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reading through the snow and running through the rain…

December 4th, 2017 by jmayfield

book update…

“finish first” – great book – i read some of it to you – olympic medalist – great motivational book

“i can only imagine” – to fit with the new movie – great book – sad at many spots – but very recommendable

“sometimes you have to cross when it says don’t walk” – another great read by a female pioneer in sports TV – lots of pictures – but recommendable

“Helen keller – biography” – great book to supplement what you know about the miracle worker – helen’s life was full


updating the book total for the month

November 23rd, 2017 by jmayfield

wow, what a month – it did involve reading though…

“larry norman: why does the devil have all the good music?” book about one of the founding fathers of Christian music – it was a good book – sad – but his music influenced DC Talk – and i’m a huge fan of them – so it was a good read

“lie tree” – BOB – or whatever BOB is – good book – surprisingly good – very recommendable

“grant” – the new book by chernow – the guy who wrote about hamilton – that started the musical – this book was long – super long – 965 pages long – took over a week – probably 1 1/2 weeks – i knew a lot about grant already – i guess i was just reminded of things – and some of the violence that the South was bent on in the Civil War that went unmentioned when we studied it in school

“A race like no other: NYC Marathon” – got through this one real quick after grant – very good – mile by mile of the race i hope to run next year – sad though b/c it was written the year – 10 years ago – when a healthy elite runner unexpectedly passed – i went and found an update on his family – it was good to read and remember

“we all fought in the war” – book on Bama contributions during WWII – Conrad Fowler chapter – and one on the guy who wrote the fight song – good reading – big book though – nearly 400 pages

“turtles all the way down” – i haven’t read everything by john green – but i’ve read most – this one was good – coupled with a piece in runner’s world on him, i like him more and more:)

hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving


up to 23,500 words in Gifted in Space

November 21st, 2017 by jmayfield

thought I’d add a bit of what I worked on this week:

Ichabod, humiliated, left the story stage in search of comfort food and finding it all cleared away was on the way out the door headed for the truck when one final storyteller began with a story so great Ichabod was stopped dead in his tracks.

“Stop dead in your tracks,” the storyteller began, “And listen to the tale of the Headless Horseman.”

The storyteller continued with a tale that was honestly not very scary to the crew of the Starship Mayfield: there was a guy, he was headless, he seemed only to appear at nights and he just basically ran with people and scared them before disappearing. The story, however, had a terrifying effect upon the residents of Sleepy Hollow – and Ichabod.

“Didn’t anyone notice that Brom seemed to be the hero of that story?” Captain Patrick said to his crew once the story was told and everyone raided the kitchen for comfort food.

“Yeah, it sound suspicious that there’s only one person not scared of the thing and he’s known for his practical jokes,” Abbey said.

“Sir, the whole thing reminds me of a show I used to watch on the Hallmark feed,” Jade said, “There was this guy who liked this girl only he didn’t have the words to express his feelings. He did though know when a potential rival was in his midst and so when one arouse he played on the rival’s fear of some vegetable, I think it was broccoli…”

Captain Patrick shuddered at mention of his arch-enemy.

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November 2nd, 2017 by jmayfield

closing october down

October 30th, 2017 by jmayfield

slow compared to the months before – in my defense, tougher reading – or maybe i’m just making excuses:)

“what happened” – hillary clinton’s book on the election – obviously, your political view will influence how you read this book – honestly, you probably don’t read it if you don’t feel for her in the first place – that said, i liked it – i know no one else did – they wanted her to take more of the blame for the election – whatever…

“i’m buffy and you’re history” – great book – very much enjoyed it – made me go back and listen to “once more with feeling” a few more times – even used one idea at the gifted conference – basically, that series is just super rich and there’s a lot in it to write about

“my gold” – frank shorter – good book about the US marathon gold medalist at Munich – he’d actually written a book before – maybe like 1984 – and I’d read that one too – this one went into the abuse he suffered from his father – a beloved small-town doctor – abuse that shorter kept secret for most of his life – so his courage to now come forward, i thought that was good and powerful

“becoming brilliant” – read so i could be a good uncle to my niece – who’s one-years-old – but the book wasn’t really about child development – it was about how terrible schools are – and it blamed testing – grrr – basically, just written by peeps who didn’t know what they were talking about – but you know, throwing stones at public education always works…


CMS Eighth Grade Sleepy Hollow

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CMS Sixth Grade Explains “The Raven”

October 27th, 2017 by jmayfield

Reading through the hot, humid days of October…

October 9th, 2017 by jmayfield

“One Goal” – great book about soccer in Maine – how a longtime soccer coach at a high school incorporated Somalian refugees to construct a state winning team – it was predictable what would happen, but the book was interesting b/c it explored the complexities of immigration on small towns

“What Made Maddy Run” – exceptional book – but very sad – I think I’m presenting on this book tomorrow – about the term destructive perfectionism – the idea of what happens when a high achiever comes back to the back – a lot of kids can’t handle that well – I see it all the time in middle school – so very good

“Hideout” – middle school BOB – good read – and by a local author, that was a nice plus

“Black Bruins” – love this book – about the 1939/40 UCLA Bruins – they had four African-American football players – including Jackie Robinson – at a time when football was fairly segregated (the NFL had re-segregated) – I learned a lot about that time – I knew a lot about Robinson, but not much about his UCLA years – he was truly an amazing athlete


CMS Most Magnificent Thing and Empowerment

October 4th, 2017 by jmayfield

CMS A Retrieved Reformation Essay

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