May 14-18

Monday: Nixon & Ford Notes / Nixon & Ford Portraits
HW: Finish Portraits
Tuesday: Carter & Reagan Notes / Carter & Reagan Portraits
HW: Finish Portraits
Wednesday: George H.W. Bush & Clinton Notes / George H.W. Bush & Clinton Portraits      HW: Finish Portraits
Thursday: George W. Bush & Obama Notes / George W. Bush & Obama Portraits
HW: Finish Portraits
Friday: 4th 9 Weeks Benchmark Study Guide
***4th 9 Weeks Social Studies Exam is Tuesday, May 22***

April 30-May 4

Monday: Chapter 13 Test
Tuesday: Ch 14 Vocabulary Chart
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Wednesday: Kennedy Foreign Policy Notes / Cuban Missile Crisis Map
HW: Finish Map
Thursday: War in Vietnam Notes / War in Vietnam Map
HW: Finish Map
Friday: Vietnam at Home Notes / Dove-Hawk Comparison

1960’s Day is Wednesday, May 9th
Don’t forget to dress up! Are you going to be a dove or a hawk???
Wear 60’s fashions or dress patriotic (red, white, and blue or camo). 

April 23-27

Monday: Civil Rights Movement Notes
HW: None  (Chapter 13 Vocabulary Quiz Thursday)
Tuesday: The Freedom Rides / Freedom Rides Map / Freedom Riders Map Instructions
HW: Freedom Rides Map
Wednesday: Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights Notes / Rights for Other Americans Notes / Rights for Other Americans KEY
HW: Chapter 13 Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow / Ch 13 Vocabulary Quizlet
Thursday: Ruby Bridges
Friday: Ruby Bridges Reflection

Chapter 13 Test: Monday, 4/30 (Open Notes)

April 9-13

1950’s Day is this Friday
Korean War Notes
HW: Finish Korean Culture Comparison
Tuesday: Korean War Map Instructions Korean War Map  (Use textbook pg 377)
HW: Finish Korean War Map
Wednesday: Eisenhower Notes / Ch 12 Study Guide
HW: Finish Ch. 12 Study Guide (Test: Wednesday, April 18)
1950s Fashion / Ch 12 Study Guide Answer Key
Friday: Fifties Day
HW: Chapter 12 Test Wednesday, April 18th


April 2-6

***Holocaust Notebook Check will be Wednesday***
***Chapter 12 Vocabulary Test Thursday***
Ch 12 Cover Page and Ch 12 Vocabulary
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Tuesday: After the War Notes and “Germany Divided” Map
HW: Holocaust Notebook Check Tomorrow and Chapter 12 Vocabulary Test Thursday
Wednesday: Berlin Wall Graffiti
Chapter 12 Vocabulary Quizlet
HW: Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow
Thursday: Work on “Individual Berlin Wall Graffiti” and begin “Group Graffiti Posters”
HW: Individual Graffiti due tomorrow
Friday: Finish Group Graffiti Posters in class

March 12-16

Monday: Complete Holocaust Vocabulary Chart (Vocabulary Quiz Friday)
HW: Finish Vocabulary Chart
Link to Quizlet to study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz:  Holocaust Quizlet
Tuesday: Holocaust Article Questions
HW: Finish Questions and Study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz
Wednesday: Kristallnacht Article Questions
HW: Finish Questions and Study for Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz
Thursday: Watch “Paper Clips” and answer questions Paper Clips
HW: Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz, Finish “Paper Clips”