Information about 8th grade coding classes (Sign-up NOW!!)

Seventh graders – NOW is the time to sign-up for 8th grade elective classes.

There are three options for students who want to learn about coding (programming).

  • Elective Wheel – Introduction to Programming (Semester Course) – By signing-up for the 8th grade elective wheel you may possibly be in this class next year, but it is not guaranteed.  This course covers an introduction to various programming languages, web development, and video game development with an emphasis on business and customer service.
  • Computer Science Discoveries (All Year) – This course is an all year course for students who show an interest in learning about coding web pages, animations, games, and apps.  Students must sign-up with Mrs. Graham and indicate their choice on the course selection sheet the counselor provides.  See the link to the video below.
  • Computer/Yearbook Aide & Introduction to Programming (All Year) –  Students must sign-up with Mrs. Graham.  There are only a few spots for this position.  Student history and prior performance at OMMS will be reviewed before being accepted to this important position.  Students must be trustworthy, reliable, and willing to work independently on coding assignments.  This is not a study hall.  Students will basically be a yearbook and computer aide for the first semester and do Introduction to Programming curriculum the second semester.  Students accepted to this position will be on the yearbook staff as well.

Class update – 2.7.2018

I can’t believe this nine weeks is half over!  Even though we have missed almost a week due to some weather we have made great progress learning to type without looking at our hands (all grades).  Those who already pretty much knew how to type without looking at their hands have continued to improve their keying skills by typing paragraphs and backspacing to correct any mistakes.

In addition to typing, sixth grade students have been learning about basic computer tasks such as save, open, save as, overwriting a file, navigating the network, and so forth by creating a lovely detailed painting about something that takes place in the spring or a spring landscape.  I hope to include some of the images here later.

In addition to working on their keying skills, seventh grade students have been using the Anywhere USA game to learn about digital citizenship and computer safety.  We will soon begin working on a career exploration unit.  (Interest inventory, career research, resume’, cover letters, job applications, and etc.)

Coding students (8th grade) have been working some on their keying skills on a daily basis, but the majority of their time has been spent on solving coding puzzles using block code or Java Script.  We are working on Unit 3 – Animation & Games.  They have been doing a great job working together (teamwork) to help out students who are confused by some puzzles.  Reading, following directions, and attempting the levels in sequential order is important to success in this class.