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Poland! :)

Hello friends! As you read this, I am probably packing a few last-minute things and getting ready to go to the airport for my trip to Poland! Today, I want you to use the worksheets that Mrs. Arledge gives you along with the links below to research some basic information about the country where I’ll be spending the next ten days… Happy hunting! 



1. What is the capital of
Poland? ___________________________


Poland is slightly smaller than a state in our country. What state is it? _____________________


Poland has cold winters and frequent _________________________. (Snow!)


4. Polish money is called _________________________. 



5. List the seven countries that border

_________________________     _______________________       ______________________ 

_________________________     _______________________       ______________________ 





6. Describe the colors of the flag. 




7. Where is
Poland’s location? ____________________________________


8. List three major cities in
Poland: _____________________, ____________________, and



9. What is the main language of the country? _______________________ 



10. What is the name of the sea that borders
Poland on the north? _____________________


11. How old is
Poland? _________________________


12. How many letters are in the Polish alphabet? _______________________ 


13. What is the best known city in
Poland? ____________________________________________


Finally, there is a very interesting activity about the Polish language at http://www.apples4theteacher.com/dot2dotpolish.html. Make sure you’re wearing headphones!!! J


Monday, 1/26

Hi Kids!

I hope you’ve had a good afternoon! Today, I want you to do Fasttmath. Then I want you to click here to go on an adventure on the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman. After that, you need to leave a comment on the blog sharing something you’ve learned about the Underground Railroad. Remember, post only your first name, and make up an email address. The email address cannot have any spaces. It can look like this: email@yahoo.com. If it asks you for a website, you can just leave that box blank.

I love y’all, and I hope you’re making good choices… Hopefully I’ll be feeling better really soon so we can be together again!

- Miss Benton

Here’s a link to a great site to learn about the Underground Railroad!

First, explore this website to learn more about the Civil War.

Then write a comment on this post listing two things that you have learned this week related to the Civil War.

Finally, if you have time, you can do Fasttmath and typing practice.

Click here for some awesome online games and resources to help with math practice!

On November 19th-21st, 52 students, 2 teachers, and 18 wonderful chaperones continued the long-standing 4th grade tradition of the fall field trip to Bear Creek Education Center in Hodges, AL. Though the facilities, activities, and traditions may not change – the students determine the success of the trip, and this year was great. With such a large group, the energy level was hard to contain at times, but because of their enthusiasm, this year’s activities were better than ever! We were all exhausted when we got home after a full schedule of cave exploration, a snake show, archery, a low ropes course, canoeing, hiking and learning about trees, a visit to Overton Farm to learn about Alabama history, a hayride, squaredancing, and a night hike to look at the stars. Mix in throughout that schedule meals in an overflowing dining hall, living in large cabins full of bunkbeds and very few showers with limited hot water, and LOTS of walking, laughing, and playing. We topped it all off with a stop at the McDonald’s in Jasper where we were told for the second year in a row that our kids are the best bus group that they ever see!!! (Great job, kids!!!)

Though there are many trips that are closer to home, easier to plan, less expensive, and quite frankly – less exhausting… I truly believe that this tradition is worth holding onto. The experiences provided at Bear Creek provided numerous opportunities for the students to see and try new things. It is amazing to see them conquer their fears and experience the feeling of accomplishment after they crawl through the dark cave, shoot a bow and arrow for the first time, canoe on the lake, or hike without a flashlight after dark. As a teacher, I love getting to know the students in such a different environment, and encouraging them to challenge themselves in new ways. :)




Post a comment and write at least four sentences telling some of the things you have learned about the Native Americans that lived in Alabama. Remember to create sentences with subjects and predicates that start with uppercase letters and end with proper punctuation.

Then you can explore this website about Native Americans. Click here!

Have a great day!!! :)

Click here to find data and information about Alabama.

Click here to look at a climate map and a precipitation map.

Click here to view a relief map, an elevation map, a map of rivers and lakes, a political map, and a road map.

Click here to view a population density map.


On Wednesdays, as a reward for good behavior, the kids get time in the space bounce! Every kid gets to start over on Wednesday with a clean slate. If they get sent to the office for any reason, they are automatically disqualified from space bounce for the week. With our checkmark system, they are allowed verbal warnings and one check. However, if they get two checks – no bouncing… Those seem like really high expectations for a whole week, but look at how many kids rise to meet our high expectations!!! :)

Keep up the hard work, kids!