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End of the nine weeks is almost here.

Update for week of March 3rd, 2014 -

All students should be able to type the alphabetic keys and basic punctuation without looking at their hands.  Last week was our last typing test for the nine weeks.  Students desiring a retest will have the opportunity to improve their score this Thursday.

We’re reviewing vocabulary related to Microsoft Word by playing vocabulary games on the textbook site.  There is a link to them below and to the right in the sidebar.

There will not be a nine weeks test for this class.

Sixth graders will change to their next elective after this week.  They will rotate to Mrs. Gargiulo’s class (Family and Consumer Science – once called Home Ec.) on Monday.  Seventh graders will remain with me until the end of the year.

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Long time no update!


It’s been awhile since my last update.  There really hasn’t been much to tell.  We’ve been working on learning how to type without looking at our keys and/or improving on our typing skills if we already knew how to type without looking.  We worked on this from the beginning of the semester.  So, nothing much changed or needed to be updated.

At this point all students should know how to type the basic alphabetic keys without looking at their hands or the keys.  We will test over the keys next Wednesday, Feb., 26th.

We have explored Publisher to create greeting cards and learn about templates and desktop publishing.  I hope some of you received a card your student created in class last week.

We watched a video about the history of computers this week (7th grade), OR a video about the inside of a computer (6th grade).  Our current focus is on learning about proper computer vocabulary and a general history of the computer.  After that we will be working on word processing skills while continuing to improve our keying skills.

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If you are new to this class – things you need to know

We have many rules for the class.  Below are links to the rules presentations we use in class.  You may want to review them to prepare for the rules test.

Classroom & Safety Rules Presentation 8.2012       AUP Presentation (Technology Rules)

Please view the syllabus.  Print the signature page and return it signed as soon as possible.  All I need is the signature page.  Please do not print the entire syllabus.   Also, view the Business Computer Policies Form.    I will gladly make copies of the signature sheet and policies forms for you if you desire.

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