Field Trip Photos

Here are a few pictures I took last week on our Field Trip to see a production of Sacajawea at Birmingham Children’s Theater – After the play we also got to have a little play time at Homewood Park :) It was a GREAT day!

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Dance, Dance, Dance!!!!

February 8th was our Annual Third Grade Dance Party! During PE, all of the third grade classes learned several new dances! They did a wonderful job, here are some photos from the day!

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President’s Day Project

Each year at CES the third grade participates in a President’s Day Project. This project consists of each student conducting research on an assigned president, creating a poster for that president, and presenting their research to their class.  Student’s also have the choice of dressing up like their president for their President’s Day Project – If girls do not want to dress up like a boy president they may dress like their assigned president’s First Lady. Our President’s Day projects will be due on Friday, February 17th! I am very excited to see all of the amazing posters and outifts :) Below are some links to student-friendly president websites! I have also included all of the directions and rubrics incase you may have misplaced them.  

Happy Researching!

Helpful Websites:

Project Directions & Rubrics:

President’s Project Graphic Organizer

Presidential Project letter

presidential poster checklist



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Christmas Festivities

Here are a few photos that I took during our Christmas Celebration! We had a great time eating waffles, drinking hot chocolate, & watching The Polar Express! Thank you to all of our amazing parents who sent items to make our Christmas party possible, you all are THE BEST! I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas holiday and  a Happy New Year!

Bridgette enjoying some waffles!


Merry Christmas to the BEST 3rd Grade class ever :)
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Christmas Fun!

Since we only had one full day of school this week, it was the perfect time for lots of fun holiday activities! Today we made Wreath Cookies made out of Cornflakes! Here are some of the pictures I took of the kids making their cookies.

Isaiah, Mac, Lenssy, Jacob S. & Arianne getting ready to make Wreath Cookies!

Dariyah, Jacob T, Kendall, & Bridgette ready for a cookie!


Enjoying holiday treats!

If you would like to make these yummy treats at home here is the recipe:

Cornflake Cookie Wreaths:
1/3 cup Butter
1 (10oz) pkg of Miniature Marshmellows
1 Tsp Green Food Coloring
6 Cups Corn Flakes
Red Cinnamon Candies
Vanilla Frosting
1. Melt butter and marshmellows in microwave for 2 minutes. Stir to combine. Microwave 1 minute more, stir until smooth. Add green food coloring to marshmellow mixture.
2. Add Corn Flakes. Stir until well coated.
3. Using sprayed fingers, shape the cereal mixture into individual wreaths. Use vanilla frosting like glue to “glue” the cinnamon candies onto the wreaths.
4. Allow to cool completely. Store in an airtight container.
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Multiplication Games


Since we’re well on our way to become Multiplication Rock Stars, I have introduced the kids to a few Multiplication Math Games to help sharpen their skills! Here are a few pictures that I took of them playing the games this morning.

Jacob S. & Laryssa playing Multiplication Stack Em'


Mac & Meagan playing Multiplication To the Moon


Kendall & Takarah – Multiplication ROCK STARS!


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4H Center Field Trip – 11/22/11

We had a great time on our first field trip of the year to the 4H Center last week! We got a chance to go on a scavenger hunt, do some bird watching, and meet an Owl! Thank you to all of our chaperones who were able to join us, it was a great day!

Here we are getting ready for our Scavenger Hunt!

Mac, Kate, & Meagan during the 4H Scavenger Hunt!

Taking a break from all of the excitement!

On our way to do some birdwatching :)

Isaiah dressed up like an Eagle!

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Edible Gobblers

The day before our Thanksgiving Break we spent our afternoon making Edible Gobblers! It was interesting to watch the students figure out how to create their Gobblers, they did great! Here are some pictures!

Jackson making an Edible Gobbler

Bridgette & Gavan assembling their Turkeys!

Miguel showing off his finished product!
McChesney did a great job!
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Owl Project Dissection

Today in science we dissected Owl Pellets! When owls eat small rodents there are bones and fur that their bodies are unable to digest – The Owl will then cough up a pellet that contains the undigestable fur and bones of the rodent. Since we are studying the skeleton and human body, this was a great opportunity to take a look at bones from another living thing! Here are some pictures of us dissecting!!

Kendall showing off the skull she dissected!

Dariyah & Lennsy observing their Owl Pellet

Making observations!

Mac found a jaw bone!

Takarah, Arianne, Jacob S. & Jacob T. getting ready to dissect!

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CES Pageant

Tonight was the annual CES Beauty Pageant – We had three beautiful ladies from our classroom participate in the event! I am so proud of the awesome girls! Great job Ladies :)

The Pageant Girls with their Good Luck Cards from our class!!
Ms. McKelvey & Meagan
Ms. McKelvey & Bridgette

Ms. McKelvey & Kendall

So proud of all the lovely third grade ladies who participated in the CES Pageant! Way to go!

Third Grade CES Pageant


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