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Class update – 9/9/2014

We’re still working on learning how to type without looking at our keys.  However, we should nearly know all of them at this point.  By the end of next week all students SHOULD know how to type all the alphabetic keys and basic punctuation keys without looking.  Minimum speed should be around 20 words per minute.  Ask your student to demonstrate their new skills while at home.  You may use one of the typing websites I have listed in my links column to the right.  Their hands should remain mostly on home row keys, and they should not be looking at their hands except for when they initially place their hands on home row.  

If your student is not performing at the expected level they should go back to home row to review, and gradually add in additional keys.  They should practice, practice, practice without looking.  However, long periods of practice at one sitting can get tiring.  I would recommend no more than 20 to 30 minutes at one time.  Or, they can practice each time a commercial break happens during their favorite show to break-up the practice.

Students who have had this class before have the opportunities to learn about programming and/or practice typing using the typing games on the Internet.  They are also working to improve their typing skills (speed and accuracy) using more difficult lessons typing paragraphs.



If you are new to my class – - rules and policies posted below.

Here are the rules and policies we have covered in class.

Classroom and Safety Rules Presentation

AUP Presentation (Technology Rules)

There is more to read. Continue reading

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! 

This is what we will be covering the first few days of class: 

  • Classroom and safety rules
  • Shelby County Technology Acceptable Use Policies
  • Class syllabus
  • Future Business Leaders of America
  • Logging-in to the network
  • Proper posture and technique for typing (also known as keyboarding)
  • Beginning to type without looking at hands or keys
  • Rules and safety test

The syllabus as well as rules presentations will be added here in the next few days.  There will be forms to sign and return beginning next week.

Other items to be covered are assigned seats, restroom breaks, lunch, emergency procedures (severe weather, fire, lock down), and supplies (Rarely needed, but needed - pen/pencil and paper.   Daily needed – their agenda.   Optional - ear buds or headphones – cheap ones.).