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End of 1st 9 weeks

I can’t believe the end of the first nine weeks is upon us.

Here is an update of what we have been doing in class.

6th and 7th grade students should now know how to type all the alphabetic keys and basic punctuation without looking at a rate of at least 25 words per min.  Their final typing test will count as their nine weeks test.  We took it last week, so students gone to PAL will not need to worry about missing it.  They have already taken it.

6th grade students have been learning how to create detailed drawings using the Paint program, greeting cards using Publisher, and letters using Word.  The remaining days of the nine weeks 6th grade students will be learning how to code using coding blocks and resources on the Hour of Code website.  Students going to PAL may want to visit these at some point see what they missed.

My current sixth graders will rotate to Mr. Cecil’s art class for the 2nd nine weeks beginning Tuesday, Oct. 10th.

7th grade students have recently been learning and reviewing information about safety, their digital footprint, and responsibility while using social media and the Internet using and interactive series of scenarios and games.  They have taken an interest survey to help steer them toward career areas based on their answers.  They have been watching career videos and doing research about careers.  Their final assignment of the nine weeks is to create a comparison infographic between two careers of interest to them using the resources on website.

8th grade students are still learning how to type the alphabetic keys, and will continue to do so throughout the semester.  Our emphasis has been more on learning about coding websites with HTML and basic computer literacy than on keying.  However, students should use any spare time in class to practice and learn to type the alphabetic keys without looking.  They should also practice this at home as opportunities arise.

8th grade students will have a nine weeks test this Wednesday  (10/4/2017) over the first one and a half units of the Computer Science Discoveries curriculum.  Study guides have been provided.  Students should have notes in their own journal, and we have reviewed using a practice/pop quiz.  The test will cover vocabulary, concepts, and HTML covered in Units 1 and 2.

Rules & Safety Test

First you will need to login to Google.

Remember it is your first name period last name followed by

Your password is the same.

Click here to open the test.  Do not begin without my permission.


Aug. 9th, 2017 -Second day of class

(All grades)  We continued to speak about rules and expectations today.

Students will have a rules/safety test on Friday.

Below are links to the information we have been reviewing.  Be sure to pay special attention to the pages taken from the Code of Conduct and examples of unacceptable use.

First Day Discussion 2017-18

This is what we discussed today (see link below).  Fifth period missed some of this due to lunch discussion.  We will complete it tomorrow and continue the rules.  I also explained emergency procedures for fire, severe weather, and lock-downs.

First Day Questions & Information 2017

Welcome to 2017-18 Computer Class!

I am currently in the process of updating this blog.

Please check back for updated information in the next day or two.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.  ~ Mrs. Graham