Snow. This book is definitely not lacking in excitement as there is one adventure after another throughout the book that keeps readers on the edge of their seat.

I would definitely caution readers to read the series in order though. If you read the series out of order it will truly not make sense and you will not get the full appreciation for the series.

All in all my very favorite part of the book was the very last page. The last words that are uttered between the two characters in the book are truly poetic and wrapped up the series beautifully for me. Put this on your list to read and you won’t be dissapointed!

bungGrowing up the books that first got me hooked on reading was the Nancy Drew series. If I ever did something to deserve a special treat I remember my mom telling me with exctiment that I could pick out a new Nancy Drew book! Now, I have always been an organized person so of course I collected them in order! I started with number 1- The Secret of the Old Clock and worked my way up all the way to number 56- The Thirteenth Pearl. I remember the feeling of accomplishment mixed with sadness when I reached that last book.

A few weeks ago a student and I were discussing her love for Nancy Drew and it sparked my old love for the books. A few years ago we ordered a new set of Nancy Drew books that are more recently written and set more in today’s time so I decided to read one of those books as well as an old classic.

withoutThe two books that I chose were Without a Trace and The Bungalow Mystery. Both books were great but I will say that the original Nancy Drew still beat out the updated version. In Without a Trace, Nancy starts out on the search for a zuccinni thief in her town but the mystery quickly becomes the adventure surrounding a stolen faberge egg. Nancy is thrown the usual red herrings but eventually she is able to solve the crime.

In The Bungalow Mystery, Nancy makes a new friend at the beginning of the story who we later find out is the victim of a crime. Her mother recently passed away and she is put in the care of a couple that she never met before but were dear to her mother. The story gets interesting when this couple begins to act very strangely and seems to be trying to steal all of the girl’s inheritance. Nancy finds herself in some serious trouble during her investigation but is able to aprehend the thief in the end.

Both books were a delight to read and I felt like I was back in 5th grade again reading these books for the first time. That is the beauty of a great book; It can hold special memories like that. I enjoyed my trip back in time!