Library Lessons

Lessons in September and October.:

For grades 2-5 It’s a busy 2 months for these students in the library. We explore the “how-to” of eBooks and read them independently. We are getting comfortable with chromebooks, Google Suite for Education, and using Typing Agent to improve keyboarding skills. Grades 3-5 are learning how to use Google Earth for research and discovery. All upper grades will participate in a Google Expedition complete with virtual reality glasses and a teacher guide in October! This is in addition to STEM centers and normal library checkouts. We are excited to be learning so much!

Grades 1 & 2 continue a regularly scheduled story time once a week just like kindgergarten. Students are begining to learn about eBooks and reading them on devices in the library. We are participating in grade-appropriate STEM centers. Additionally, we are learning to pick “just right books” and love reading.

Kindergarten students start with simple story time lessons. They will not be checking out books independently until closer to then end of the first 9 weeks. Each class gets a basket of 25 library books to share in the classroom for the week until individual checkouts begin. Kindergarten also participates in age-appropriate STEM centers and activities during their library time.

*Kindergarten students are not allowed to take library books home. (Why? -Too many lose them before you, the parent, ever know they have them!)

**If you’d like to check out books with your kindergartner for home use, you may! You, the parent, may come in with or without your child during the library’s open morning time from 7:30-7:55 a.m. to check out up to 2 books. Books can be kept for 2 weeks at a time. Replacement fees are required for lost/damaged books. (See Library Policy page for details.)

Contact Mrs. Haglund (a.k.a. “Mrs. H.”) via email at
Forest Oaks Elementary
1000 Hornet Parkway
Chelsea, AL 35043

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