The Week of March 12

Monday, Mar. 12 Bell Ringer:  Interpreting Maps on pages 413 and 417. In Class: See activity in Google Classroom. Assignment: Complete African Map Activity – Due Friday.  Section 1 Quiz – Wednesday. Our learning targets for the day were, I can…… identify land-forms, climate, and resources that affected the history of Africa. describe the factors that shaped the […]

The Week of March 5

Monday, Mar. 5 Bell Ringer: None In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)assess the lasting contributions made by Muslim scholars in the fields of science and geography and 2)evaluate the literary and artistic achievements Muslims made including beautiful poetry, memorable short stories, and splendid architecture. Students continued completing their Guided Reading, Vocabulary Builder, and […]

The Week of February 26

Monday, Feb. 26 Bell Ringer: See the front board for your assignments and follow instructions from your teacher. In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)assess how the Qur’an guides Muslims’ lives, 2)examine how the Sunnah tells Muslims of important duties expected of them, and 3)demonstrate that Islamic law is based on the Qur’an and […]

The Week of February 19

Monday, Feb. 19 Bell Ringer: p. 366; Practice and Apply the Skill In Class: Ms. Hopkins was out sick today; therefore, students completed the following assignments to prepare for Wednesday’s test: Chapter Review on pp. 367-368 #1-5 #6-8 #9-10 #13 Standardized Test Practice on p. 369 #1-7 Our learning target for today was: I CAN…1)review the previously […]

The Week of February 12

Monday, Feb. 12 Bell Ringer: Read pages 352 & 353 and answer the “Interpreting Maps” questions. In Class:  We went to the computer lab to work on our Legacy of Rome projects.  Using the websites listed on Google Classroom, we researched the information on the attached Legacy of Rome PPT.  Legacy of Rome 2-12-18 Today’s learning targets were, […]

The Week of February 5

Monday, Feb. 5 Bell Ringer: Comprehension & Critical Thinking p. 337, Section 1, #13a-13c In Class:  We discussed making up any missed work and then we did a Kahoot! Review for Chapter 10 test tomorrow. Assignment:  Take Quiz 3 on Google Classroom and study for Chapter 10 Test! Tuesday, Feb. 6 Bell Ringer: Students were given […]

The Week of January 29

Monday, Jan. 29 Bell Ringer: Sec. 1 Assessment; p. 321, #1-3 In Class:  In class, we simulated the structure of Roman society in which students were assigned the roles of either Patricians and Plebeians.  These roles were randomly assigned.    To create a Roman mosaic, the Patricians had the Plebeians cut out a certain number of […]

The Week of January 22

Monday, Jan. 22 Bell Ringer: p. 291; Interpreting Maps In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)show how the Greeks made great contributions to the arts, 2)examine the teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle as the basis of modern philosophy, and 3)support that the Greeks made key discoveries in math, medicine, and engineering. Students took […]

The Week of January 15

Monday, Jan. 15  Bell Ringer: MLK Jr. Day! In Class: No School Assignment: MLK Jr. Day! – No School Tuesday, Jan. 16 Bell Ringer: Inclement Winter Weather In Class: No School Assignment: Inclement Winter Weather – No School Wednesday, Jan. 17 Bell Ringer: Inclement Winter Weather In Class: No School Assignment: Inclement Winter Weather – No School Thursday, Jan. 18 Bell Ringer: Inclement Winter Weather […]