What to do over Thanksgiving

Over Thanksgiving you will have some things to do. I promise they are not hard, but they are necessary so that you do not get behind on your foldable. You will need to complete the following panels by Tuesday December 1st.

Panel 1/2: Cover

Panel 4/5: Odyssey’s Journey

Panel 7: Theme (use wordle.net)

Panel 10: Homer

You will also need to finish reading all of Part 1 and complete the study guide for Part 1.

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Almost Thanksgiving

Monday: I was unexpectedly out. The students read through “The Lotus Eaters” in The Odyssey. They also received the attached packet. This will be a 30% grade and will be due the day we take our test. Odyssey Study Guide

Tuesday: We began working on our foldable. We folded the poster board, numbered the panels, and completed the folds for panels 3 and 6. These panels are the Literary Terms and Challenges panels.

Wednesday: We read “The Cyclops” and “The Land of the Dead” in The Odyssey. These are due Friday.

Thursday: We worked on our foldable. We did the two folds for panel 8. These two folds are the Imagery and Summarization folds.

Friday: We reviewed what we have read so far and read the rest of Part 1.

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Welcome Back

Hello!! These are all the materials that I handed out in class today. Please remember that the parents need to sign and return their form by Wednesday. Also, for ninth grade classes the Snapshot and Quote assignment is also due on Wednesday. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank!

10th grade English

Snapshot and Quote 9th

Ninth Grade English


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