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Pack 60

Makerspace Options This Week

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About our Makerspace

Our library media center is a big part of Helena HS’s Pack 60 initiative. We have worked to build a diverse collection of makerspace activities from which students can select each week if they choose to visit the library during the Pack 60 hour.

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Some of our activities include hands-on creativity using paper, tape, and other art or building supplies
(ex: Duct Tape Creation Station or Tower Building Design Challenge). Others may be simple thinking games and resources such as chess, K’Nex with Motors, 1000-piece puzzles, Legos, and more. Most of our activities are more tech-centric, and include anything from coding and programming a robot to learning how to write computer code. We even have a (very very unofficial, but fun nonetheless) Raspberry Pi “club” that has taken root during Pack 60. We are learning so much from our amazing students here at Helena High School!

Mrs. Swinsick and Mrs. Wilson are always on the lookout for new ideas to use in our Library Makerspace, so if you have any suggestions please let us know!

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*All photos are shared with permission.