The Week of May 14

Monday, May 14 Bell Ringer: Take everything off of your desk. In Class: Students who signed up to present their A Visitor from the Past projects today presented in class today. We then reviewed Section 2 Assessment for Chapter 18. Students completed The Crusades Matching Quiz. Assignment: The Later Middle Ages Test is Monday, May 21. Textbooks are […]

The Week of May 7

Monday, May 7 Bell Ringer: p. 588; Making Generalizations In Class: 8th Grade Banquet $ due tomorrow at $45 to attend. Price goes to $55 thereafter through May 14. Students presenting their AVftP Project on Monday, May 14 were reminded that they are one week until their presentation day. We discussed The Crusades, The Crusading Spirit Dwindles, […]

The Week of April 30

Monday, Apr. 30 Bell Ringer: p. 577; Interpreting Maps In Class: Students organized their binders by moving all of their The Early Middle Ages materials to the Previous Topics Section of their binders. Students received and we discussed the criteria for their A Visitor from the Past culminating projects. Students also received and we discussed the scoring […]

The Week of April 23

Monday, Apr. 23 Bell Ringer: p. 559; Analyzing Visuals In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)outline how feudalism governed  how knights and nobles dealt with each other, 2)evaluate how feudalism spread through much of Europe, 3)identify how the manor system dominated Europe’s economy, and 4)evaluate how towns and trade grew and helped end […]

The Week of April 16

Monday, Apr. 16 Bell Ringer: p. 549; Interpreting Maps In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)distinguish that the physical features of Europe very widely from region to region and 2)explain how geography shaped life in Europe, including where and how people lived. Due to the power outage this morning, students completed Section Assessments for […]

The Week of April 9

Monday, April 9 Bell Ringer:  Section 3 Reading Checks, pages 522, 524, & 525. In Class:  We took notes on Section 3: The Inca.  We reviewed for Section 3 Quiz tomorrow.  The Incas Assignment:  Study for Quiz 3 Tuesday, April 10 Bell Ringer: In Class: Assignment: Wednesday, April 11 Bell Ringer: In Class: Assignment: Thursday, April 12 Bell Ringer: […]

The Week of April 2

Monday, Apr. 2 Bell Ringer:  Section 1 Assessment, page 515, questions #1 – 4 In Class:  We organized our binders, wrote down weekly assignments, and took notes on Section 1:  The Maya PPT  Mayan Assignment:  None Our learning targets for the day were, I can:  explain what led to the development of complex societies in the Americas. describe the […]

The Week of March 19

Monday, Mar. 19 Bell Ringer:  Section 3 Assessment on page 426, questions #1-4. In Class: For 1st & 5th Periods, students worked on their Writing Assignments that are due tomorrow.  Instructions regarding the Writing Assignment can be found on Google Classroom.  Due to the early dismissal, 3rd and 6th Periods did not meet; therefore these periods Writing […]

The Week of March 12

Monday, Mar. 12 Bell Ringer:  Interpreting Maps on pages 413 and 417. In Class: See activity in Google Classroom. Assignment: Complete African Map Activity – Due Friday.  Section 1 Quiz – Wednesday. Our learning targets for the day were, I can…… identify land-forms, climate, and resources that affected the history of Africa. describe the factors that shaped the […]

The Week of March 5

Monday, Mar. 5 Bell Ringer: None In Class: Our learning targets for today were: I CAN…1)assess the lasting contributions made by Muslim scholars in the fields of science and geography and 2)evaluate the literary and artistic achievements Muslims made including beautiful poetry, memorable short stories, and splendid architecture. Students continued completing their Guided Reading, Vocabulary Builder, and […]