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If you missed the Digital Literacy Modules assessment . . .

You will need to see me to take the assessment.  It will only be over the Computer Basics lessons/modules.  So, focus your attention on the vocabulary and concepts in that section.  Be sure to use Internet Explorer.  Given the short amount of time we have, you may want to launch the assessment at home to look over sample questions and study.  **Note:  The questions vary from one attempt to another and the order is scrambled.**  You MUST take the test in my room.  Here is a link to the lesson and the assessment.

Computer Basics Lesson

Launch Assessment

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

7th grade classes (periods 1, 4, 5, & 7):
Ask Mrs. Casada for your Kodu Game scoring forms if you did not complete playing/sharing the games you created.  This should mainly be people who were absent except for first and 5th periods – – they still have some game sharing to complete.  They will need to go to each person’s computer to play each game.  This should take at most 20 minutes.  Score the games on your score sheet and write comments if something did not work or if something was really fantastic (nothing mean or hateful).

Once finished scoring the games, go to my blog.  Scroll down to the post below this one.  Click on the link to record your scores for your class period.  You may submit more than once if you accidentally submit before you intended to submit.  This should only be done if you make a mistake or if someone was absent and you could not submit before their score earlier.  Do not keep resubmitting the form.  Give the score sheet back to Mrs. Casada.  Then, continue the modules.  See below.

6th grade classes (periods 2 & 3):
You have these options today:  1)  Type for 20 minutes if you need to practice for your retest tomorrow over Les. 21, then work on the Digital Learning Modules.  Or, 2) work on the modules all period.  If you work well Mrs. Casada may allow you to have computer free exploration time (Paint, Microsoft programs, typing games on my blog, or even Cool Math today), but you MUST be really good and get to work quickly.

The Modules (6th and 7th grade classes):
Resume work on the Digital Literacy Modules we began earlier this week.  Here are the links again.  Make sure you use Explorer when doing the modules.  When you complete the first module go to the next one until you have gone through all of them.  Use the study guide I sent you Wednesday to help you prepare for the test over the modules.  Your test will be next Tuesday.  People absent or going to D.C. will need to see me to take the test upon their return.

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Internet, Cloud, and World Wide Web
  3. Productivity Programs
  4. Computer Security
  5.  Digital Lifestyles

Rank the Kodu games here.

Be sure to click the correct period.

1st period


4th period


5th period


7th period

The final weeks of 2014-15

Video Game Project:

We are finishing our computer video game programming projects and exploration of Excel (spreadsheets).  We will be sharing our games with our classmates beginning next Tuesday, May 12th.  This is always a fun project to share.

In coming days, sixth graders will explore Tynker to get a feel for beginning programming logic.  They will also format letters using Word and spreadsheets using Excel.

Digital Literacy:

Both sixth and seventh graders will be focusing on digital literacy for the next couple weeks.  Click the link below.  Be sure you are using Internet Explorer to view the modules.  This is something those students going to D.C. can do at home to catch-up on missed work.

There are five modules.  

Do not skip any section of any lesson.  

You will need headphones at times.

Go back to review when necessary.  

Do NOT take the final test until Mrs. Graham asks you to take it.

Digital Literacy by Microsoft.


Catch the Leprechaun (Tynker)


Play Catch the Leprechaun on Tynker.


Valentine’s Programming

Programming on the site for a Valentine’s treat.  Click link below.


If you are new to my class – – rules and policies posted below.

Here are the rules and policies we have covered in class.

Classroom and Safety Rules Presentation

AUP Presentation (Technology Rules)

There is more to read. Continue reading