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rain drops keep fallin’ on my run…

June 22nd, 2017 by jmayfield

“Elements of Eloquence” – great book – we’re going to hopefully use some of the rhetorical devices next year – i have big plans – the examples often came from Shakespeare – or the Bible – so that was nice – it’s always good to be able to pick up on the allusions and not just be lost

“goliath must fall” – good book – by a pastor in atlanta – a bit of a twist on the david v. goliath story – hint: we’re not david – i was surprised how much i enjoyed the book – shared at my small group – no one else cared:)

“scythe” – ah, i went back to reading YA for a change – i’m hopeful this becomes the “big” book everyone wants to read – thus, i won’t have to read another one – it’s supposed to become a movie too – i told my small group the plot and they just laughed and laughed at how silly it was – but, for young adults – i think it’ll be enjoyable – and, again, it brought up enough ethical questions worth kicking around that i enjoyed reading it

“county literary magazine” – i read it from cover to cover – ugh, lots of problems – in fact, i’m kicking around using the elementary ones – just from fifth grade – as things we can correct next year in sixth grade – i guess i never realized how many mistakes were in the book – middle school had issues too – but so did high school – but honestly, i think elem isn’t pulling its weight in proofing

“the one device” – the story of how the iPhone came to be – i even used what i learned for small talk tuesday with a girl as i got a phone upgrade (yep, mr. mayfield can now be e-mailed all hours of the night, young sixth grade parents:) so even though i don’t have an iPhone, i enjoyed learning about it – how it came to be (it wasn’t just a Steve Jobs insight) and how its made (empty mountain in Chile/Argentina that’s collapsing is where part of it comes from)


Gifted in Space Camp

June 15th, 2017 by jmayfield

I also give some summer quiz help if you pay attention…

oh, the books you’ll read…

June 13th, 2017 by jmayfield

“the hobbit” – finished my summer reading with this one – i realized i haven’t watched the last two movies – i guess i need to do that now – i did enjoy re-reading it though – i’ve probably read the hobbit four times now – at least – just a fun book – read easier to me than the last time i’d read it

“class” – book about the gaps between rich schools and poor schools – it’s a fiction book – adult fiction – very outside of my usual reading parameters – but i enjoyed it for the topic it examined – how some schools do without – and others have more than they know what to do with

“the cubs way” – probably the book i wanted to read all summer – THE book – if had nothing else to read – the inside story of how the cubs won last year – really enjoyed it – got a few ideas from it for the classroom – which was unexpected – and nice

“one by one” – book on singleness – by an old person, like myself:) good encouraging read – i tried to share at church but no one was interested

“challenger deep” – returned to YA thanks to ms. fuller – reminded me of the memory of light – although, i personally liked “memory” better – both are very sad books that tackle a tough topic – mental illness – what’s good about the books is that you realize how hard things can be for people – and you don’t learn that unless you read or you go through it personally


okay, sixth grade – begin/end here

June 4th, 2017 by jmayfield

this would be the post that kicks off summer reading

something tells me that there will be some little sixth grader reading this a couple of months from now, in a quest for extra credit – keep going, little one – you can do it!!!

“shakespeare’s secret” – why do i assign such books? little girls will grow up everywhere believing that the “cool” boy likes them – even if they’re shy – oh well – this book has always just been on the reading list b/c of much ado references

“southern league” – about the 1964 b’ham barons season – i didn’t realize that was the year the team was integrated – enjoyed reading it – was thankful the season passed peacefully for the players – although, it was by the grace of God that it did – racism hadn’t stopped then – or now – did bum me that the writer messed up rickwood’s age – and got the player nicknames wrong

“wednesday wars” – hadn’t read it in a few years – by far, my favorite book of summer reading – ms. baker is awesome

“moon over manifest” – i’d forgotten there was a running tie-in to the book – so just about all my summer reading beyond sixth grade involves running – yeah:) there are times i wonder if i’ve made the list too easy – if you’re keeping track, that’s the third book of the week on the list – i guess it just makes me madder when people say they can’t read them

“gunslinger” – read a biography on brett farve – just b/c i went to mississippi over spring break and wanted to read more about petal – turns out, brett’s not from petal – petal wasn’t even in the book – oops – it was a sad book though – good reminder that fame doesn’t mean everything


the first day of the rest of summer break…

May 26th, 2017 by jmayfield

so, sigh, for all those struggling to read out there… i just read “crash” while waiting to get checked out for the summer – just not a very long book – probably the fifth time i’ve read it – i knew much of it by heart – i always remember the last line – so one book down…

“fall of the house of fifa” – book soccer’s governing body – lots of corruption – just amazing – and living here, we don’t hear a lot about it – so it was a great book – however, the names ran together at times – sadly – so much corruption

“hard to grip” – baseball book – a guy who’s a teacher now – about being in college – about having dreams that don’t come true – made me remember some of my 20s years

“the phenomenon” – another baseball book – rick ankiel – talented prospect who suddenly lost the ability to throw to home plate – it seems to happen more often than we hear in baseball – again, like the other book, a good read about having talent and having to come to terms with its end

“the legacy” – great book – about new zealand rugby – and how they’ve been able to dominate for years – in part, by creating rituals that make team members feel a part of something bigger – of all the books, that one is definitely one i want to use in the classroom


to all the books i’ve loved before…

May 16th, 2017 by jmayfield

nancy atwell – a re-read, thanks to ms. fuller:) reminded me of the importance of reading interest groups – and student choice – for material – it’s always nice to read a book from a friend:)

lefty o’doul – biography of a baseball player who is in the japanese hall of fame – he helped establish relations in baseball between the two countries – and he was a fairly awesome player – started as a pitcher with the yankees before resurfacing years later as a hitter

KL – read about kuala lampur – area my church has sent people to – wanted to know things so i could know a bit more what the people there experience – very diverse city

the death of expertise – great book – although, there’s a touch of angry professor in there:) a book – which started as an essay – on the recent impulse in america to not just dismiss established truth – but to get angry about it and think one’s opinion is just good enough – it’s a very pessimistic view – but honestly, it would be hard to argue otherwise

“michael jackson” – sad book – 700 pages long – the life and death of – very talented musician – very hard time figuring out his place in the world – and loving himself – again, it made me sad to read it

going all literary…

April 23rd, 2017 by jmayfield

two of them qualify for uppity literary…

“open” – great biography – story of andre agassi – just told in a compelling way – i’m not a huge tennis person, but there were lots of lessons in the book that make it great for gifted

“running full tilt” – new YA title – and it involves a track and xc season so you know i’d push for it – i think most kids would enjoy it – even new to running – definitely recommendable

“run with me” – new YA non-fiction – sonya richards-ross – great track star – great story as well – her peaks and valleys – and the strategy she’s used to overcome – very recommendable

“pride and prejudice – liked it much better than i did in high school – i remembered far more than i figured i would – the question now is whether or not i read the zombie spin-off – i’m not sure i loved it that much

“the handmaid’s tale – i tried – i really did – to read my feminist sci-fi warning of today’s world – i failed totally in my attempt to appreciate it – again, i tried – but not my cup of tea – at all:)


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Moonshine Tryouts at CMS

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