October 16-20

Monday: Finish PAL Journals
Tuesday: Chapter 7 Notebook Setup and Complete Ch 7 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Wednesday: U.S. Becoming a World Power Notes and Should America Seek to Control a Smaller Country   HW: Finish “Quotes” from today’s notes
Thursday: Hawaii Notes
HW: “Lei of Facts” due at the end of class on Friday
Friday: China and Japan Notes / Complete “Flags of the Pacific”

Chapter 7 Vocabulary Quiz- Tuesday, October 24th
imperialism, isolationism, sphere of influence, yellow journalism, dollar diplomacy, Open Door Policy, Boxer Rebellion, annexation, protectorate, isthmus


September 25-29

Note: PAL Parent Meeting has been moved to Wednesday, September 27th at 5:00 in Room A-4

Monday: Progressive Movement Notes
Tuesday: Political Machinery  and  Progressive Spirit of Reform
HW: Finish Progressive Spirit of Reform
Wednesday: Progressive Amendments Chart and Chapter 6 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Study for Progressive Movement Vocabulary and Amendment Quiz (Friday)
Thursday: Begin First 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide (Benchmark Test is Wed. 10/4)
Friday: Chapter 6 Vocabulary/Amendment Quiz
First 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide with Answers



September 18-22

Chapter 5 Test (Immigration) is Thursday
***We will also have a notebook check on Thursday.***

Monday: ACT Aspire Interim
HW: Finish Chapter 5 Study Guide
Tuesday: Review Chapter 5 Study Guide Answers
HW: Study for Chapter 5 Test
Wednesday: Junior Scholastic “High Cost of Fast Fashion” Read article and answer comprehension questions; Complete Map Skills on pg. 11
HW: Study for Chapter 5 Test
Thursday: Chapter 5 Test (Immigration)
Friday: Chapter 5 Notebook Check; Setup Ch. 6 Table of Contents and Cover Page

September 11-15

PAL Registration Forms are due now.

Monday: Weather Day (No School)
Tuesday: Weather Day (No School)
Wednesday: Section 3 Review: City Life
HW: Finish Section 3 Review
Thursday: Nativism Notes
HW. Finish “Section 3 Assessment” on pg. 151 in Textbook
Friday: Growth of Cities Notes
Start working on Chapter 5 Study Guide  (should be completed by Tuesday 9/19)
Chapter 5 Test is Thursday, Sept. 21

September 4-8

-Chapter 5 Vocabulary Quiz Thursday (study your vocabulary chart)
-Immigration Day is Friday (Don’t forget to Dress Up!)- Dress up like an immigrant from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. You don’t have to dress like an immigrant from a particular country or for a particular job. You can be an “Old Immigrant” or a “New Immigrant”… you get to choose.

No School (Labor Day)
Tuesday-  Watch “An American Tail”
HW: Study for Ch. 5 Vocabulary Quiz
Wednesday: Finish “An American Tail” and Complete American Tail Discussion Guide
HW: Study for Ch. 5 Vocabulary Quiz


August 28-September 1

Monday: Discuss reasons why immigrants came to America.
HW: Family Tree (due Wednesday) Family Tree
Link to find Family Coat of Arms
Tuesday: Why America? Notes  and Push/Pull Factors Illustrations
HW: Family Tree due tomorrow
Wednesday: A Growing Population
HW: Finish Old/New Immigrant Illustrations and Immigration Graph
Thursday: Journey to America Notes  and  Chapter 5 Vocabulary
HW: Finish Chapter 5 Vocabulary Sheet
Friday:  Melting Pot vs Patchwork Quilt
HW: None – Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Immigration Day is Friday, September 8th

August 21-25

Chapter 4 Test is this Friday.
Notebook Check this Friday. Be sure everything is up to date. (See Table of Contents)

Monday: Big Business Notes   HW: Finish Big Business Epitaph
Tuesday: Monopolies   HW: Study for Chapter 4 Test
Wednesday: Child Labor Pictures and Child Labor Questions
HW: Write at least 2 present day Child Labor Laws on pg.13 in notebooks. You may use the following websites: Child Labor Education Project and Department of Labor
Thursday: Chapter 4 Review   HW: Study for Ch. 4 Test/Update and check Notebook
Friday: Chapter 4 Test: “The Industrial Age” and Notebook Check


August 14-18

Mon., 8/14: My Invention  (Notebook pg 5)  HW: Finish “My Invention” sheet
6th Grade Open House Tonight at 6:00
Tues., 8/15: Second Industrial Revolution Notes
Wed., 8/16: Time Zones Activity Sheet
Industrial Workers Notes Part 1
HW: Model T Activity (Use a timer to see how long it takes to make the Model T)
Thurs., 8/17:  Model T Assembly Line
Fri., 8/18: Industrial Workers Notes (Part 2)
Chapter 4 Test on Friday, August 25th


August 8-11

This week we have been working on setting up our Interactive Notebooks. I will use my blog to update daily assignments and homework. You may also click on the “Table of Contents” page to stay up to date on the contents of your notebook.

Wed. 8/9: Textbook Scavenger Hunt  (Notebook pg. 3)
Thurs. 8/10: Interactive Notebook Setup 2017
Fri. 8/11:  Why Study History  (Notebook pg. 1)

6th Grade Open House is Monday, August 14 at 6:00.