11 Steps to Archery Success

11 Steps to Archery Success:

1. STANCE – Place one foot on each side of the shooting line. Find a comfortable balanced stance with your feet shoulder width apart. Stand straight and tall, with your head up and your shoulders down
and relaxed.

2. NOCK – Place the arrow on the arrow rest, holding the arrow close to the nock. Keep the odd colored fletching pointing away from the bow. Snap the nock of the arrow onto the bowstring under the nock locator.

3. SET DRAW HAND – Set the groove of your first three fingers around the bowstring creating a hook.

4. SET BOW HAND- Set your bow hand on the grip using only the web and the meaty part of your thumb. Your bow hand should stay relaxed throughout the entire shot.

5. PRE-DRAW – Raise our bow arm towards the target, while keeping your shoulder down. Look at the target down the arrow.

6. DRAW – Maintain a continuous drawing motion throughout the shot.

7. ANCHOR – Draw the string until your first finger is at the “corner of your smile”.

8. AIM – Focus your eyes and your concentration on your aiming point.Keep the string lined up with the center of the bow.

9. SHOT SET-UP – Think about what your about to do and what adjustment you should have made in your aiming point.

10. RELEASE – Simply release the tension in your fingers and drawing hand, all at once, drawing your shoulder blades together. Your hand should paint your face as it comes back and your bow arm should drop down and out of the way.

11. FOLLOW-THROUGH – Your drawing hand continues back beside the neck with fingers relaxed, ending up near the shoulder. Bow arm maintains its position for a compound shooter. Continue focusing on the target Maintain your follow-through until the arrow hits the target, or until your fingers touch your back shoulder for
a compound shooter.

Archery Has Started!!

We are now starting our archery unit. We are very excited about getting started and looking forward to a new year of archery. You must have close-toed shoes to participate (no flip-flops, sandals).

Important Reminders:
Whistle Commands –
2 = Get Bow
1 = Shoot
3 = Go Get Arrows
5 or more = Stop, Unnock your Arrow, Bow on your Toe