March 12-16

Monday: Complete Holocaust Vocabulary Chart (Vocabulary Quiz Friday)
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Link to Quizlet to study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz:  Holocaust Quizlet
Tuesday: Holocaust Article Questions
HW: Finish Questions and Study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz
Wednesday: Kristallnacht Article Questions
HW: Finish Questions and Study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz
Thursday: Watch “Paper Clips” and answer questions Paper Clips
HW: Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz, Finish “Paper Clips”


February 19-23

Monday: “Why Propaganda?” Notes / View WWII Propaganda Posters: Power of Persuasion Website
HW: None
Tuesday: Propaganda Poster Project:  Propaganda Posters pg 1 / Propaganda Posters pg 2     HW: Finish Posters Project
Wednesday: Pearl Harbor Guest Speaker
Thursday: Day of Infamy Notes / Pearl Harbor Interactive Attack Map Activity
Pearl Harbor Attack Map Directions / Interactive Attack Map Link
HW: Bellringer Quiz and Notebook Check Tomorrow
Friday: Navajo Code Talkers Article / Homefront Groups

February 12-16

Monday: Prelude to War
HW: Study- Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow
Tuesday: The War Begins Notes
HW: Map Quiz Thursday (Know the following: France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Soviet Union, Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea)
Wednesday: Battle of Dunkirk and Battle of Britain : Highlight key facts to create a summary of each battle.
HW: Map Quiz Tomorrow
Thursday: The War Continues Notes

January 22-26

Monday: Annotate Dust Bowl Article and Answer Questions; Complete Dust Bowl Map
Dust Bowl Article
Dust Bowl Map
HW: Finish Questions and Map
Tuesday: ABC Agencies Chart
HW: Finish Chart
Wednesday: Section 2 Review (The New Deal)
HW: Finish Section 2 Review
Thursday: Superman Cartoon/Hobo Story Project  (Due Monday, January 29)
Project Rubric
Ch 10 Study Guide  (Chapter 10 Test is Tuesday, January 30)
Friday:  Work on final draft of writing/cartoon project in class (Due Monday)
Ch 10 Study Guide Answer Key