A lot of stuff that I think is FUN

It’s a Dogs Life

I’m a dog person..always have been, always will be. I don’t ever remember NOT having a dog. Currently we have Molly the Beagle and Jasmine the Jack Russell Terrier. We have Maggie the Boston Terrier, but she’s just visiting. We’re dog sitting for my parents. On the way to school each morning I see many […]

Picture This…

I’m rarely without my camera. It comes in handy quite often…like when a second grade teacher received a proposal of marriage last year…who had the ONLY camera in the entire building?  ME!!!  Last year I discovered the most delightful book by Laura Rankin. Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie is a story with […]

Purple Suede Shoes

I have new shoes….very cute purple suede flats.  They hurt..but they’re very cute, and that’s what matters. Trying to take my mind off my hurting feet, I wondered if we had books about anything purple, or shoes. We had TONS, so I choose Shoe Bop! by Marilyn Singer. Filled with wonderfully cute short poems about many […]

It’s Fall Ya’ll

Do you think I’m rushing it a bit? Perhaps….but I can’t help it. I LOVE everything about FALL…the weather, the colors, the clothes, pumpkin bread and football.  I will decorate my front door with fall foliage soon, and leave it up until Christmas. When I was a kid, my family waited eagerly for It’s the […]

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