What’s Happening

          We have had a great first week!  I have enjoyed getting to know your children these first few days.  I can tell I have been blessed with a wonderful class.  The students have come to school with an eagerness to learn which makes my job that much more exciting.  The two schools have come together very well.  I think that many of your children have made some new friends.  

      Our Parent Night will be this Thursday, August 29th at 5:30 P.M.  At that time Mrs. de la Torre and I will share with you our procedures and academic goals for the year.  Continue to look for newsletters from our class.  I will be sending them by email most Fridays.   I have entered all email addresses into my contacts.  I sent out a test on Friday.  If you did not receive one , please send me a note  with the correct email.  

      Beginning this next week, look for  the weekly progress folders (red) most Fridays. 

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