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Each student MUST have a 100% cotton shirt here by Wednesday. This process takes 3 days and we cannot start a shirt on Thursday.

I REALLY need some paper towels. I have none right now and this will require a lot of paper towels so…. if you could donate a roll or two that would be AWESOME!!!!

A study guide was worked on in class today and must be finished by Monday.

I attached the study guide in case you need it.

4th Nine Weeks Study Guide -2012 no answers

Covers only sections 1 and 2 of Ch. 17. Notes from Monday 5/7 and Tuesday 5/8. A study guide was given to the students today and it is due tomorrow.

If your child will be on the history field trip tomorrow or absent for any other reason they need to be prepared to turn in the study guide and take the quiz on Friday.

I have attached the notes in case you need them.

Waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum



I plan on us tye-dying t-shirts Wednesday May 16 through Friday May 18.

Each student will need to bring in a white COTTON t-shirt if they want to tye-dye. I am providing the dyes and chemicals.

I have warned the students that if their behavior goes downhill quickly over the next couple of weeks they will not be allowed to participate.

Monday – Wednesday – we will cover Ch. 17 sections 1 and 2.
Thursday – Quiz on Ch. 17 (What we covered Monday-Wednesday)
Friday – The students will receive their study guide for their 4th nine weeks test (The test is on Tuesday May 15). This study guide will need to be completed by Monday May 14. We will go over the answers in class.

Study everything in you notebook from 4/30 through 5/2.
I have attached notes in case you didn’t get them.

sound print version

Define Ch. 16 key terms (sections 1 and 2 only) in notebook (11 total)

*Exception – 4th period – ALL key terms (22 total)

Monday – Wednesday – notes on Ch. 16 sections 1 and 2 (sound)
Thursday – Ch.16 quiz – based on those two sections and notes, key terms done during class 4/30 – 5/2.
Friday – Notebook quiz – Covers 4/13 through 5/2.

PLEASE continue to check blog for any added homework/notes during the week.

Go home today, Friday, 4/27. This is the last grades that will be sent home until final report cards are mailed home.


Make up work

If you have been absent during the week of 4/23 through 4/27 this is what needs to be made up:
1. 4/24 – Ch. 15 quiz
2. All DSW’s for the week