December 4-8

Dates to Remember:
Thursday, Dec. 7th- Study Guide Due
Friday, Dec. 8th- “Be A Star!” Project Due
Monday, Dec. 11th- 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark Test
Tuesday, Dec. 12th- “20’s Day” (Dress up in 20’s Fashion)

Monday: Work on “Be A Star!” Project / 2nd 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide
HW: Work on Study Guide (Due Thursday)
Tuesday: 1920’s Men’s and Ladies’ Fashion Illustrations
HW: Finish Illustrations
Wednesday: Project Runway
HW: Finish Study Guide (Due Tomorrow)
Thursday: Work on “Be A Star!” Project / Benchmark Study Guide Answers
HW: Finish “Be A Star!” Project and Study for Benchmark Exam

November 27-December 1

Monday: Complete Chapter 9 Cover Page and Chapter 9 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart  (Vocabulary Quiz Friday)
 Harding-Coolidge Notes / Create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Harding and Coolidge on pg. 85 in notebook
HW: None
Wednesday: Junior Scholastic Article
Thursday: Time of Turmoil Notes / In the Court of Law
HW: Study for Vocabulary Quiz
Friday: Chapter 9 Vocabulary Quiz / Begin “Be A STAR!” Project on Google Classroom (due next Friday)

November 13-17

Chapter 8 (WWI) Test Thursday 

Monday: Ch 8 WWI Study Guide
HW: Finish Study Guide (We will check answers in class on Tuesday)
Tuesday: Ch 8 WWI Study Guide Answers and End of Neutrality Notes
HW: Study for Chapter 8 Test
Wednesday: On the Homefront & Searching for Peace Notes / The End is Near! Notes
HW: Study for Chapter 8 Test
Thursday: Chapter 8 WWI Test
Friday: Google Classroom Assignment (WWI Event Summary- Google Slides)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

November 6-10

Trench Warfare Day is Thursday. You need to create a gas mask at home to use in class on Thursday.

Monday: A World War Begins / Ch 8 Vocab Word Search
HW: Finish Vocabulary Word Search and WWI Map
Tuesday: “Finding Winnie”
HW: Work on Gas Mask for Trench Day Thursday
Wednesday: Reasons America Goes to War
HW: Gas Mask for tomorrow
Thursday: Trench Warfare Day
Friday: No School (Veteran’s Day)

October 16-20

Monday: Finish PAL Journals
Tuesday: Chapter 7 Notebook Setup and Complete Ch 7 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Wednesday: U.S. Becoming a World Power Notes and Should America Seek to Control a Smaller Country   HW: Finish “Quotes” from today’s notes
Thursday: Hawaii Notes
HW: “Lei of Facts” due at the end of class on Friday
Friday: China and Japan Notes / Complete “Flags of the Pacific”

Chapter 7 Vocabulary Quiz- Tuesday, October 24th
imperialism, isolationism, sphere of influence, yellow journalism, dollar diplomacy, Open Door Policy, Boxer Rebellion, annexation, protectorate, isthmus


September 25-29

Note: PAL Parent Meeting has been moved to Wednesday, September 27th at 5:00 in Room A-4

Monday: Progressive Movement Notes
Tuesday: Political Machinery  and  Progressive Spirit of Reform
HW: Finish Progressive Spirit of Reform
Wednesday: Progressive Amendments Chart and Chapter 6 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Study for Progressive Movement Vocabulary and Amendment Quiz (Friday)
Thursday: Begin First 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide (Benchmark Test is Wed. 10/4)
Friday: Chapter 6 Vocabulary/Amendment Quiz
First 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide with Answers