Boosterthon…Go Morgan’s Mighty Cheetahas!!

What a fabulous day we had at the Boosterthon!!  The Mighty Cheetahs ran their hearts out and made us all proud.  We had such fun running, dancing, jogging, hopping, skipping and just moving around the track in fun ways.  We made lots of money for our school, which was the overall goal….and we had so much fun doing it.  OMES is the best and we owe it all to the support of our families and friends.  Parents, thanks so much for all that you do!

I hope all of you had a super spring break and that you are ready to buckle down for the last 2 months of school…I really can’t believe that!  Spring is always full of fun things to study.  Be ready to learn a lot about the farm and farm animals, bugs, and ocean animals.  We will read,do experiments, read, work on projects, read, and write about all of these facinating topics.  It will be so much fun!

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100 Days in School

Can you believe 100 days of school have already passed (more than that, now!).  It is flying by so fast.  We had so much fun celebrating.  We counted so many things by ones, fives, and tens.  We compared how different 100 shells look compared to 100 toothpicks when they are all lined up side by side.  I wonder why?…

Now we are getting ready for Valentines Day and other fun things in February. It may be a short month, but it will be loaded with learning. I am sending a letter with instructions for addressing valentines.  That is such a fun and special day.  During the month we will also be learning about germs and keeping healthy, dental health, and being patriotic Americans.  We will talk about some past U.S. Presidents, our flag, and being good citizens.  How fortunate we are to be living in such an awesome country!

You probably have already heard that Lexi has moved to another school.  We miss her and don’t want to forget her, so I kept her name on the valentine list.  I will send her a packet with all of the valentines from her friends at OMES.  She may even become our pen pal!

Parents, thank you so much for being such a positive influence on your children and such a strong support for our class.  I appreciate the tissues and paper towels you have sent in.  It is such a pleasure to work with such a great group who respond to all of our needs.

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December Happenings

December has been a busy and fast moving month. We started off with ornament day when everyone worked to make ornaments to help decorate the room and to take home. Each ornament was related to one of our 5 Senses.  We are also learning about some holiday customs observed in other countries, and how we have gotten some of our customs from those early Americans who followed the Pilgrims across the sea.  On December 19th we will travel on the Polar Express to celebrate our class holiday party  (in our imaginations, of course!)  Remember to wear your pajamas so you will be ready to board the Express for some fun!

I hope you all have a memorable and wonderful holiday season.  Stay safe and enjoy each magical moment.


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November News

November is busy with fun and interesting things to learn about the Pilgrims and early Native Americans.  Miss Annie came and taught us many facinating things about how the Indians lived.  Our trip to American Village was AWSOME!  We got to see how the Pilgrims traveled and made friends with the Indians.  Check out our pictures.

Later in the month we will have a “Potlatch” with two other “tribes” on our hall.   A potlatch was a special celebration the Indians of the Pacific Northwest had on special occasions.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we can be thankful for a great country and all that our forefathers went through to make it that way.       Everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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October News

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This month have been doing lots of fun fall things.  We worked together in small groups to make jack-o-lanterns for the wall .  We talked about fire safety and on October 14 the firemen came to visit…we even got to see the firetrucks and Sparky.  … Continue reading

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