Quaver Music Summer Contest

Your child can enter the Quaver Music summer contest by submitting a video. Here is the link to follow to see directions for the contest. Good luck! If you submit a video please also email it to me at hspates@shelbyed.org because I would love to see them!! Or you can tag me on Facebook or Instagram. (Haley Spates Houston on both). http://quavermusicblog.com/2018/04/27/2018-digital-field-trip/

Recorder and Ukulele audition results 5th grade

Students who will play recorder at the spring show on May 8 are:

Luke Butts, Riley Dempsey, Kyle Brown, John Jackson, Anna Baldone, Tyler Dunaway, Montana Palmer, Payton Hunsaker, Jacoby Gulledge, Drew Gottlieb, Jordan Amacher, Jackson Kalnoske, Reagan Simmons, Kylie Palmer, Halsey Shell, Adah Graves

Students who will play ukulele at the spring show on May 8 are:

Peyton Walker, Lissy O’Kelley, Elise McNamee, Kaleigh Carmack, Patrick Maddox, Brooke Bentley, Ali Mims, Micah Mahmood, Mackenzie McCleary, Owen Edwards, Molly Kate Myers, Grayson Kerns

Students playing recorder will need to get their recorder from me the day before the show. I will bring the ukulele’s with me. If you have your own ukulele you are welcome to bring it to play. Recorder players will perform after the 4th grade portion of the show, ukulele players will perform after the 2nd grade portion of the show. If you are a Knightingale you will wear your Knightingales attire. If you are not a Knightingale, please dress in your “Sunday Best”. Thank you!!!

“Rise Up” Link for Knightingales


Spring Show Solo and speaking part results

Kindergarten (I have 5th graders selected to do the speaking parts for the kindergarten part of the show) the speakers are:

Elise McNamee, Reagan Simmons, Kaleigh Carmack, Jordan Amacher, Taylor Ray, Sutton Ray

2nd grade speaking parts:

Malia Mahmood, Camille Sharpe, Anna Dollar, Oliver Griffin, Millie Andrews, Christina Ngo Huynh, (Mrs. DeMelo’s class was on a field trip during their audition time and will audition next week for the remaining two speaking parts).

“BabyBaby” quartet: Russell Peterson, Dylan Gottlieb, Blain McLeroy, Ryan Casey

4th grade speaking parts:

Sarah Baird, Brennan Carmack, Danielle George, Hayley Gilbert, Allie King, Claire Casey, Cole Wilson, Jenna Wolfe, Samuel Parrish, Sadie Wilson, Jake Parrisher

”Don’t Worry Be Happy” solos

John Henry Kirkpatrick, Emory Kamper, Whistle solo- Anderson Trawick

Knightingales speaking parts-

Daelin Mayhew, Drew Gottlieb, Jill Hindman, Gabe Jones, Evie Scroggins, Emerson Malone, Caylee Cothron

“This Is Me” solos

Samantha Craddock, Addison Keesee, Brittain McClure

“Rise Up” solos

Caroline Neighbors , Ali Mims, Kyle Brown

bridge of “Rise Up” will be an ensemble of the following: Sofia Robertson, Emerson Malone, Molly Kate Myers, Emilee Wilbourne, Emma Smith, Lissy O’Kelley, Patrick Maddox, Gabe Jones, Ella Carlisle

Recorder and Ukelele auditions are still not finished so those results will be posted at the end of next week

I cannot say  enough about how proud I am of all of my students who auditioned!! There were so many and it’s such a hard decision for me! I will let everyone who got a part know what their specific part is next week  they will get a paper sent home with their part so they can memorize it. I can’t wait for our show on May 8!!


Summer Singers Registration

Summer singers registration is open. Click on the “Summer Singers” page link at the top and it will take you to the registration forms. Hope to see you there!

Knightingales “Dry Bones”

Solo Results Christmas Program 2017

I want every single student who auditioned for a solo to know how very proud of you I am! I cannot begin to describe how happy I am for you to be so courageous regardless of the outcome. This is the most rewarding and at the same time difficult part for me. The rewarding part is hearing so many talented students and hearing the growth in their voices each year as well as their confidence growing! I do my very best to choose the students who had the best auditions. If your child usually has a solo but didn’t get one this time, it may be because of an audition that wasn’t as good as usual. If you notice some of the same names as years prior, that is because some students excel greatly in performance and singing and it is my job to showcase that. There are some new soloists this year and it makes my heart so happy to see that growth! Keep trying each year because you never know when it may be the song that fits you! Congratulations to each of you!

First Grade Soloists-

“What You Gonna Call That Pretty Little Baby?”- Lydia Thompson and Lauren Fonbah

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”-Ayla Hailston

speaking parts-Lennox Poe and Kay Elise Traywick

Third Grade Soloists-

“Mary Had A Baby”- Naomi Kelley, Coleson Gooch and Marley Brown

Fifth Grade Soloists-

“Jingle, Jingle, Jingle”- Regan Simmons and Lissy O’Kelley

Knightingales Soloists-

“Blue Christmas”-Patrick Maddox

“Jingle Jingle” Country Cowboy- Gabe Jones, Payton Huntsaker and Georgio Alcantara

“Suzy Snowflake”-Brittain McClure ( girl you rocked that song!!!!)

“Suzy Snowflake (before Suzy sings)- Lilly Blevins, Caroline Neighbors, Sarah Baird, Claire Casey and Payton Walker

Speaking Parts (I’ll give specifics when we get to school)-

Sophia Bagley, Ali Mims, Adam Brooks

“Someday At Christmas”- Kyle Brown and Shane Strickland

Congratulations everyone! I am so proud of all of you!

2nd grade solo results

I wanted to post over the weekend but being Easter weekend we were enjoying our family time and I wanted to wait and post when the school week started again. Thanks to all of the amazing students who were so brave to audition! Choosing soloists is always so difficult. All of the music can be found here on my blog under “Grade Level Rehearsal Music”  Here are the results:

Speaker 1- Emilee Hartsfield (I’ll send home lines)

Speaker 2 and 3- Abby Edwards (I’ll send home lines)

Speaker 4- Erin Talley (I’ll send home lines)

“There is Nothing Like A Dame”-Isaac Erwin, Nathan McDuff, Joseph Walker, Austin Armstrong

“I Cain’t Say No”- Addie Marlow

“Dreamgirls”-Katie Ann Shepherd and Caroline Carter

“Thank Heaven for Little Girls”- Brandon Shin

“Phantom”-Coleson Gooch

“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”-Naomi Kelley

“What I Did For Love”-Marley Brown

“Day By Day”-Noah Ripple, Cooper Stein

4th grade “Fifty Nifty United States” link

I will be listening to 4th grade classes next week to see which class is most prepared to sing this song! The class winner will get a popsicle party! Here is the link:http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Fifty+Nifty+United+States+Song+YouTube&&view=detail&mid=635B94BBB3AA1344DADC635B94BBB3AA1344DADC&FORM=VRDGAR


Dollywood Solo Results

“Made in the USA” solo results for Dollywood

Surfin’ Safari- Shane Strickland

Johnny Angel- Emily Denton

Little Old Lady from Pasadena- Regan Moore

Leader of the Pack (solo)- Ali Mims, speaking part #1-Lissy O’Kelley, speaking part #2-Ella Carlisle

Hang On- Drew Gottlieb, Patrick Maddox and Law Carbonie (sing as a trio)

God Bless the USA-Brayden Rives, (From the lakes…) Reagan Simmons (across the plains of Texas….) Payton Walker,(from Detroit down to Houston…..) Mara Paulk (There’s pride in every American heart…)

*Everyone who auditioned, be ready in case someone is sick or cannot be there for any reason. Thanks so much!!