7th Grade Red Information Form; 2015-2016 Important Documents

In-Class Survey: Took Math Survey

Students: Please complete the following Google Docs form by Friday, August 14, 2015!!! Click to take google survey!

Important Documents

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During the school year, you will find that I post the daily agenda which includes the bell ringer, notes, and assignment for the class. If you are wanting to practice on concepts over the summer, please refer to the textbook website that you find on the tool bar to the right labeled Holt Math 7 Textbook or Holt Pre-Algebra Textbook. These websites are interactive and can be very useful as it will provide immediate feedback.

Best wishes and have a wonderful summer! I hope that you be safe and enjoy time outside of school. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

~Ms. Ferguson

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4th 9 Weeks Benchmark Schedule

  • Thursday, May 19th
    • Math (Day 1) – All grades {DC STUDENTS TAKE ON WED. 5/18}
  • Friday, May 20th
    • ELA – All grades {DC STUDENTS TAKE ON WED. 5/18}
    • Math (Day 2) – All grades {DC STUDENTS TAKE ON WED. 5/18}
  • Monday, May 23rd (6th grade Awards – AM; Field Day – PM)
    • Social Studies – 7th and 8th Grade {DC STUDENTS TAKE ON WED. 5/25}
  • Tuesday, May 24th  (7th grade Awards – AM; Field Day – PM)
    • Social Studies – 6th
    • Science – 8th Grade
  • Wednesday, May 25th  (8th grade Awards – AM; Field Day – PM)
    • Science – 6th and 7th Grade
    • Grading Period Ends (all grades due)
  • Thursday, May 26th
    • End of School Assembly
  • Friday, May 27th – Report Cards Sent Home  
    • No School May 24th. Have a great Summer Break!
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Dates for Calendar

As usual, the last couple months of weeks of school are generally a bit hectic. Listed below you will find a majority of the important events that are in the near future.

  • Sunday, April 10th: OM Idol
  • Friday, April 22: End of the Year Gala (for OMMS students only)
  • Tuesday, May 3rd @ 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria: D.C. Informational Meeting (student and parent must attend)
    • Bring any prescription medicine with appropriate form
  • Friday, May 6th: Spring Fling
  • Thursday, May 19th – Monday, May 23rd: DC Trip


  • ACT Reading:
    • April 12 – 7th
    • April 13 – 6th
    • April 14 – 8th
    • Make-up dates, all grades: April 15th-18th
  • ACT Science:
    • April 19 – 7th grade only
    • Make up: April 20th-22nd
  • ACT Math:
    • April 26 – 7th
    • April 27 – 6th
    • April 28 – 8th
    • Make up all grades: April 29th-May 6th


  • Monday, May 16th: Math Notebook Test
  • Thursday, May 19 – Friday, May 20: Math Benchmark
  • Friday, May 20: ELA Benchmark
  • Monday, May 23:
    • Social Studies Benchmark (7th/8th Grade)
  • Tuesday, May 19:
    • Social Studies Benchmark (6th Grade)
    • Science Benchmark (8th Grade)
  • Wednesday, May 20:
    • Science Benchmark (6th /7th Grade)
    • Make-up testing


  • Thursday, May 19 – Monday, May 23: D.C. Trip
    • Benchmarks for those attending:
      • Tuesday, May 17- ELA
      • Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18 – Math
      • Wednesday, May 14 – Science
      • Wednesday, May 14 – Social Studies
  • Monday, May 23: 6th Grade Awards/Field Day
  • Tuesday, May 24: 7th Grade Awards/Field Day
  • Wednesday, May 25: 8th Grade Awards/Field Day (Breakfast)
  • Thursday, May 26: Last Day Assemblies
  • Friday, May 27: Report cards are mailed home!
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“Birmingham Reads” teaming with Better Basics

“Birmingham Reads” program is kicking off! Our SGA is teaming with Academic Partners to provide gently used children’s books for students, K – 5th grade in underserved schools in Birmingham. Students are encouraged to bring in books to 7th period April 4 – 16th. Books will then be donated to Better Basics for distribution. Grade level classes with the highest donations will receive a cookie party!

***Thank you for all of your support with your donations!***

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break. Enjoy your week away from school, but please be safe. Be prepared with your materials and ready to learn when you come back to school. Check your individual class page to make sure that you have completed your homework from before the break.

HAVE FUN, but please BE SAFE! See you in about a week.

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Please be advised of the following test dates noting that check in/outs are not allowed during standardized testing:

  • ACT Reading:
    • April 12 – 7th
    • April 13 – 6th
    • April 14 – 8th
    • Make-up dates, all grades: April 15th-18th
  • ACT Science:
    • April 19 – 7th grade only
    • Make up: April 20th-22nd
  • ACT Math:
    • April 26 – 7th
    • April 27 – 6th
    • April 28 – 8th
    • Make up all grades: April 29th-May 6th


  1. Get plenty of rest (around 8 or more hours of good sleep).
  2. Eat a healthy dinner with carbohydrates and proteins the night before testing.
  3. Eat a well balanced breakfast the morning of testing with carbohydrates, proteins, and fruit (or fruit juice).
  4. Bring ONLY yourself your testing classroom. You may not bring any electronic devices (against the law to have in the testing room during testing), pillows/blankets, books, or other study materials unless otherwise directed by your test supervisor.
  5. Check with your teacher to make sure of your testing location and date.
  6. Be aware of the rules of the ASPIRE Tests (Reading, Math, and Science) especially including test taking strategies for those tests.
  7. Practice exemplars for the reading, math, and science using the following information: ACT Aspire Exemplars
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Budget Project – Google Apps for Education (GAfE)

The Budget Project is a cross-curricular assignment that will be completed and graded in both math and social studies classes.  We will be completing the following:


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Next week March 14 – 18  is CHILD ADVOCACY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN.  OMMS will be collecting items for Owens House.  Owens House provides over 4500 school children with safety education, forensic interviews, counseling sessions for child victims of abuse and support sessions to their caregivers.  Each team per grade level will have a teacher that will collect the items.  The teams that bring in all of the items will be allowed to sit in the hallway during advisory one day before spring break and have a “social media, play on their phones” advisory.  Below is a list of the items:

Each team per grade level is being asked to bring in the following (The numbers, 10 and 5, are the amounts we hope to collect per team per grade level):

Thank you for the contributions so far…we still need the following (as of 12:30 p.m. on 3/18/16):

  • 8 (4 pack) Play dough – 2 collected
  • 3 (24 pack) bottles of finger paint – 2 collected
  • 5 packs white card stock
  • 4 (3 packs) scotch tape – 1 collected
  • 0 packs color card stock – all collected
  • 0 stress balls – all collected
  • 0 (2 packs) artist canvas – all collected
  • 0 (8 packs) bottles of bubbles – all collected
  • 0 (12 pack) Primary markers – all collected
  • 0 bottles of nail polish – all collected
  • 0 journals – all collected
  • 0 coloring books – all collected
  • 0 (12 pack) sidewalk chalk – all collected
  • 0 (1 box (8 ct)) cheese crackers – all collected
  • 0 tubs air dry clay – all collected
  • 0 reams copy paper – all collected
  • 0 word search books – all collected
  • 0 boxes of staples – all collected
  • 0 (10 pack) pens – all collected
  • 0 (3 pack) post-it notes – all collected
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3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Schedule

  • Monday, March 7
    • English/Language Arts
  • Tuesday, March 8
    • Science
  • Wednesday, March 9 
    • Math (Day 1)
    • Electives
  • Thursday, March 10 – Grading Period Ends (all grades due)    
    • Math (Day 2)
    • Social Studies
  • Friday, March 11 – No School (Teacher Workday)
  • Friday, March 18 – Report Cards Sent Home  

Spring Break is coming up soon…March 28th-April 1st! Let’s have a strong finish to the 3rd Nine Weeks and an excellent start to the 4th Nine Weeks!

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Career Day

Parents and Students:

OMMS will be hosting Career Day here on campus for our 7th and 8th graders for an in-house field trip. We will be bringing in speakers into the classrooms in addition to various other vocations in a mini  career fair in the gym where students will have an opportunity to inquire about several colleges and future career opportunities. Please see below for more details about the event.

When: Friday, February 19th from 8 – 11:30 a.m.

Where: Students will need to report to their first period class for attendance, and then go to their group leader’s classroom.

What: Students will bring a writing utensil to complete their questionnaires for each session .

Attire: Professional dress is requested from students. We are not asking parents to go buy new clothes, but we are asking for students to dress for success. Please email for questions.

We have discussed appropriate questions in addition to timing of questions during presentations in order to help the students put their best foot forward for this wonderful opportunity.

We are looking forward to this wonderful opportunity for the students!

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