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Dog Days of Summer

Our family beagle Molly had the best summer. Here is a typical day for her:       1. Wake up and get out of the humans’ bed only when the bed is being made.    2. Move to the couch. 3. Go outside for a bathroom break only if a Beggin’ Strip is offered. 4. Get a drink of water. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until humans return to bed in the evening. That, my friend, is a good life.

Those of you that own dogs and truly believe they have human qualities and can understand you, must read Down Girl and Sit, Smarter Than Squirrels. Author Lucy Nolan and illustrator Mike Reed must be dog owners. There is no possible way for them to understand the species as well as they do without being dog owners. Down Girl and Sit, Smarter Than Squirrels has been an OMES library favorite for a couple of years now. Put it on your back to school reading list. Trust me, you’ll laugh out loud.

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